21 Jun 2024

The Emergence of Women Health Tracking Mobile App : Transforming Female Wellness


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women's health tracking

Welcome to the world of the transforming sphere of trending technology with a touch of feminism in the application related to the health of women that you can carry in your pocket! As the growth of mHealth applications market remains on the rise and with FemTech gaining more recognition year by year making it the best time to explore this field.

women's health

The current pandemic arises that the mobile health app is at an unprecedented level of growth and usage, enjoying millions of downloads for top-notch apps for health and fitness. Amidst this trend, FemTech is emerging as the next big thing because it foregrounds women’s health concerns.

Women’s health tracking app development is dubbed for tremendous growth as outlined below; Statista reports that the Global FemTech market is expected to reach more than 60 Billion USD by 2027. I also found that more of these apps are actually special in presenting a more diverse expertise in different spheres of women’s health issues.

It is a one-stop resource blog for anyone wishing to get an all-encompassing guide on how to go about developing a women’s health tracking app. It explains the opportunity of these applications and gives tips on how to build a successful application for users. Now, let us explore the opportunity of FemTech to support women’s healthy and happy lives, shall we?

Health Related Challenges In Women Life:

health challenges

Women face numerous challenges related to healthcare throughout their lives, including:

  • Gender Bias: Through this argument, women complain of being prejudiced in the health facilities resulting in misdiagnosis, delayed treatment or dismissal of symptoms.
  • Reproductive Health: Concerns like; irregular vaginal bleeding, inability to conceive, health problems during pregnancy and motherhood, or climacteric disturbances demand special attention.
  • Access to Care: It is evident that women often face potential barriers to access healthcare services, which include social-economic status, geographical location, lack of insurance and cultural practices.
  • Mental Health: Mental health problems like depression, women’s anxiety, and eating disorders prevail among them; however, they can encounter discrimination or have limited access to medical assistance.
  • Reproductive Health: Conditions like gynecological disorders, child Bearlessness, pregnancy, and Perimenopausal problems do need specific attention and care.
  • Access to Care: Lack of funds, distance, no insurance, and some cultural requests can become a barrier to women’s access to healthcare services.
  • Mental Health: The adverse effect of mental health concerning women is seen in depression, anxiety, eating disorders, but sometimes seeking such assistance can be a challenge because of stigma.
  • Chronic Conditions: There is indeed the women’s preponderance in chronic diseases such as autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, thyroid diseases, and some cancers hence are likely to require long-term care.
  • Gender-specific Diseases: Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer are some of the women’s diseases that can be dangerous today: early diagnosis and treatment with specialized methods are needed.
  • Caregiver Burden: Female carers are more prone to experiencing stress results from chiefs, elderly parents, or other dependant family members, this results in them compromising their own health.

Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach that prioritizes gender-sensitive health care policies, improved access to services, increased awareness, and advocacy for women’s health rights.

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How Women Health Tracking Mobile App Works?

Mobile application development of Women’s Health Tracking includes designs, tests, products, and services that utilize technology as a tool for enhancing women’s health. These apps put control of women’s health in their hands, allowing them to solve their problems with ease.

Historically, women’s health was not considered as a mainstream concept but with what Warren refers to as the ‘she-economy’ where women have the power to spend, the concept is gradually gaining mainstream appeal. A narrow niche include the applications Fem Tech which has applications that deal with the female’s health issues and include health tracker for women and apps on menstruation and pregnancy among others.

Why should one consider developing the App for women’s health tracking?

The development of the Women’s Health Tracking App is pivotal to fund, since technology is already available at women’s fingertips and can help them take action on their health. Cross coupe wellness and health reinforcement supports this change globally, with the women’s health applications up ranked among adolescent females and second among adults under the mHealth bracket.

The information on Femtech’s funding of over $800 million shows that there is a great chance to invest in or acquire the applications’ providers. Estimates ratify that the Women’s Health industry will reach $50 billion in sales in next 7 years and there is increasing potential of reaching $13. A new global strategy to reach 2 billion people by 2030 illustrates a burgeoning market in the sector.

According to the 2018 market estimate from Frost & Sullivan , the absolute market potential of the female technology market will touch $50 billion by 2025. Fitbit’s first ever female health tracking app in 2018 paved ways for applications that provide women sufficient personalized medical care.

