23 Nov 2020

Top 5 Hottest Marketing Trends In 2021!

marketing trends

Let’s describe 2020! No comments, as this year has been insanely weird with a full blow of chaos and craziness. 

This disturbance left our world receiving a big shift, wherein businesses were not the exception to this change and had no other choice but to evolve and adapt to fit the new normal. 

Yes, and this normal is all about being DIGITAL!

The digital curve has brought every service around us to an axis point, giving more power to consumers to access offerings. In this race, the marketing which was moving at a normal speed also received a major makeover and moved to the digital trends with a lightning speed. 

Today the way businesses attract, connect, and market to their audiences has transformed completely. 

So in order to help you stay updated and IN the market, we have brought the top 5 hottest marketing trends that are going to be a part of the 2021 strategy. Let’s get started…

1. Social media will be a new commerce route

Considering social media to be a part of your marketing is not a gimmick but a bullet-proof reality. Now social media is no more sufficed for entertainment purposes, but there is another factor associated with and that is Commerce!

Yeah, you heard me all correct and strong!

Online marketing has taken a new direction with the introduction of online shops on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms, that offer the biggest marketing and eCommerce trends.

As businesses are transitioning to online presence, shopping through social commerce would peak in 2021. And this trend has already been embraced by bigger brands, and other brands and startups are in the constant run to pick this opportunity to sell and extend their business offerings to a larger number of users in one click only.

2. Nostalgia Marketing

Ever heard of nostalgia marketing?

Well, this concept is based on triggering the buying decisions, based on the past purchase to bring comfort. It is a proven strategy to help users spend money on consumer goods, they have already bought and tried in the past. It helps users to keep the focus on aspects we already know, and utilize the familiarity of the old to sell the innovation of the present.

It leaves a strong impact on the users’ well-being and gives them a reason to cherish the sense of purpose and approach the future with a promising factor. Although, this strategy has always existed, but year 2020 has capitalized on it like never before.

For instance, many bigger brands like Pepsi, Nike, and others, where they added the 2020 Super Bowl to catch the attention. So stay tuned to grab your dose of nostalgia from your favorite brand in 2021.

3. Get the power of Voice Search

The concept of voice search is widely accepted by the brands, as it offers convenience and yields better results. This not just helps in boosting traffic by staying relevant but gets more visibility on the search result. So in the year 2021, get ready to soak your toes in the voice search trend as a new division of marketing.

4. Live streaming


Since video marketing has changed the game of marketing, letting different businesses showcase their services through the means of video. You can get on an adventurous journey with your brands by bringing them on the video platform and live streaming. This service has extended its wings to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now YouTube has become a part of this trend as well. Many big brands and influencers are taking the benefits out of it, and letting their targeted audiences to take a plunge into their offerings remotely. With the constant reliability and convenience, this trend has got to offer, it will continue to savor the users in 2021 as well. 

5. High-quality branded content

The quality laden content is on the rise and is predicted to grow out of bounds in 2021. Whether it is video marketing or AI-powered content, everything under the sun related to content marketing would be based on the interactive content, that would not just meet the demands to sell the products, but craft an unforgettable experience for the users to cherish forever.

With this approach being SALESY is not a welcomed idea but creating something that will trigger users’ interest and will trigger them to make your brand stand out. Here compromising with the quality and giving a push to quantity would be chucked away, and only focus would be given to content that speaks volumes about the excellence you have got to offer.

So what’s next???

Let’s accept the fact that we’re gradually moving away from an age of passive consumers toward the age of active consumers. 

The year 2021, will witness a massive change, where brands will be co-created. Customer voices will be heard. Empathy will be on cards and marketing will be solely based on the human-centered approach.

Indeed, these digital marketing trends don’t dictate the complete list, but gives you a glance over the plan to build your brand in 2021. On the other hand, you can make the most out of these digital marketing tips by picking and adding personalized and interactive channels to improve the engagement within your customer-facing teams.

Food for thought

These 5 key marketing trends can trigger your site-traffic increase, generate more leads, and grow sales while retaining your existing customers.

2021 will be the year of “People First”

Digital marketers need to knee-deep in all kinds of strategies, tactics, and technologies, to capture their users’ attention

Are you willing to get a tailored approach to propel your business forward in 2021?

Give us a call and foster a relationship with your customers!

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