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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

This saying is true to the large extent, but not anymore, because Vegas in the years has garnered the global attention, and the biggest reasons are due to the entertainment, gambling & fun parties, but the growing popularity owned by the gambling business has led many investors from different countries to own a casino business and pave a way to much stronger revenue funnel.

There is never a dull moment in Casinos and as long as people all over the globe keep trying their luck to become a millionaire, there will never be the lack of excitement to be experienced.

There are several business owners, who have already taken the initiative of jumpstarting with their own gambling casinos.

But, do you really think that opening a casino is an easy task?

Of course not, since there is a glut of challenges waiting for you coupled with the staggering amount of investment involved in running a casino business.

It goes without saying, but lately casino industry has witnessed the steady growth and this business is not sufficed anymore to the Las Vegas only, but even the Asian countries like Macau too has become a popular destination, for the people to try their luck.

To be précised the amount of revenue generated from it, has lured many other countries across the globe to get open to the idea of gambling and the revenue made from it.

Once limited mostly to countries like the U.S. with destinations like Las Vegas, casinos are now popular in Asia too with places like Macau growing rapidly.

Some of the top casinos in the world are:

  • The Bellagio | Las Vegas, United States
  • Venetian | Macau, China
  • Caesars Palace | Las Vegas, United States
  • Casino de Monte Carlo | Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Sun City Resort | Rustenburg, South Africa
  • The Empire | London, England
  • Casino Baden-Baden | Baden, Germany
  • WinStar World Casino | Oklahoma, United States
  • Foxwoods Resort Casino | Connecticut, United States
  • The Hippodrome Casino | London, England

A report suggests that global casino gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.2 percent by 2021.

However, this very revenue stream gets the bouncy ride, once you discover the number of challenges and security issues to be faced by the casino businesses. Hence, running casinos is a lot about understanding these challenges and overcoming them. Let’s figure out together…

Massive Crowds 

For any business the more number of people leads to more amount of money, so is the case with casinos too, but there is a click also.

It is hard to imagine a sector much more crowded, competitive and fast-paced than gambling.

Most of the casinos are not just gaming centers, but also entertainment hubs, hotels, and restaurants, which all require a notable amount of cash. The vast number of people present at the site increases the more chance of issues like assault, theft or accident.

Dim Lighting System

The dim-lit areas or excessive flashing lights, these both can pose challenges to create high-quality images, which consequently turn into an obstacle to access the positive identification of individuals, chip colors and card values.

Verification Process

As stated above the crowd entering the premise is way too much, this leads to an excessive amount of foot traffic going through casinos, and security operators need to be able to identify and verify evidence quickly and efficiently, often in dark lighting conditions.

This leads to security breach issues and it is hard to be controlled.

Security Challenge

The gambling organizations certainly need to pay more attention to security, since every passing moment there is a new scam which crops up and leaves people drained with ZERO amount in their accounts. In the spectrum of gambling, experiencing the scam, is not a bigger surprise, as people bet for the big amounts of cash.

Therefore, a much robust system that can protect the financial digital security needs to be at the highest level available.

Miscounts & Inaccurate Money Totals

To err is a human, and it is most proven in the gambling industry, where the first major problem comes on the simplest act of counting money and closing out the day.

Although there is an efficient technology intervention but still there are glitches which occur daily. and coming up short on totals leads to some major issues, but a much-automated system of tracking can bring more peace to your business.

Ever-Lasting Loyalty

Well, the gambling customers can’t help but have short attention spans on the gambling spree, whereas casino organizations spend millions of pounds on compelling ads that offer free bets, turns, and spins every year.

Even during the events such as the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National, irregular or casual gamblers are encouraged to sign up to a new service and have a flutter. But this loyalty is short-lived by, and sooner goes through the saturation point and it is not surprising to expect low brand loyalty.

Albeit there are a HUGE number of apps available on iTunes for online gambling or online casino, but sadly there are a minimal number of apps related to existing casinos, which is widening the gap between the consumers and the businesses.

Can there be a solution??? 

Yes, the solution is very much there, and it largely lies in the wider spectrum of technology.

No, I am not talking insane, but there is a strong essence of sanity filled-in within my statement.

“Approximately  164 million people are using mobile devices to visit a mobile casino daily.”

This report clearly suggests the empowering influence of the app industry on the gambling industry.

Technology And The Casino

The difficulty for the traditional casino is the challenge of continuing to attract customers. Due to competition from online gambling mobile apps, users are getting more inclined towards convenience and comfort.

Hence the apps and technology are therefore increasingly being incorporated into the gambling industry, allowing the customers to hog the pool of benefits from the convenience of technology.

How Technology Is Meeting The Growing Mobile Gambling Demand?

It is much evident that technology has already carved a space in the turf of gambling, and it is enhancing the convenience factor for customers and the businesses, making gambling accessible at all times.

Mobile app solution is the secure, user-friendly and flexible option for casinos to trigger the seamless passage for the customers. Digital solutions are ideal for the casinos and provide the gambling industry, with customizable options to fit the specific business model.

Some of the popular online casino betting apps on iTunes are:

  • Green Casino
  • Leo Vegas Casino
  • Casino Cruise
  • Big Fish Casino

However these apps are more of betting and gaming, but for the gambling industry to seriously take a dip into the seamless processing of the revenue, then considering a real-time app for their business would serve the right purpose.

Mobile App To Ease Down The Woes

Mobile App To Ease Down The Woes

The mobile application can turn into a multi-platform solution for gaming, betting and paying with integrated devices.

  • The customer can scan their ID upon entry to the casino or have their photo taken for access, to ensure the security hassle.
  • The algorithm-based app structure can allow the customer to easily place bets on the specific table before passing the time and from any part of the world.
  • An e-receipt would let the customers collect the cash as per their convenient mode.
  • Further, it can enable an interactive immersive experience for all customers.

 How Techugo Can Help?

Techugo designs and develops the customizable apps for your casino business, which suits best the different requirements of the gambling industry, for instance: tracking system, biometric authentication, online payment, regular promotion and much more. We are dedicated to design bespoke casino mobile app development that suits your individual needs using our high-end technology enclosure.

For more information on our fully integrated casino mobile app or app for the gambling industry, please get in touch with the Techugo team today via email at sales@techugo.com or call +1 360-322-4913 (US).

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