By development of a women’s health tracking app, women of all ages can track their ovulation, moods, cycles, and much more. These applications help young people in planning for their family, remind them when to use birth control methods and give them a clue on how their bodies respond to such contraceptives. By the studies of Grand View Research and marketing trends, the global market share held by applications associated with women’s health is expected to extend steadily at a CAGR of 17%. 9%, reaching $3. 9 billion by 2026.

Benefits of Developing Women’s Health Tracking Apps for Businesses

women’s health tracking apps

Developing women’s health tracking apps offers innovative solutions that bring significant advantages for businesses. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

  • Niche Market Targeting

The market trends in women’s health apps are relatively high and are likely to continue to expand. While the technical aspects are still being researched and developed by the people who create applications and those with insight into the field of medicine, the commercial potential is particularly sweet for this particular area. It is for this reason that businesses can capture the market and set themselves a new standard in helping women around the globe to solve their reproductive health problems.

  • In-Demand Technology

They meet basic and purpose-oriented requirements in women’s lives, including the assessment of moods, the forecast of ovulation, and tracking of periods. For the longest time, businesses have the ability and capacity to come up with viable tools that have a core appeal to the users. It also guarantees the continuation and importance of their growth and development despite the advancement of healthcare technologies.

  • High Return on Investment

The importance of utilizing application development for women’s health investment cannot be underestimated since its outcome could result in huge profitability. As more people seek practical solutions for their health problems, adopting FemTech and developing and disseminating easily usable applications could be an advantage for businesses. This not only generates a healthy cash flow but also consolidates the niche market of a highly profitable segment.

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  • Community Expansion

Mobile apps are considered engaging by women thus increasing their suitability in the health related application. Having fans in one’s app leads to ensured arete, fostered concept familiarity and advocacy in the community. This allows reaching a larger number of people and is beneficial for business while offering valuable support and enhanced quality of life to users of the social platform.

  • Enhanced Interaction

This causes women to be highly involved with the apps than men since they do prefer it more often. Ensuring that such features as secure messaging, video and in-app consultations with the healthcare professionals, and active monitoring of the users’ medical records, can enrich the user experience. Such an approach to interaction is individual, creates trust, and maintains the constant use of the app as a tool to support women on their health-related journeys.

Types of Women Health Tracking App Development

women’s health-tracking app

Different categories of women’s health-tracking app development have transformed healthcare by providing tailored solutions for diverse health requirements. Let’s delve into the significance and functionalities of various types of women’s health-tracking apps.

1. Menstrual Cycle Tracking App Development

Creating a Menstrual Cycle Tracking App is useful for women – it assists them to understand the sickle cycle, predict the day of ovulation, and manage symptoms that occur when menstruating. These applications have made significant contributions to reproductive health, family planning, and women’s general well being besides helping women to make decisions regarding their menstrual and fertility cycle.

Key Features:

  • Predictive cycle analysis
  • Symptom monitoring
  • Period calendar
  • Fertility analysis

2. Fertility Tracking App Development

They can require a feminine conveyor to be a vital assistant while creating a plan to get pregnant. It thereby tracks ovulation, determines the fertility of the ovulation cycle, and increases the possibility of getting pregnant. For natural conception or IVF, it is important to understand fertility cycles. From a male fertility perspective, it is therefore important for such couples to use these apps as they undertake their parenthood adventure.

Key Features:

  • Predictive ovulation analysis
  • Fertility calendar
  • Body Temperature (BT) monitoring
  • Educational resources on fertility awareness

3. Pregnancy Tracking App Development

Burbules Pregnancy and newborn growth tracking applications are developed specifically for expectant mothers; they provide useful information, assist with prenatal checkups, and provide recommendations. These apps help in enhancing healthy pregnancies and provide support in various forms through easy and convenient communication with healthcare providers as well as enhance the welfare and quality of the lives of women through making pregnancies informed and smooth.

Key Features:

  • Weekly pregnancy updates
  • Reminders for prenatal care appointments
  • Kick counter for fetal movement tracking
  • Timer for monitoring contractions

4. General Health and Wellness App Development

Fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle apps that are tailored to cater for the woman’s reproductive health and mental-well-being. These apps focus on enhancing health standards, managing stress levels, and safeguarding against diseases – allowing women to live healthier and far more enjoyable lives.

