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23 Dec 2020

Techugo Webinar; An Exclusive Coverage

Today, the mobile health app market has transformed into a vivid ecosystem; which is not just dynamic but also offers great potential. With the adoption of mobile in the healthcare industry growing, the business opportunity for mHealth apps is immense.

On December 17, Techugo’s Head of Consulting & Business Ops (Canada), Animesh Bharti, talked about how entrepreneurs and enterprises can create the next health tech unicorn. From discussing idea generation to technology-led healthcare renaissance, he provided actionable ways startups and marketers can grab this investment opportunity.

Synopsis of Webinar

The webinar started at the scheduled time at 11:00 AM (EST)/ 8:00 AM (PST)/ 8:00 PM (GMT+4)/ 09:30 PM (IST) on Thursday 17 December from Techugo Canada location. The webinar focused on mHealth and how it is offering a great scope of investment for startups and entrepreneurs. 

mHealth unraveling a myriad of investment opportunities

The year 2020 has taught us a lot in terms of handling our health through the means of digital mode. In this context, the coming year is going to be a very different place in the healthcare sector. Indeed, the demand for digital health innovations would remain in force, which will trigger the interest level of venture capitalists. As every business is facing new reality calls, the healthcare sector is also revising communication and business between patients and doctors. 

We have also included a link to a non-video version of the webinar.

Listen to the full webinar here:

As we are stepping into the new year, we should know that hospitals are going to be a very different place in 2021 than it has been up until now. We all would experience the increased usage of mobile devices and wireless technologies in patient health care.

Techugo wants you to pick the opportunity!

The Q1 of 2021 will be a groundbreaking year for the growth of the healthcare platform and is likely to expand at 41%, with total investment growing by twofold.

The explosive penetration of smartphones and smart devices in the healthcare system has triggered the usage of mHealth apps across the globe. As mHealth apps are simplifying technology for all.

The engaging medley of the mHealth sector and tech is revolutionizing hospitals and healthcare organizations across the geographies. And the impact is much visible on the global mHealth market stat, that predicts to surpass $289 billion by 2025.

Tech analysts have predicted 2021 another big year for venture capital investment in digital health. And the biggest reason behind this is the vast adoption of digital health, which was fueled by further during the COVID-19 time. 

Are you ready to boost your revenue funnel?

Investment in the mHealth is an ideal option, and when combined with diagnostic and immune status testing, mHealth technology is proven to be a valuable tool to help mitigate the next surge of COVID-19 cases. Now, more and more medical professionals are relying on technology to simplify healthcare practices such as research, monitoring, appointments, scheduling appointments, and much more. And with this growing popularity, it seems clear that demand for digital health innovations will be high, giving a more engaging platform to the investors to consider the digital landscape.

How Techugo can help you?

You must know that there are challenges in building the mHealth app solution. No, I didn’t mean to scare you but wanted to help you understand that what essentials you must pay attention to, before taking a plunge into digital healthcare solution. To create a healthcare app product, there is a deep-level analysis, research, and other technical possibilities that have to be taken into consideration. You cannot move ahead with a simple approach, but you need to get a 360-degree view of the mHealthcare domain. 

But no need to lose your heart, to make things easier for you, we at Techugo are here to help you jumpstart your endeavor in building a next-generation mHealthcare product.

Final thoughts

We understand the market for mHealth apps is still young and evolving, and a large number of stakeholders are embracing this new tech trend to flourish their revenue funnel. Hence, finding the right company to manage your mHealth app development is crucial.

At Techugo, we know the value of creating an app solution that improves patient healthcare, and our developed mHealth app solutions have driven quality care, patient engagement, and improved clinical outcomes for some of the biggest hospitals and healthcare organizations across the US, UAE, Canada, and India.

To know how Techugo can help you achieve your goal, schedule a call with us today and to grab what all opportunities are waiting for you to create the next biggest mHealth venture, don’t miss watching the full webinar video here!



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