29 Nov 2017

Techugo Cafeteria – is it next to Bollywood?

At Techugo, fun can start anywhere


But, our Cafeteria is where we love to chill, eat and recharge our batteries to start the fun again


Let us take you on a Journey…

Our cafeteria is the center attraction of Techugo after our quality of work J

The THEME of our cafeteria is completely FILMY, entrusted with every element to make you turn into a real MOVIE-BUFF.

The walls of Techugo cafeteria are adorned by the Legendary Stars of Hindi Cinema, not from one end but beautifully covering the FOUR walls…creating a zest to spark in you, every time you make an entry.

The selected dialogues from the selected movies are the biggest ADD-ON you receive as a treat…

Our clients love to make a visit to our cafeteria, infused with the vibrant color and the picture theme on the walls… and the delectable shots of coffee and tea and but of course the irresistible dose of conversation spiking with laughter from each corner of cafeteria, cannot be given a MISS….

So why don’t you just stop-by and share a hot cuppa of coffee with us and feel the Bollywood ambience get nudged into your app development process…

We are just a buzz away and waiting desperately to share our COOFFFEEEE with you…

What are you waiting for?

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