8 Jul 2016

Tech Steroids Through Smart Sensors

I am happy to be a Graphic designer, at least it quenches down my ever-growing thirst for technology. This statement I keep on boasting to my friends as and when I get the chance to prove the worth of my chosen career. Albeit, I would not deny the fact that technology has made us handicap and even for the simplest job in the world, we depend on technology, and I think it’s not bad either, because it makes the life easier and bring comfort to our lives. Technology has reached an extent today where people find it hard to replace it manually and somehow it has turned out to be a status symbol to most of us to flaunt the gadgets.

On the other hand technology has helped a huge chunk of people out there to earn handsome amount through the newest gadgets, but since the perks are raised, working hours too , and has led finally to complex lifestyle, where one has got the least available ME time. I can vouch for most of us from the working class like me, we spend our maximum time in innovative ideas and bringing them alive to concept, to beat the existing competition and sustain in the gadget freak world, we find it almost next to impossible to sit and spend time with families and friends, because of the plain Jane reason that after being home we are too much occupied that we don’t have time for our kids and friends.

This is the price we have to pay for using and developing technology constantly, but IoT has refuted my belief by bringing the gadgets to us which can help us to get our work accomplished for every single job related to our day-to-day life with merely a press of one button.

If you are not aware what IoT is, then let me explain a bit more deeply about IoT. It stands for Internet of Things (IoT), it is becoming an increasing topic of interest among technology giants and business communities. The hype is not baseless as there are enough evidences to support the success of “Internet of Things” in the coming years. According to a report by Gartner there will be a 30% increase in the number of connected devices in 2016 as compared to 2015 with 6.4 billion IoT devices entering the realm of Internet of things. The number is further expected to increase to 26 billion by 2020.

Many people mistakenly think of IoT as an independent technology. Interestingly Internet of things is being enabled by the presence of other independent technologies which make fundamental components of IoT. The fundamental components that make internet of things are based on Hardware-Making physical objects responsive and giving them capability to retrieve data and respond to instructions, another component is Software-Enabling the data collection, storage, processing, manipulating and instructing, this all the technical term, which I am 100% sure none of you would have understood, even I being from a technical background, had to scratch my head twice to understand what it means, so in layman’s language IoT is the communication infrastructure which consists of protocols and technologies which enable two physical objects to exchange the data, simple.

Undoubtedly, Internet of Things is the new buzzword around Internet circles. People are learning about new devices that are being made every day. There are many gadgets which are associated with IoT today and maximum big brands have grasped this technology to allure the big number of customers, and the list is never ending from TV, mobiles, home appliances, décor and many other interesting gadgets to be acquired.

Unluckily, like any other technology, there are challenges, which make the viability of IoT doubtful. Security is one of the major concerns of experts who believe virtually endless connected devices and information sharing can severely compromise one’s security and well-being. Unlike other hacking episodes which compromise online data and privacy with IoT devices can open gateway for an entire network to be hacked.

One such flaw is well presented by Andy Greenberg on, where he works with hackers to remotely kill his Jeep on the highway. Another very relevant example is provided by W. David Stephenson in his post Amazon Echo: is it the smart home Trojan Horse?. You can estimate the amount of personal and private data the connected devices will be producing once they are on a network. The major challenge for IoT tech companies is to figure out how the communication in the Internet of things realm can be made truly secure.

Whatever the flaws are, but one thing is for sure, with all these cool devices and services I could smell the amazing future at its great comfort we all are going to have… we can count the gadgets on our tips whether it’s that smartphone in our pocket, or a home security device recently fixed, or younger brother’s gaming gadgets and most importantly, our home’s manager- our mother’s favorite home devices like TV, lightings and home appliances, we can find Internet of Things rule everywhere and unquestionably has made our lifestyle a lot safer and more comfortable.



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