18 Sep 2020
Updated on August 25th, 2023

Telemedicine During Covid-19; What You Must Know?


Telemedicine or telehealth is a unique way that is embraced by the global healthcare practitioners to bridge the gap between patients and health systems. Amid COVID-19, it is a tool enabling people to stay at home and communicate with physicians through virtual channels. This helps in reducing the spread of the virus to mass populations and the healthcare staff across the globe.

Telemedicine during the pandemic

The chaos created by the COVID-19 virus is known to everyone, leaving every sector and industry crippled. But one sector that has faced the brunt of this deadly virus most, is the healthcare system. The evil loop of exposure risk and no treatment availability has disturbed the entire cycle of healthcare.

Here, telemedicine is stepping up into the spotlight and helping healthcare providers to respond well to the needs of patients. Eventually, telemedicine has carved out a remarkable contribution to the global healthcare system during the pandemic and can be used in a variety of ways.

Let’s find more with this post that how telemedicine is redefining the future of healthcare amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Advantage telemedicine app has got to offer

Communicate with patients

Doctors don’t need to depend on one specific location to attend their patients, but they can attend telemedicine calls and provide consultation as per their convenience. 

Brings convenience

Indeed, the very concept of telemedicine is based on convenience. It gives a significant platform to the patients and doctors to access the services without wasting time in to and fro, or standing in a long queue.

Cost-saving option

Telemedicine allows doctors to run a virtual clinic, where they can do appointment scheduling, provide on-demand visits, manage health records and get the billing solution This saves them money, as they can run their operation via their homes or any other convenient space. On the other hand, patients also need not travel, that saves their money and time both. 

Reduces paperwork

The management of paperwork in the healthcare system is another daunting task, that creates havoc. But not anymore, as the healthcare system, can use telemedicine apps to digitize the workflow and get the benefits of keeping medical records in one place. 

Better healthcare quality

It has been observed that the quality of healthcare has risen at par with the integration of telemedicine in the system. It leads to an improved chain of healthcare, wherein doctors can do frequent follow up with their patients compared to traditional visits. Also, patients can access their healthcare providers in the event of an emergency.

How telemedicine is helping to fight COVID-19?

Indeed, the pandemic has called out for telehealth as an effective and sustainable solution. Further, it is letting to create a shield of precaution, prevention, and treatment for the users to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Minimizing risk 

As we all know that healthcare workers across the globe are working tirelessly in the frontlines, which brings them at the forefront of getting exposure to the deadly virus. However, with telehealth, there can be a prominent change, where appropriate measures can be taken to minimize the risks. There can be pre-screening done to save time and stop the transmission of the virus. Also, chronic patients can schedule video consultations to evade clinic visits and put a halt on the virus exposure. 

On-demand healthcare

Ever thought of on-demand healthcare?

Yes, this on-demand facility of healthcare is very much possible now via telemedicine. This can range from ICU service to any accidental care amid the pandemic. The cycle of triage to be given to patients depending on their conditions is possible with telehealth.

Video visits

COVID-19 can be fatal for people with chronic health conditions, and going for regular check-ups, can even put their life at risk. To narrow down the risk factors, telemedicine app provides video visits, letting physicians help these patients and avoid coronavirus exposure.

On the other hand, healthcare providers are not immune to infection and are at increased risk of contracting COVID-19. As they keep on getting the exposure to infected patients. However, with telehealth technology, even the quarantined doctors have the option to continue to see patients via mobile app.

Telemedicine apps are here to create a communication channel between doctors and patients and ensure to provide hospital care quickly and efficiently.

The Bottom Line

Technology is here to translate the opportunities into anything substantial!

Today, our world is grappling with COVID-19, and there is an increased risk of compromising the health of our doctors and patients at large. However, the integration of technology and creating telemedicine, limits exposure at the frontlines, and gives a protection shield to medical staff as well as patients.

Hospitals that have chosen telehealth will see benefits extending beyond imagination, as the future is all about Digitization, and embracing this new NORM would really help them redefine the future of healthcare.

If you have got any questions related to telemedicine app development, we’re here to help you sail through.

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