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App Concept

Strategies Which Can Kill Your App Concept

Techugo Pvt. Ltd.
11 Dec 2018

We have heard a lot about the strategies which really build your app’s success pyramid and help it to gain further popul...

AI Generated Content

Is AI Generated Content The Next Big Threat?

Techugo Pvt. Ltd.
1 Aug 2018

Every business owner has a dream to launch a MOMENT not just a brand and either of these aspects cannot overpower the ot...

Fitness App

The Mobile App Market Is Generating $60 Billion Revenu...

Educational App

How To Monetize Your Educational App

Techugo Pvt. Ltd.
18 May 2018

When was the last time, you seriously get stressed about any specific information related to education???? C...

Mobile App

An app gets a meaningful successful, once it is accepted and enjoyed by the targeted audience at a large flow, which is ...


Ever since the Facebook Cambridge Analytica Data privacy scandal has brought into th...

Mobile Apps

Technology has already set the world at a place where we can expect something more interesting and engaging to roll-in o...

Mobile App

Why Logistic Business Needs A Mobile App

Techugo Pvt. Ltd.
15 Mar 2018

Looking around you can easily find that apps are not there for one particular industry, but the whole world has come to ...

Project Management

What to do and how to do? These are the two major aspects what are considered to be the success base of the project mana...

Android App Developer

As a client a mobile app is simply a set of codes, which are incorporated wisely by the industry experts to get a perfec...

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Get your healthcare managed with a mobile app.

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