21 Dec 2020
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We are a seasoned app development company, and in the short span of 5 years, we have climbed the success ladder rapidly providing quality end-to-end solutions to our clients. It is with pride that we declare that our name has been featured in a press release about the top flutter app developers in the industry by TopDevelopers.co today.

Who is TopDevelopers.co?

TopDevelopers.co is a research and review platform of IT service providers. They offer unbiased service to service seekers, by providing them a listing of genuine and highly professional IT firms, that can help the service seekers in achieving their goals by providing high-quality technical services.  

Our expertise

Apart from proving our dominance as one of the best Flutter app development firms, we have also established ourselves in the domains of 

  • Android/ iOS app development
  • Blockchain development
  • IoT development
  • AR/VR app development
  • Chatbot development
  • AI development

A happy client story:

The makers of AVA smart garden had a unique idea. They wanted to give the power of growing healthy food in the hands of consumers. AVA smart garden is a device that allows the users to grow green plants inside their own homes without much fuss. The company wanted to build a sleek iOS app to go with its equally sleek product, that is filled with incredible AI and IoT medley. Our expert developers started work immediately and after multiple rounds of brainstorming sessions, completed the app according to the stringent specifications of the client. AVA Byte is the first to use true smart home technology to work with other smart products like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With 3 patents pending, use sensors and machine vision imaging to learn about the user’s plants and growing environment. As a result, the technology stack we have picked has enabled a faster, healthier, and high success rate of growth.

There is much more to explore and you can check out  our portfolio to find out more such successfully completed projects.

Global Recognition

Over a period of 5 years, we have gained significant recognition in the market.  And we have become the chosen technology partner of Fortune 200, Fortune 500, and Global 2000 companies. The highly prestigious platforms such as YourStory, CIO Review, along with the global listing platforms such as Clutch, GoodFirms, and AppFutura, have recognized Techugo as a leading app development company. Recently, due to our 24*7 work approach led many clients to accomplish their projects much before the deadline, and they applauded our efforts and dedication invested in the projects. You can check out more about them, through these links:




Our take on technology future

Well, app technology is not limited to one specific trend, but there are multiple, which hold the potential to transform the world. Considering the demand and convenience offered, these app technologies are set to impact all major areas of business in the coming years. Further, they would ultimately cause large-scale disruption to the global economy, and we know the worth of app technology, and how it can shore up to our economy, letting digital transactions and interactions in a secure and efficient way. 

We offer app development services, powered by the latest technological trends and know FinTech is the future of the finance sector. We are benefitting entrepreneurs and business leaders around the globe to gain a lot from this digital technology, with a mobile app solution that is disrupting global business models. 

What makes Techugo different from others?

We don’t look forward to integrating technology into a business model, but we think for the ways to let technology ease down the user-journey so your end-users can access the app at their fingertips. We started as a tech-startup with a determination to mark a change in the technology world, as we wanted to break that stereotyped approach of technology-infused app, that was used once and then forgotten. We wanted to make a breakthrough in the tech world, where users get the simple yet effective app product and can be accessed by anyone with ease. 

Today we have crafted a revolutionary agricultural app for Fortune 200 company Dhanuka, which is serving 10 M Indian farmers and helping them to remove challenges faced in the agricultural field, via app technology.

Our approach is different from our competitors, as we focus on quality than on quantity, and this gives us enough space to try our hands at different technologies and transform them into a useful product for users.

In a nutshell

At Techugo, we follow a well-defined process for app development and this is the reason why we have been selected amongst the top hybrid app development companies in the industry.

Our team believes in being at the forefront of technological development as we constantly strive to provide solutions in the arena of AR/VR/IoT. Our inclusion in the list of the top VR app developers is a testimony to this fact.

Video reviews by our clients, a snapshot about our service focus, industry focus and other such interesting information awaits your visit on our Techugo’s profile on TopDevelopers.co.

Schedule a business call with our team and find out how we helped some of the biggest global brands to scale ahead, through our built app solution.

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