20 Apr 2022
Updated on April 28th, 2022

TheaCare by Techugo: Closing the Gender Inequities in Healthcare!


Surbhi Bhatia

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One-half of the total population in this world comprises women, yet; women’s health is considered a niche market. 

Let’s not overlook the fact that men’s and women’s bodies are unique and have separate medical needs. Notably, women experience distinctive healthcare challenges, and the worst-case scenario is that women of all ages in rural areas do not have access to even basic healthcare facilities. 

Did you know another reason behind women facing healthcare challenges in India is due to gender biases? 

Surprised? Shocked? 

Be it malnutrition, absence of basic hygiene facilities, or treatment for issues like PCOD, healthcare resources available to women are not much contended. 

Undoubtedly, women have long been deprived of their rights considering economic and social power; therefore, it has played a vital role in barricading their access to facilities like healthcare. 

Do you agree?

Fortunately, medical institutions and entrepreneurs are now emphasizing healthcare app development to cater to women’s needs! 

So, Why Is Women’s Health A Vital Issue? 

Women’s Health

Women constitute the foundation of a family’s overall well-being. In simpler words, the health of the entire family is directly tied to the health of women. 

Generally, it is said that “Healthy women, healthy world;” however, due to multiple roles played by women, their own needs are highly neglected. What’s unacceptable is that illnesses come knocking at the door, which otherwise could be prevented by maintaining good health. 

What Are The Factors That May Impact Women’s Health? 

Let’s break the biggest myth bubble that women’s health has deteriorated since it has a direct connection with their biology. In fact, social conditions and aspects, including poverty, huge families, etc., are also a few reasons that join the bandwagon of poor health. 

Health issues mushroom due to numerous socio-economic scenarios, and some of the most experienced problems by women are ovarian cancer, breast cancer, PCOS, menopause, and many more. 

To top it off, these issues not only impact physical health but also adversely affect mental well-being

Are We Really Neglecting Women’s Health? 


Did you know?

The life expectancy of females at birth is more than men, yet, women die sooner! 


Undoubtedly, it is all because of the added baggage of negligence over the years, but NOT ANYMORE! 

How about a fresh start?  Sounds good? 

Therefore, let’s create awareness and talk about some of the most common diseases that pose mental and physical challenges in front of women.

  • Women’s Menstrual Health 

One of the must-be emphasized yet under-prioritized women’s health issues is menstrual health. It is majorly classified as a ‘Women’s Problem’ for all those unfamiliar with the term. 

Now, did you get a hold of it? 

If you recognize the term women’s problem in place of menstrual health, it is precisely what we need to change about our society! 

While there are millions of women menstruating, only a tiny percentage are reported to be taking necessary menstrual health measures, such as the use of sanitary napkins. What’s unfortunate is that menstruation is considered to be a taboo that leads to societal restrictions. 

PCOS is another hormonal disorder that directly impacts women’s menstrual cycle, causing prolonged or irregular periods. 

  • Female Fertility

The term used for the ability of women to conceive a baby is called female fertility. However, there are numerous medical issues that may impact women’s health and become a reason for fertility problems. Some of the causes are as mentioned below:

  • Ovulation disorders
  • Cervical abnormalities
  • Fallopian tube damage
  • Menstrual issues


  • Mental Health in Women 

Men and women are different in terms of physical appearance, capabilities, and more. But let’s emphasize how the brains of varied genders work! 

Notably, there are differences in communication patterns, dealing with relationships, expression of feelings, etc. Similarly, how men and women react to situations is also varied. 

Generally, a higher percentage of women face mental health issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc., that impact one’s health. However, millions of cases go unreported due to unfit mental health, which is considered another taboo in India. 

  • Weight Management in Women 

Numerous health issues can be eliminated in women if weight management is given the importance it deserves. 

Women go through lifelong psychological, hormonal, and other changes different from men, leading to a higher risk of weight gain. For instance, irregular menstrual cycle, menopause, depression, slow metabolism, etc., are some of the primary reasons behind unbalanced weight management. 

What is required?


Since mHealth apps are now becoming a support system for people distant from healthcare facilities, TheaCare is one of the exceptional live examples setting a new standard of care for women.

TheaCare, developed by Techugo, is an all-in-one healthcare ecosystem that emphasizes women’s healthcare needs and provides personalized solutions. 

What’s more? 

It is a multiple award-winning platform that delivers efficient women’s health care services, including period tracker, nutritionist advice, yoga instructor, fitness trainer, and more. 

The icing on the cake is tracking symptoms as per the personalized period cycle. The algorithms take note of the previous cycles and direct suggestions to make the current health condition easier.

The Thea team also acquired support from more than 3000 women and 50+ medical experts to develop a proprietary method for healthy living with PCOS. 

TheaCare: A Medium to Defeat Everyday Health Challenges of Women

Indeed, TheaCare is a tremendous initiative that intends on dismantling the silence around women’s healthcare issues by creating awareness and motivating conversations that emphasize the same. 

As said earlier, healthy women ensure a healthy family. 


How about developing more healthcare apps that eliminate the reason men and women  neglect their health? 

If you’re interested in acquiring more insights on the same, give it a shot by connecting with the top mobile app development company in India.

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