Top 10 brands using React Native for their business model

6 Feb 2020

Top 10 Brands Using React Native For Their Business Model

How many of you heard of React Native?

I am sure everyone, since in the world of technology, each of us is well-versed the latest terms of technologies, and it’s a beautiful fact to suggest that every technological advancement discussion would be incomplete without mentioning React Native.

To be precised, React Native is the latest technology stack that is specially carved out for the appeasement of the developer community since it brings oodles of convenience and ease of accessibility to the user as well.

What Is React Native?

React Native is the framework, which is based on JavaScript, and is used for designing and developing the native apps for the platforms; iOS & Android.

This very piece of technology was created by Facebook, holding the power of native app development.

On an honest note, the React Native app has the functionalities that are filled with a different set of components that only bring the native-like features to the mobile app.

In this post, let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons that have provoked the many established brands to get indulged in the React Native app building.

#1- Facebook Ads

Do you know Facebook Ads was the very first app, developed using React Native app which has got the cross-platform functionality? No doubt this very framework has turned out to be highly suitable for the complex business logic, that is required to manage the varied variety of ad formats, time zones, currencies, date formats, currency conventions, and much more.

React Native was chosen to keep the interface as clean as possible, that would have sufficient element to keep the UX simple. And truly React Native has helped in abundance, as it allows the animations and transitions to sync in together, and de-motivate any sort of cluttering of UX.

Further, it has also helped the app to turn faster and navigation has turned out to be as smooth as possible.

#2- Instagram

The integration of React Native into the Instagram, was nothing but a revolutionary step, as the pre-existing UI of the app was already simple, and to make it simpler was the challenge, which React Native addressed well.

As mentioned above, Instagram integration was a hard nut to crack, but the app’ s developer team enhanced the app’s experience and ensured that every single facet of the app is filled with faster user-experience.

#3- Facebook 

My post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the source behind the creation of React Native, that is Facebook.

You would be surprised to know that React Native was conceptualized during Facebook’s hackathon project. The main aim behind the integration was to let the benefits of web development, like quick iterations to be a part of the framework.

The integration of React Native was to support iOS, but with time, this support was extended to the Android platform as well, helping the mobile UIs to get improved for both platforms. With React Native, Facebook could develop own Ads Manager app, for both iOS and Android.

Due to the highly progressive performance improvements, today’s app development process has turned to be faster, determining the saving of cost and time to a larger extent.

#4- SoundCloud Pulse 

When the developer team of SoundCloud Pulse, decided to create the second phase of native apps, there were many challenges involved in the iOS, but the biggest challenge was to release both the apps at the same time. Here the idea of React Native app came into existence and no prize for guessing but offered thing but the smartest solution.

When developers started to work on the React Native platform, they found it quite trouble-free and easy to work upon, being compared to native apps.

#5- Gyroscope

Gyroscope is one of the most popular apps enabling the full-fledged spectrum of the health care cycle. It allows users to track steps, workout, heart rate, and then there are other activities as well, helping users to keep a track of other activities as well.

The tech-stack of React Native, allows the app to show 2 attractive, well-designed views, where users can track data in an aggregated form of daily/weekly/monthly statements.

#6- Walmart

The revamping model of Walmart has turned out to be spectacular, due to the integration of the React Native into their business mobile app. With the very inclusion of React Native, the performance of their business app has grown out to be incredibly impeccable on both the platforms.

Since Walmart has a huge customer-base that is driven to their website daily, so the app has to be commendably fast and efficient to handle the demands of the users. With the React Native, the company was able to address the necessities of the users and give a competitive advantage to the business model.


The famous on-demand delivery app has everything that captures the attention of its consumers and let the smooth process of delivery to be done.

The main functionality of the app is all about letting the users order online and help their local requirements to be answered. It goes without saying, but such an incredible service for on-demand delivery only allows customers to order online from restaurants, grocery stores, laundry and what not.

It serves more than 1M customers in the US and lets the benefits of eCommerce to be catered larger user-base.

With the help of React Native, the team was able to link the plugin with a native module. This further helped in connecting the map feature with the different functionalities of the device, and take the full grasp of features like rotate, zoom, and the compass.

#8- Bloomberg 

For a business to give a personalized experience to its consumers, is the sole aim, and this is what Bloomberg was looking for.

To help in succeeding in their goal, Bloomberg’s developers’ team at NY worked upon integrating the React Native app into their business app. This new app allows the users to attain the interactive exposure to gain personalized content, videos and live feeds from Bloomberg’s Media. With the help of React Native, the constant pressure of automating code refreshing happens, letting the company release new features without a single hassle involved.


The very spectrum of Wix is to offer web hosting and website design services, which further allow users to design and build their sites in HTML5/CSS, utilizing the drag and drop features.

In simpler words, this platform works as a platform for the users where they can create their web applications without knowing to code.

React Native allows the variety of navigation options to handle the navigation part of the app. consequently, that leads to providing a fundamental structure of native app development to the users to connect their required services, with an efficient app portal.

#10- Townske 

Since the app Townske, has a sole aim to satiate your travel needs, the app was supposed to bring the different features and functionalities to the users with a simple click, reflecting the simple UI.

Also being a travel app, it wasn’t guaranteed whether the user will have the higher bandwidth, but the chances of getting low bandwidth were much more.

These issues were beautifully handled by the React Native technology, as it has a prime focus on building a mobile UI, which would work more like a JavaScript library than a framework. As a result, the final product turned out to be highly responsive and brought the JavaScript interactions with the native environment to the app.


Undeniably the number of benefits to be chosen from React Native is in abundance, which has eventually helped these renowned brands to get indulged into React Native app development.

Therefore, you must include React Native ap development into your business model, and help your business to grow exponentially.

On the other hand, to get a scalable React Native app for your business, don’t shy away from reaching out to the team of experts at Techugo, as we have crafted some of the most enticing React Native app solutions for the world’s known brands, and help them attain their deserving recognition…

Give us a buzz, we’d love to plan out the best possible technical solution for your specific business needs…



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