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Mobile app design

Mobile app design can make or break your app!

Do you find this s...

Mobile App Developers

Amid coronavirus scare, the trend of working from afar is experiencing a major boost as businesses are shift...

Mobile App

What Makes Users To Uninstall Your App?

Techugo Pvt. Ltd.
13 Feb 2019

It is very common for the users to abandon a mobile app, after a single use. Surprisingly, one in every four mobile a...

Matrimonial App

Marriage is the blissful union of two different individuals, who decide to take a plunge and spend the rest of their liv...

MVP Model

No one can describe the significance of mobile apps, better than an entrepreneur, who takes every essence of the app and...

Social Media

Do I really need to introduce the concept behind social media and its popularity? Of course not, because the frenzy of s...

App Outsourcing

App Outsourcing: Curse Or A Blessing

Techugo Pvt. Ltd.
26 Sep 2018

App outsourcing, Naah, I don’t think so that I would like to do…It will be very expensive, out of my budget…...

App Development

You want a mobile app for your business to beat the odds of competition and to meet the expected standards of the users,...

Check Negative App Reviews

Ever happened to you, that despite integrating a number of features and the functionalities, yet your app fails to g...

IoT App Development

Expecting your mobile app to be filled with numerous advantages for the users, is not a new aspect which is expected fro...

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Integrating #AI in #mobileapps : Best Practices
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What's new in Android Studio 4.1?

Watch the video:

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