Key Features:

  • Customizable workout routines
  • Nutrition tracking for meals and snacks
  • Meditation sessions and relaxation techniques
  • Monitoring sleep patterns
  • Insights and tips for maintaining overall health

5. Symptom Tracking App Development

Mobile apps help record symptoms and can, therefore, be helpful in advising the healthcare givers. These apps have useful purposes related to diagnosis of conditions, as well as the ongoing maintenance of diseases and the tracking of treatment and recovery, which means that there is a positive impact on the general management of health and outcome for the users.

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Key Features:

  • Symptom journal for recording daily symptoms
  • Reminders for medication intake
  • Appointment scheduling with healthcare providers
  • Generation of health reports for better understanding and communication

6. Breast Health Monitoring App Development

Breast health monitoring applications’ focus on performing regular breast self-examinations, reporting any changes in breast tissue, and educating people about breast cancer. It is a fact that the earlier diagnosis of the diseases enhance the probability of recovery and survival, therefore, these applications constitute informative tools for breast health.

Key Features:

  • Guides for breast self-exams
  • Reminders for mammograms
  • Educational resources on breast health
  • Access to support resources and communities

7. Cancer Diagnosis App Development

Cancer diagnosis apps offer essential information, support, and resources for women facing cancer diagnosis and treatment. These apps and chatbots like ChatGPT in healthcare, provide a lot of guidance, emotional support, and access to healthcare services, empowering women to make informed decisions throughout their cancer journey.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive cancer information
  • Details on treatment options
  • Access to support groups
  • Inspirational survivor stories

8. Mothers’ Community App Development

Mothers’ community apps connect mothers for peer support, parenting tips, and shared experiences. These apps foster a supportive community, enhancing maternal well-being, reducing isolation, and promoting knowledge sharing, creating a valuable platform for mothers to connect and support each other.

Key Features:

  • Discussion forums
  • Parenting resources
  • Expert advice
  • Event calendars

9. Sexual Wellness App Development

Sexual wellness apps focus on sexual health education, intimacy enhancement, and access to sexual healthcare services. By promoting sexual wellness, these apps improve relationships, encourage open communication, and enhance overall well-being, empowering women to prioritize their sexual health.

Key Features:

  • Educational articles on sexual health
  • Relationship advice
  • Information on contraceptives
  • Resources for STI testing

Popular Women’s Health Tracking Apps

women’s health tracking

In today’s digital age, women are increasingly relying on a variety of health-tracking apps tailored to their unique needs. These apps are revolutionizing how women manage their well-being, with a significant rise in adoption and usage globally.

1. Period Tracker – Period Calendar Ovulation Tracker

    • It is an app for women of any age where the background looks like colorful emojis and where one can make entries related to dates of menstruation, how heavy the periods are, the approximate date of ovulation, and any discomforts experienced such as cravings and pains. Further, to ensure that it’s not easily detected it has the appearance of “P Tracker” on your phone.

2. Clue – Period Tracker, Ovulation & Cycle Calendar

    • Daisy is an all-in-one period tracking app that also publishes useful articles about health. Aside from cycle tracking, it can also track users’ sleep patterns, skin behaviour and other features to complement the health personal coach function.

3. mySysters – Perimenopause & Menopause Symptom Tracker

    • About mySysters MySysters app is developed to assist women who go through perimenopause and menopause to monitor their irregular periods and other symptoms like migraine and anxiety. It is helpful when speaking with healthcare practitioners about symptoms or the next steps when it comes to treatment.

4. Apple Health

    • This particular app has no frills to it aside from its sleek pink heart icon and the purpose of tracking periods. As compared to other social networks, the interface of Instagram is easier to navigate and any woman enjoys using the platform for free. This simple quote is one of the most profound truths which imply that over complication of a message or an object can be counterproductive.

5. Flo – Period Tracker, Ovulation & Pregnancy Calendar

    • However, one innovative aspect of Flo is its extensive database of articles focused on women’s health. It also lets the users pose questions anonymously allowing them to voice their issues in a safe manner and this will be like having a knowledgeable female friend that can advise on matters of female reproductive health.

6. Glow – Ovulation Cycle & Fertility Tracker

    • From fertility tips and advice on ovulation and conception, Glow is a rich resource for any woman seeking to have a child. The application provides the basic function of helping women by providing an ovulation calendar, as well as features for tracking the symptoms and mood which makes it a rather versatile application for women on the way to pregnancy.

