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8 Jan 2019

TECHUGO- Building A Bridge Between Hope And Possibility

IT industry holds great promise to improve lives across the globe, with the incredible software solutions built.

Yet technology can do little if an individual lacks access to basic amenities, which comprises of two-times food, sanitation, unemployment, education and many more. As a mobile app development company, it seems an out-of-the-question concept, to bring a change and improve the lives around the world of those, who actually need the basic necessities to start with.

However, at Techugo, transmuting the lives of millions through technology has never been a single agenda, but we have always looked for the ways consistently to solve issues faced by the under-privileged section of our society, where managing the food for one time is a task, and this serves many exploitation physically and mentally, faced by the kids even.

Thus, it is highly significant to create a platform, through which kids from such section can earn their own money, through skills and not the exploitation.

We look for the opportunities to ultimately build bridges to new possibilities for our generation and create a sub-path for others to follow.

To support our efforts, we decided to bring a smile on the faces of kids from Noida Deaf Society, where we gifted them some stationary items, books, clothes and toys, on this Christmas Eve.


We as a team decided to eliminate the conventional approach of celebration and decided to help the ones, who actually need our support and make their Christmas bright.


Noida Deaf Society is a not-for-profit organization, with Head Office in Noida (India), working for the upliftment and empowerment of Speech and Hearing Impaired (SHI) Children and Youth through quality education and job-aligned vocational trainings across the country.

Looking ahead over the upcoming years, Techugo has set a goal of supporting these children and their education- aiming towards a sustainable growth, but we need the support of philanthropists around the world, so our goal can be met.

But considering the incredible complexity of the issues a specific segment of society is facing today, it clears out the air, that any government, company, educational institution, nonprofit or individual working in isolation cannot address these challenges alone.

We all must work together to partner, creating local, regional, or national strategies and take advantage of the opportunities we together can provide to them. Henceforth, it will help to solve the world’s biggest problems, letting our young generation around the world to lead the way and carry forward this legacy.

We urge the IT leaders to come forward to work together and help the underprivileged ones to take advantage of the full potential of available resources to build a secured future for them.

It is this commitment that has led us to build strategy, interwoven in our work methodology to focus on mobilizing the necessities- deprived section and end the bugs, which are poisoning our society to a larger extent. techugo

Techugo team invites support from every company, individual to come forward and participate in the CSR initiative and help our planet turn into a blessing, by bridging the gap between hope and possibility.


You can reach us at:
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