27 Sep 2018
Updated on May 11th, 2022

Technology Trends Going To Turn The Heat Up In 2019


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Technology Trends 2019

Technology is all about influencing us to look for more and bring out the innovation at its best, but this heated desire of getting something unique and creative.

The puddles of expectations always give birth something different, but this rage of desires let a conjecture of a much stronger platform to lay down for the audience, which crafts cocoon filled with advancements for the users who actually expect something better and much fruitful to come their way.

Well, to bring further excitement in this theory, it is good to add that different sectors of technology are all set to bring the major breakthrough further in this league by the year 2019.

I feel highly glad that this very decade has been proven as one of the rapid technological holders, wherein it has witnessed the AR/VR/ IoT/ Artificial Intelligence and other many relevant technologies’ beautiful invasion in the businesses and the services enveloping us.

Hence, to make this run much stronger and passionate than ever before, now Technology is going to bring some of the most positive transformations in our lives.

Let’s find out further with this blog that which are those technical inventions, which would set a fire in the world of invention and will help us grow fonder of technology than ever before.

  • Identity And Privacy Through Blockchain

Every day there is news rolling on our computer screen stating the recent breach of security in some or other domain.

The advancement of technology undeniably has opened a door to better accessibility and convenience, but at the same time, it has also opened a door to the security hacks.

In such a demanding and challenging environment it is highly significant for the technocrats to craft out something which offers the new ways to verify the identity and protect the data privacy accurately.

To combat this issue, indeed Blockchain has turned out to be a natural concept to provide robust but encrypted data in the form which can easily be verified.

To meet the challenges of GDPR, Blockchain turns out to be a key-player, where the data security cannot be hacked and letting the users to access the data without a fear back in their minds for any sort of security glitch.

  • Human And Machine Interaction Would Evolve

As a very basic concept, AI is supposed to perform the basic task and follow our commands, but sooner this wall would be climbed in the year 2019, with more number of technical extensions getting added with this very technology to make it a perfect match for every business to reach the pinnacle of success.

Just to wrap up this gap, many tech giants are working vigorously to help AI to work as the extension of the business, contributing to the success further.

The human interaction is not flat but filled with various emotions and other aspects, which need to be further understood by the AI, hence the bigger steps are being taken to comprehend the nuances of human interactions.

The chatbot services are expected to amaze the customer services, by understanding what is not even said yet.

This very glitch of limitation would be crossed over with the revolutionary steps taken in the AI technology by the year 2019.

AI Assistants Would Grow Better

Still, after the launch of Amazon Alexa or Siri, not many of us used to or utilizing the benefits of AI assistants largely.

But in the year 2019, it is predicted that AI assistant would be developed to be as the powerful and the useful tools, where it would become an unavoidable task for all of us to use AI assistant not just limited to our homes but in our pockets as well.

The automobile industry is all set to include the AI assistant in the vehicles starting in 2019, but how it would be helpful and what would be their functions, but one thing is assured that this very technology would make our lives easier.

  • More Datafication To Be A Part of The Messaging Apps

We all are used to of the messaging apps, but the recent security breach has left many of us confused, whether to use these apps or not.

The year 2019, would witness more the datafication, as there will be a number of messaging apps coming up in the coming time, which would be well-integrated with the unique features, wherein more data collection without the second thought given to the security hack.

Within this process, every single data gets saved or encrypted, leaving no chance for any sort of discrepancy to occur.

3D Metal Printing Would Become The Mainstream Consumer Technology

3D printing is a process which allows the physical objects to be printed in three dimensions. It is controlled by a computer, where the layers of material are laid and it results in printing impeccably.

With metal 3D printing, users would not require to splurge the thousand dollars on the 3D printing, but with the advancement in the technology expected in the coming year, the products can be printed through electronic devices from home for a fraction of the cost.

The upcoming technologies have one unified aim to offer the intelligent system to the users so a hurdle of our daily demands can be met without a fail.

We can’t deny the effect of these technologies is surely going to craft an impression on different business sectors like medicine, e-commerce, education, transportation to name a few.

Just a few months away from ringing the bell of New Year let’s keep our chins up for something much productive and tech-enabled to make a way to our lives.

But something you cannot skip away from, that these very technologies would double up their benefits with the integration of app technology, so before it gets too late for your business, just knock the door of leading mobile app development company and help your business to create a difference in your respective business field and leave the footprints of creativity to be followed by others.

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