7. Natural Cycles

    • This app uses basal body temperature and other important facts that help one to identify his/her reproductive cycles and ovulation period. Regardless of being for baby-making or simply, the body’s own plan of starting a family, it is a valuable tool for reproductive health objectives, which spells precision and power.

8. Nurx

    • Aside from having medical prescriptions for birth control, Nurx also enables the users to arrange the refills for birth control and monitor the cycles efficiently. It is useful for people who are already on the Nurx platform, as it consolidates reproductive health maintenance amid growing complexities in women’s lives.

These apps are transforming women’s health by offering personalized and accessible solutions for various needs, from menstrual tracking to fertility and overall wellness.

Moreover, anyone can invest in the development of medicine apps and healthcare chatbots to transform the whole healthcare industry.

Key Features for Women’s Health Tracking App Development

women’s health-tracking app features

Features and functionality are not just add-ons in women’s health-tracking apps; they are crucial elements that determine the app’s effectiveness. These components enhance user experience, provide valuable insights, and empower women to take charge of their health journeys. Here are some essential features for these apps:

1. Onboarding

    • Simplify user onboarding with options like email/password or social media integration. A smooth onboarding process helps users quickly understand the app, enhancing their experience and boosting retention.

2. Detailed Health Profile

    • Allow users to create a basic health profile during registration, focusing on essential data like height, weight, allergies, and period dates. This personalizes the user experience without overwhelming them.

3. Period Tracker

    • A vital feature for women’s health apps, the period tracker visually monitors menstrual cycle changes and predicts key phases like fertility windows and PMS.

4. Notifications

    • Engage users with timely reminders for log entries, medication schedules, and cycle phase alerts. Use notifications to provide valuable health insights and address potential health concerns proactively.

5. Symptom Tracking and Analysis

    • Enable users to monitor symptoms and patterns for better health insights and risk assessment. Use AI and machine learning to analyze data, offering personalized insights and enhancing user understanding.

6. Share Information

    • Allow users to share specific health details with partners or healthcare providers for open discussions and informed decisions. Foster a supportive community within the app for sharing experiences, knowledge, and feedback.

7. Community or Social Network

    • Include a built-in community feature where users can engage, share experiences, and seek advice from peers. A thriving community fosters trust, encourages knowledge sharing, and enhances user engagement.

8. Digital Consultation

    • Provide a reliable channel for digital consultations with medical professionals. This feature offers convenient access to expert advice, treatment plans, and medication administration, boosting user confidence and healthcare accessibility.

9. Refer and Earn

    • Increase your app’s reach by incentivizing users to refer friends and family. This fosters user loyalty and growth through mutual benefits.

10. Password Protection

    • Ensure user data security with password protection and biometric features like TouchID or Face ID and fingerprint authentication. This enhances user privacy and data protection, building trust and confidence in your app.

11. Graphs

    • Offer visual insights into cycle history, fertility patterns, symptoms, and more through graphical representations. This allows users to analyze trends, track weight changes, and understand their menstrual cycle and ovulation phases better.

These features are fundamental to creating a successful women’s health-tracking app, enhancing user experience, and empowering women in their health and wellness journeys.

Advanced Features of Women’s Health Tracking Apps

Healthcare App

In the evolving landscape of women’s health tracking applications, advanced features are not just enhancements—they are essential for delivering an exceptional user experience. These features address specific needs, empowering women to manage their health effectively, safely, and proactively.

1. AI-Driven Chatbots

    • Integrate AI-driven chatbots to provide personalized user interactions, offering instant assistance and accurate responses to common queries.

2. Personalized Notifications

    • Deliver tailored push notifications that cater to individual needs, keeping users engaged with reminders for medications, cycle updates, and more.

3. Data Security

    • Implement robust data security measures to protect sensitive health information, utilizing blockchain technology to enhance data protection.

4. Integration with Wearables

    • Leverage wearable technology to provide comprehensive health insights and monitoring capabilities, offering users a seamless experience.

5. Health Guides and Resources

    • Include extensive health guides and resources, powered by generative AI and approved by medical specialists, to educate users on reproductive health, menstrual cycles, fertility tracking, and more.

