27 Jun 2020

The Rise of mHealth Apps; Bringing Value To Patients And Doctors

mHealth Apps

As per Statista, health care mobile app will be valued more than 175 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.

This figure indicates how promising healthcare app industry is, and how far technology has become a part of this flourishing sector.

If you look closely then you would realize that medical apps have hit the market, benefitting millions of patients enormously. With the help of healthcare apps, it becomes easier for the patient to get remote consultations, fast answers to their queries, and track the general health condition.

Today the scope of this app sector is not limited to one specific category only, but it is used in different purposes as emergency care, specific disease care, general hospital purposes, online consultations, progress tracking, getting medical references, and much more.

Why mHealth solution is growing popular?

Well, there are multiple reasons behind this continuous popularity. However, one of the most prominent aspects is the convenience it brings to the patients. In total, 2.5 billion people worldwide own a mobile phone, making the huge potential for mHealth. It further facilitates unprecedented access to specialist clinical diagnostics and treatment advice. Considering the huge demand, stakeholders are taking mHealth apps as the extensions of their existing business. This helps them to compete with the current digital healthcare companies and provide a strong revenue building platform for their business.

With this post we have brought the future of mHealth apps, and how it will have a strong future ahead. Let’s read this post further…

Different types of mHealthcare apps 

  • Patient app
  • Doctor app
  • General healthcare info app

A quick overview of benefits offered by mHealth solution

  • Medical records all in one place
  • Online consultations
  • Tracks health conditions
  • Patients’ autonomy
  • Referencing and continuing education
  • Reduce cost
  • Better Decision-Making/Improved Diagnostic Accuracy
  • Real-time Communication
  • Beneficial in Remote Areas

Consumers’ perspective

It is evident that healthcare apps’ consumers continue to show a strong inclination towards digital technology, and this number is rising every year. Now consumers prefer to access the healthcare app solution to manage their health. Now, consumers have shown interest in using mobile apps to show electronic health records, and get in touch with doctors online.

Doctors’ perspective

Doctors can utilize digital tools to access patient records, get payment, fill prescriptions, access test results, and schedule appointments. No prize for guessing, but such a solution becomes a necessity for the healthcare providers to get technologically advanced services that satisfy consumer interest and expectations.

The market potential

As per the research, countries with the best market conditions for digital health solutions are the USA, the UK, and Germany, followed by Israel, Canada, India, The Netherlands, and Denmark. Eventually, this incredible approach gives an ample number of opportunities to enhance market size, get access to investors, and acceptance of apps by doctors massively.

Future of mHealth solutions

It goes without saying, the growing technological innovations will boost the mobile healthcare apps’ functionalities. Further, they can be used and embraced by a larger scale of businesses on the global forefront. On the other hand, the on-going pandemic has made people grow more health-conscious, resulting in more number of people getting aware of the advantages of mHealth apps. Amid virus outbreak, when every industry has adopted a new norm of the digital revolution, healthcare apps have certainly paved a successful way for doctors and patients. They can rely on these technological advancements for better outcomes and more patient-centric care.

Latest technology trends you cannot miss in the Healthcare App Development 

  • Telemedicine services help patients to get connect with doctors remotely and get their treatment done
  • For the accurate diagnosis, Artificial Intelligence based healthcare apps really help in abundance
  • Data security is no more prone to malicious attacks with blockchain.
  • The integration of big data and analytics, help patients to get useful information and healthcare practitioners can also make a significant change in medical research and analysis.

How much does it cost to develop a mHealth app? 

Well, you should know that the development cost of a healthcare mobile app depends on various factors; platform, technology integration, language to be used, the complexity of the app, features required in the app, location & size of the development team, and many more.

Henceforth, it is hard to suggest the exact cost without knowing the concept and your vision behind it. You would be surprised to know that healthcare app development cost can be anything between $10k to $100k or more, depending upon the complexity of the app.

Final thoughts

Indeed, the concept of healthcare mobile apps is ever flourishing, and the pandemic has brought a clear indication for its successful future ahead. Although, there are many new and trending technologies creating a stir in the market. Henceforth, it is expected that the mHealth app industry will flourish steadily. To get a healthcare app development solution, you must reach out to the team Techugo, as we have designed and developed the most successful healthcare app solutions for global clients.

Are you ready to get an accurate numerical for the development?

Reach us today and receive a no-obligation quote for perfect mHealth solution crafted especially for your business.

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