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17 Jun 2016

Tech Cry of A Backpacker

Oh gosh!! This phone doesn’t fit into my pocket anymore…

When I wrote this line, I could imagine, how many girls out there, can feel a bit of themselves within this statement. Am not sure, how others have and in which situations used this statement, but as far as I am concerned, this one liner I have screamed to myself many a times, while doing self-conversation. Hey do you think am insane, then hold your breath- I am an independent and worth to mention a beautiful female and for your surprise a tech-freak as well and working as a CTO with a top mobile app development company- Techugo. Ok, enough of my precise version of introduction, let’s proceed with the groans my mobile has made, while trying to get adjusted within my pocket.

To initiate with my casual day’s work, my mobile doesn’t deem imperfect to me, since while commuting daily, it lies on my car dashboard, and at work it remains on my work station, so for work, my mobile is a blessing for me, which exist with a noteworthy presence. But the problem arises, when I opt for my de-stressing exercise and that is travelling, and I have no qualms in confessing that I am a proud true blue backpacker, and my cool and refreshing attitude has led me to visit and experience the culture of those states within India, which have just been discussed, but mostly go unnoticed by a traveler. So during such trips, where I have been a REAL me, faced the problem of keeping the solid hardware to submerge within my jeans pocket and at the same time posing as a most comfortable traveler. My job is demanding and client reach me at any point of time, so carrying a mobile with me, even when am tracking is not an option but a Hobson’s Choice.

Unfortunately, many a times I had to skip various travelling adventures due to the loss of mobile while attempting, but since my work anyhow has been and will always be my top-notch priority, so keeping the mobile aside from me, can never be a choice for me.

To soothe down my pain a little, I do remember, at CES 2013, Samsung, caught my eye, when I noticed a video showing off the dream come true, in the form of a foldable mobile device, but it was predicted by the tech-pundits, It would take nearly half a decade, so I decided to keep shushh with my agony and decided to carry my fate into my pocket, till I realize that finally that fated day might finally be upon us by 2017.

So, as the rumor mills have suggested, though the confirmation is still ambiguous, but Samsung is ready to show the world the first smartphone that will not only have a bendable display but also fold out from a smartphone to a small tablet. And it could be revealed as early as MWC 2017.

I know the nitty-gritty involved in creating a hardware which has foldable displays, since there are various parts involved that may not bend so easily, primary of which is the battery. Depending on what form “Project Valley”, the codename given to this folding smartphone, will take, Samsung may not yet have to deal with that part of the puzzle. In that case, many of the other components could remain rigid while the display folds in the middle, pretty much like its 2013 made-up ad. This device will have flexible OLED screens, with one folding like a cosmetic compact and another that transforms from a 5-inch smartphone-sized screen to a display roughly eight inches large tablet.

Ripping off, my tech skin, I just want the technology to fit somehow in creating the foldable and bendable mobile device, so I can pack it in my picnic blanket at any time with no travelling regrets involved.

Preeti Singh



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