1 Aug 2022
Updated on August 25th, 2022

Techugo & Josh: Revolutionizing the Face of Social Media App Development

techugo & josh

Almost 58.4% of people are using social media apps. Don’t you think the percentage is quite relevant to show us the influence the industry is making in the world?

Utilizing the emerging trend, Verse Innovation has developed Josh, turning out to be India’s most engaged and fastest-growing short video app. 

With 100M+ downloads, Josh inspires every startup and entrepreneur to narrow the gap between their dreams and reality while putting in dedication, commitment, and continuous improvements.   

Being their tech partner, we are really delighted to contribute our strength and excellence to the app’s functionality. Indeed, Josh has accelerated the experience of social media users. 

But, do you know how the collaboration of Verse Innovation and Techugo, the top-notch social media app development company have made it all possible? 

Read further to know more!

What makes Josh a great application?

The tech stack used in the application transforms it into a profit-generated tool. However, when it comes to JoshCam, not only the tech stack but the integration of components through which the creators can earn makes it India’s fastest-growing video platform. 

JoshCam Application

Want to know what they are? Here are some of them: 

  • Promotion
  • Sponsorship
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Branding 
  • Collaboration

Being a home-grown application, it is available in 12 different languages of India, targeting almost every isolated part of Indian society. With 4 star rating in Google Play Store and a 4.3 rating in Apple Store, the parent firm ‘Daily Hunt’ created a history like never before. 

But, the question remains the same, how Techugo & Josh are revolutionizing the face of social media development? 

Let’s get insights in the next section!

Affiliate Marketing: Contributed by Techugo

Yes, Techugo adds more to its partnered company’s success ratio while including Affiliate Marketing, one of the ways creators use this social discovery app to make money. 

Affiliate Marketing

The creators are only required to use an affiliate link for the product they are promoting. When followers buy the same product, they get a percentage commission in return that could vary between 50 to 90 percent. 

What’s more?

The web version of the app has also been initiated and is being built by our team of top-notch developers to make it a great hit. 

While providing its top-notch services and commitment to the app, ‘Techugo,’ the leading mobile app development company, is all set to raise the standards of the social media world. 

The collaboration has witnessed many progressive milestones and is thrilled to achieve more by deriving technologies that enhance user engagement.

Techugo Shapes Your Dream

Indeed, the technocrats at Techugo have shaped the dreams of many and provided their products with all the limelight they deserve. With a record of building 750+ applications, the company has served its services to almost every domain. 

The skills and expertise of the developers speak for the quality of the product. Whether Lifology, GyanFresh, MilkBun, TagMango, AVA, Mynt, TrueFan, or any other digital solution, our team focuses on impressing the end-users, thus adding more to the clients’ revenue. 

Want to increase the success ratio with quality-driven apps?

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