6. E-Store

    • Incorporate an e-store feature to offer essential women’s health products, enhancing user experience and brand engagement while creating monetization opportunities through the sale of curated products that complement the app’s focus.

These advanced features are crucial for creating a top-tier women’s health tracking app, enabling users to manage their health with confidence and ease.

How To Build A Women’s Health Tracking App: A Step-by-step Process

Developing a women’s health tracking app provides a valuable opportunity to empower women with essential health information, resources, and support. Our step-by-step instruction and approach ensures a user-centric design, advanced functionality, and robust security for a successful app launch.

Step 1: Market Research and Analysis

Begin with comprehensive market research to understand user needs, competitor products, and industry trends. Gather insights to tailor your app’s features and functionalities to the target audience’s specific requirements.

Step 2: Define Key Features

Based on your research, identify the essential features that will set your app apart and meet women’s health tracking needs. Include features like period tracking, ovulation prediction, symptom monitoring, virtual consultations, and personalized notifications.

Step 3: Design User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

Create a user-friendly and visually appealing UI/UX design prioritizing accessibility, usability, and engaging interactions. Focus on intuitive navigation, informative graphics, and smooth transitions to enhance user satisfaction and retention.

Step 4: Choose the Right Technology Stack

Select a suitable technology stack, including programming languages, web frameworks, and tools, that meets your app’s requirements for scalability, performance, and integration. Ensure compatibility across various devices and platforms for broader reach.

Step 5: Develop Front-end and Back-end Infrastructure

Build the front-end and back-end infrastructure, implementing the UI/UX design and integrating key functionalities. Create a responsive and efficient architecture that supports seamless data processing, storage, and user interactions.

Step 6: Integrate Features

Incorporate the defined critical features into your app, ensuring cohesive functionality. Conduct thorough testing of each feature to identify and address any issues or improvements needed for optimal performance.

Step 7: Implement Security Measures

Prioritize data security by implementing robust encryption, authentication, and privacy settings. Adhere to industry standards and regulations to protect user information and build trust with your app users.

Step 8: Test the App

Conduct extensive testing to ensure a flawless and bug-free user experience. Include usability, security, performance, and functionality testing. Gather feedback from beta testers to refine and optimize the app’s features.

Step 9: Deploy and Launch the App

Prepare for the app’s launch by meeting app store requirements and guidelines. Develop a strategic marketing automation and promotion plan targeting specific consumer segments to maximize the impact of your app launch.

By following these steps, you can create a successful women’s health tracking app that delivers valuable support and empowers women to take charge of their health.

Tools and Tech Stack Required For Building Women’s Health Tracking App

A comprehensive grasp of the trends/tools and technologies underpinning the functionality and user interface of the app is indispensable during the development of a women’s health-tracking application. Each element, encompassing data aggregation and analysis, user interface design, and security measures, contributes significantly to delivering a seamless and effective solution for women’s health management.

Some of latest technologies like (AL&ML, Blockchain, and more) and trending tools used by a mobile app development company to create a women’s health-tracking app:

Cost to Develop An App:

women’s health app cost

A women health tracking app would require some 50K USD and more to develop, essential or optional, the features that are fused into the application, the complexity of design and development, how data is safeguarded and the technology that is used all contribute to the final cost. If you need a full-fledged specialized app and are planning to make some modifications, aiming at compliance, and other recurrent modifications, the amount could reach more than $50,000. To obtain a more detailed appraisal for tailoring apps and know the cost to develop your on-demand app, visit the skilled development team of Techugo.

Future of Women Health Tracking System:

In my opinion, the field of Femtech is not just the process of creating apps that are fun and informative, empowering women but also means a lot of possibilities to develop new tools and undergo innovation. Especially, with the mHealth market booming and FemTech emerging as an active trend, there is a perfect chance to tap into the opportunities in this rapidly growing industry. This means that the creation of a women health tracking mobile app with a healthcare app development company is bound to garner massive adoption and create impressive returns as more people incorporate them into their daily lives. Due to the focus on user needs, superior performance, and effective security features, these apps can potentially dramatically transform reproductive health outcomes for women across the globe. By embracing the concepts of optimal app development, enhanced functionalities, and necessary utility tools, the continuous fight towards promoting women’s health and fitness has never been brighter. We have a chance to solve this and that’s why it’s high time to empower women and change the face of healthcare.

Get in touch with us to develop your own women health tracking mobile app!

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