1 Sep 2020

Tips And Tricks To Create Your Own Entertainment App


Ankit Singh

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Own Entertainment App

Entertainment apps are one of the finest masterpieces of the app world, that hold the potential to attract a wider group of customers. Mobile apps are not limited to a specific age or gender, but now greater volumes of users coming from different walks of life with no age-bar are enjoying the convenience offered by it.

Indeed, entertainment apps, such as games, videos, music, live-streaming can be a great source of profit, and here an efficient app solution helps in abundance.

Here in this post, we have collected a few tips and tricks to help you generate high revenues, with a widespread user base. Let’s scroll further and check out what entertainment apps have got to offer…

The benefits of creating entertainment apps

  • You get a wider Target audience and branding and promote your business while enhancing brand awareness;
  • App’s interactive UI/UX gives a reason to reason to earn users’ loyalty and increase in new and returning users;
  • Users can manage everything from news alerts to event updates can be managed smoothly at the tip of their fingers;
  • Promote your offerings through social engagement and gain worldwide recognition.

Different types of entertainment apps

Yes, an entertainment app is not just limited to one category, but it is a vast genre, where a wide variety of apps help the users to get the most out of and run the whole business ecosystem here. Let’s take a look at varieties of entertainment apps

  • Social media apps- It is the most popular form of entertainment apps, and help users to stay connected with each other.
  • Music Apps- These apps are widely used, letting online music gaining huge popularity, but also, letting artists across the world to get great recognition.
  • Gaming apps- Indeed, amid COVID-19 these apps have secured a top position on the top of the mobile app market, and it is also one of the most demanding ones.
  • Live streaming apps- With these apps, users can access the live episodes of their favorite TV shows, sporting events, etc. Also, these apps are on a great popularity level, where users can watch the live stream of any event or a TV show without having to worry about moving out and lets them practice social distancing.

Tips & tricks to enhance the engagement of your entertainment app

Keep registration simple

Users’ data is an important aspect, and it further lets the app owners create a personalized connection with the users. In this process you need to ensure that the registration process kept, is short as possible. To elevate user-experience you can simply allow them to include social registration via Facebook or any other popular social media site.

App design; ensure it is worthy

Surprisingly, reports suggest that almost a quarter of all users prefer to abandon apps if they don’t like their DESIGN or find it HARD to navigate through the app. This is where you need to invest your time and money and must ensure that the app is checked not from the owner’s or developer’s perspective, but only from the customer’s perspective. In the first place you need to make the design as smooth as possible, but still, to help the users, you can include a short tutorial for your users, where they can learn how to use the app. To enhance the user experience, keep this tutorial animated and succinct with a skip button, so users are not forced to watch it.

Live Streaming

This feature lets the users receive the bits of the live content and syncing the buffer with the stream of data. And this is the most prominent feature amid COVID-19, where people aren’t able to attend the events or go to movie halls.

 Give a shot of social buttons

On liking your app, it will be shared and discussed among friends and family. To ease down the road for your users, simply provide an opportunity to users. Where they can share the app via chat or social media.

Content Management and DRM

Here, you keep a security shield around your content. In order to prevent the content from being reproduced or hacked, providing access control can limit video access based on IP address, domain, and location.

Various payment modes

Yes, this is one of the most significant features, that must be considered while developing an entertainment app. It brings ease to your users letting them do online transactions, payment via e-wallets, and cards.

Notification alert

With this feature you let your users receive a notification, every time a video is added, event timing is changed or any other relevant information comes.

Bonus tip: Make sure the app works flawlessly

Your app MUST work flawlessly, as users out there are highly impatient, and they don’t prefer to stay with a mobile app that is slow or has poor performance. Henceforth to combat these obstacles you must consider proceeding with MVP app development. Your app can have only a few features but they should work perfectly.


To be précised, an entertainment mobile app is a perfect platform for users to relish movies, music, live streaming, news, sports, or a combination of some sort. Indeed, these apps have the potential, so they can let an artist or any channel to secure a sizeable following for themselves.

If you are yet to experience the benefits of an entertainment app for your offered services, then look nowhere and get in touch with the Techugo team today.

Reach us to receive a no-obligation quote for your own entertainment app development NOW!


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