25 Sep 2019

Learn The Right Technique To Develop A Blockchain Android App

Gunjan Manral

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blockchain android app

“If you are unaware of the right recipe to cook an exquisite blockchain Android App, then sit-up, because you are in for a treat!”

It is extremely evident that any kind of flourishing technology has a huge impact on different businesses. And one such technology is blockchain. From the healthcare and fashion industry to e-commerce and supply management, this tech has brought changes in the way we created and configured everything. Especially, when internet and mobile application is considered.

There is no harm in calling it one of the most disruptive technologies of recent times. The pool of never-ending benefits is the root cause of its colossal popularity. This technology is the major reason behind the poping curiosity of digital businesses. Everyone is paying close attention to the applications based on this tech.

A proper configuration of this technology can support decentralized solutions. Below mentioned is a list of few benefits that are the by-products of implementation of this tech. Have a look…

  • Reduces Intermediates
  • Enhances Transparency
  • Increases Data Security
  • Prohibits Unauthorized Access

And because of these benefits, it has been considered an ideal tech for different financial institutions like banks, currency exchanges, e-wallets, cryptocurrency and much more. As already mentioned above, it is not at all confined within the walls of the financial industry. But it has expanded its horizons and paved its way into healthcare, fashion, e-commerce, supply chain, education, and whatnot.

Is It Necessary To Integrate The Blockchain Technology Into Mobile Application?

What is the first thing that is hovering over all your thoughts? If you too are thinking about the massive exposure on their integration then we are on the same track. There is no doubt in the fact that mobile app development is the current trend that is dominating the market. But because of it, the complete market is flooded with a lot of applications.

Is there a chance for your idea to survive? One word answer to this question is yes!

To outshine your competitors and excel through all the obstacles you need to have an out-of-the-box approach. And blockchain technology can help you with that extraordinary quotient in your business plan. This tech not only increases the efficiency of your app, but it also ameliorates the revenue funnel. So without any further ado, let us learn more about the immense benefits of implementing and integrating blockchain with the android application.

Distributed Data

In the case of network failure, the distributed database functions better than the application that has its complete data stored in a centralized server. Distributed data is more readily available and has a better capacity to share data with different verticals.

Safety And Security

There is no doubt in the fact that it is highly secure. Because it is impossible to alter or infiltrate the data in a decentralized system. The minute there is any threat or infiltration, all the connected blocks will come to know about it. Hence an app that is based on this technology is a lot safer. It also uses different methods of encryption to enhance the safety of data.

Minimum Data Loss

This technology is basically a distributed ledger system. In this, any kind of specific changes and updates in the database get evenly distributed throughout the entire network. This technique directly results in decreasing the data loss.

  Techniques To Develop A Blockchain Android App 

  1. Understanding the business idea

It is important that before taking up any project, the mobile app development company thoroughly understands every minute detail of the development process. The company also needs to be well versed with the business idea for which the application is being created. For that, the android mobile app development team needs to have a strong grip over the planned strategy. They need to know all the roles, reasons, goal and purpose of developing the apps.

Improved clarity guides the process to choose the best-suited front-end, back-end and deployment platforms accordingly.

  1. Clean Interface

If you have any idea about the development process of mobile apps, then you must be aware of the fact that it requires a clean interface. Similarly, any app that is powered by blockchain also requires a clean interface.

It is important to maintain the user experience of the app. But if it is being ignored, a lot of changes are required in the application, if you want to improve the look and feel of the app on a later stage. The mobile app development company needs to ensure that the front-end programming language is fully compatible with the unique platform. This technique helps in creating an attractive design for better customer experience.

  1. Selecting the right type of blockchain

Choosing the right kind of blockchain depends on the type of application that you are trying to make. For example, you can select from private, public or consortium blockchain, as every single one of them has its own characteristics. As far as private blockchain is concerned, mining is not required.

And on the other hand, public blockchain allows anyone to register as a member of the blockchain. Through this, the members can have access to the entire transaction history.

Last but not least, the type- consortium is mainly a private blockchain. It permits restricted access to the public blockchain.

  1. Selecting the right development protocol

In case there is any kind of issue pop up in the android app powered by blockchain platform, the capacity of the developing team to produce a solution to this problem is limited by the selected protocol. From Ethereum and Hyperledger to Quorum, Corda or a completely new protocol, the major requirement is to study all its pros and cons.

So ensure that before selecting the protocol, you and your team are completely aware of the possible advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Create a proof-of-concept

If you think that developing a blockchain-based mobile app is a cakewalk then you are clearly mistaken. Since creating an app based on this technology is a tough nut to crack, it requires a gargantuan amount of effort, time and investment. Hence creating a proof-of-concept is a wise decision. It helps to test the outcome of the business in a hassle-free manner. It is the best way to improve cost-efficiency and speed. But make sure that you particularly define the success measurement criteria.

These are the five techniques that will help you to create a Blockchain Android App. But if you thin the Pandora box is empty, then you are mistaken. Reach out to the leading android app development company and witness the right technique to outshine your competitors.

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