24 Jul 2019

How Technology Can Help You Unclutter Your Entire Schedule


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With the invasion of technology came a lot of changes. It took the world by the storm, by helping each and everyone to relish from its never-ending advantages. From mobile app development to connecting the smart devices with the Internet, there is nothing that technology has not left its imprint on. But everything is not that simple once you will take a closer look.

If you will try to unfold each and every layer of technology, you will realize that it is actually a double-edged sword. And especially for the people who are overly occupied with their work most of the time. It has the capability to consume your complete attention, and drift away your thought from any other task that you might want to focus on. It’s more complex then it looks…

On one hand, engaging smartphones and absorbing social media have made everything facile than ever. Most of the population waste time without even acknowledging the fact that this latest technology is engrossing most of their time. And on the other hand, new software is released almost every day, which is particularly designed to help you manage or schedule your tasks in a proper manner.

It is your job to buckle up and hit the bull’s eye when it comes to making the most of all the advancements taking place. Making technology work for your schedule means discovering the areas that require extra attention. There is a huge glut of applications that claim to help you get your schedule in check, but it is not necessary that it fits everyone’s requirements. This is because the wrong software can do you more harm than good, so it is a must that you make a wise decision, and choose what works best for you.

Ameliorating the productivity and thinking capacity are the concepts that are highly influenced by an effective schedule. I acknowledge the fact that reining your schedule with tech is an overwhelming prospect. Therefore, I came up with a few places to kick start the entire process.

  1. Managing The Time With The Calendar

How about letting the technology take the complete charge of the schedule you want to follow? Applications that are based on the feature of Calendar management, do the heavy lifting by providing you the complete schedule. They also ensure to keep it as simple as possible, which helps in solving any complicated operations or tasks.

But a heedless calendar can quickly turn in foe with your daily routine. It can make you lose the complete track of your appointments and hence sabotage your day.

A perfect calendar management app will not only keep a track of your day, but also do the same for the people around you. The dynamic calendar applications permit its users to share their schedules, lunches, meetings, and much more. This technique reduces the time to find out which slot works better for both parties, for any such activity.

So if you want tech to untangle your schedule, it is a must for you to find out the right platform. And with this, you can easily host your schedule and start working in a simpler manner.

  1. Dynamic Meetings

Even though meetings are a staple of any workplace, their excessively traditional format has some huge shortcomings. According to some top-notch business executives, more than two-thirds of the official meetings are a complete waste of time. When the topic of meeting technology pops up, the general perception of a huge chunk of the audience is directed towards video conferencing.

It is necessary for you to quit thinking that the connectivity tools are the only digital methods to communicate and improve your meeting experiences.

Have a look at the two tips that can maximize the productivity of the meeting…

  • Using anonymous online polls
  • Using more in-depth tools for ensuring that the meetings are run successfully

Dynamic conferences and meetings ensure that all the relevant topics are covered, such that no extra time is wasted.

  1. Time Analysis

When time management is considered, every one of you has a vague idea about your day-to-day splurge of your precious asset; time. But it is difficult to know exactly how much time you have spent on various activities throughout the day. According to the study, an average employee spends 28 percent of his time on unwanted interruptions, but it is almost impossible to know exactly what can be done to overcome such challenges.

How to eliminate the time drains?

Well, one of the perfect ways is to break it down into the smallest pieces. That can be done by evaluating how you are spending each minute. For that, you need to use a software that can help you analyze the same. Because how you are going to spend your time, can also lead you towards a balanced schedule.

But not all the analysis software are the same. Some platforms are fully dedicated to the analytics alone, and in some cases, calender apps have the in-built analytics feature.

And after the detailed evaluation of your schedule, prioritize the tasks that are working in your favour.

Last but not least…

  1. Power Of A Small Break

Since childhood, we are taught the importance of taking breaks. Actually, a break is the key to unlock higher productivity. But despite this, most of the people don’t want to indulge in a lunch break.

According to the research, productivity is maximum while working in a 80 to 90 minutes of intervals, and enjoying the breaks in between.

Technology now offers you applications that focus completely on rejuvenating your mind and body. These apps can remind you when to take breaks, and even what to do during them. In order to maximize productivity. When you get back to your work. For example, by taking breaks or even some time out, for activities such as walking, meditating or reading books can act as a fuel to kick start all your official tasks.

Believe it or not, but using apps for fetching out time for relaxing breaks can help you get more work done, which can in turn work towards clearing out the calendar.

In a nutshell…

Nobody can neglect the fact that there are two sides of technology. One that can consume your time and minimize your efforts for achieving a better goal for yourself. And! the other one can simplify even toughest of your tasks, and make your life much more easier.

Whatever the situation is, technology is very valuable, hence it should not to be ignored. Therefore, the best you can do is to mould the technology based on your preferences and choices. Effective mobile application development can surely make a powerful impact, and can help you live a hassle-free life. But for that you need to choose the right technology!

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