18 Feb 2019
Updated on July 22nd, 2019

Top 5 Myths Of WordPress Website Development


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Wordpress Website Development

Many of us stay quite perplexed, when it comes to get a successful mode of communication for our users via technology, and there are always questions, confusion, and doubts clouding our thought process.

I think it is not something very unusual, but quite familiar amongst the different set of business owners, who look forward to a scalable website solution for their specific business needs, but always remain puzzled, from where to start.

WordPress, that is the first platform, which comes in your mind, when you decide to get a website for your business, but sooner this idea, fades away, as the number of misconceptions is many around the WordPress technology.

Do you find it something relatable?

I do too, as I too have gone through this situation, and there was a time, when I couldn’t find one right solution to address our needs but thought of picking the right method, haunted me as well, but then my app builder, helped me to sail through the tiding waves of misconceptions around WordPress.

Thus, in order to help you sail seamlessly, without getting disturbed by the WordPress misconceptions, let’s read this post further…

Why A Website?

Hmm, a very valid question and to help you answer it, you must know that, one of the most important aspects which help in the growth and development of the business is a website. It is the very first thing which plays a major role to entice customers, who are willing to access your services and get adequate information regarding the business.

How To Proceed With A Website?

When you are new in the market, there are thousands of questions boil in your mind, and amongst of all, one which disturbs you always, that how to get the best website built?

Eventually, a website is made up of various aspects that are collected together to make a successful website, which further influences the visitors to come and visit the website, and further become the loyal customers. However, a website does not become successful out of the blue, but there are many aspects, which have to be considered, in order to make the website a successful piece for your business.

In the current scenario, WordPress has emerged as one of the most popular platforms used for developing a website and its importance and performance have made it a good choice for the people.

Are you wondering, what is WordPress? How does it help further? Don’t worry, let’s have a look at what is WordPress and why it is used?

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system, widely popular and used by the developers to create a website. Indeed, there are several themes available in this system which can be utilized further while developing a website.

What Are The Advantages?

One of the best parts of opting for this platform is that it is free to install and use. The paid version can also be accessed, albeit, it completely depends on the requirement, if one chooses to proceed ahead with unpaid or paid services; paid version undeniably opens new themes and other benefits as well.

Myths Associated With WordPress

Despite having enough number of benefits, yet there are some myths which are prevailing and are curbing the clarity on these myths to avoid any sort of confusion.

Myth #1

WordPress is only fit for Blogging

I won’t deny, but this very fact, I too dealt with, and it was not wrong as well since WordPress was just a portal for blogging a few years ago, but not anymore.

As the users’ demands have evolved, so the WordPress platform has too and over the years WordPress has become the powerful content management system.  It’s very popularity has supported the WordPress to be the preferred choice of the developers for developing a website.

WordPress holds a wider potential with a wide range of functionalities which further assist in building an efficient website. One of the most beautiful aspects is that websites developed in WordPress are quite flexible and can be converted into social websites, e-commerce stores and many more.

The number of themes and the plugins available with WordPress is huge in number, which can further be utilized to make a website highly scalable in the websites. Another important aspect of WordPress is that there is a huge no. of language translations available to cater to the needs of the people.


WordPress is not an ideal option for large enterprises

When it comes to getting the most of the business, no business would like to face the risks, and in this run, WordPress website solution is often avoided, considering the common misconception among the people that WordPress is only good for small enterprises.

But this is not at all true!

A few years ago, this statement could be quite true because the role of the WordPress was limited and that’s why it was quite suitable for the small scale business but with the changing time its role has also changed.

Its functionality and flexibility have turned out to be the suitable options that can be used even by the large enterprises and if the right approach is followed it can lead to the creation of an amazing website.

Myth #3

Don’t Expect Much Traffic From WordPress Websites

The very existence of free plugins and themes create confusion that the websites built in WordPress are not impactful to attract the customers to the website.

But this is truly insane, and WordPress websites are equally important if compared to any other platform.

If the developer hired for web development is skilled enough, he can make the best use of numerous themes available on WordPress and can deliver you an impressive website which can pull a crowd of visitors to your website, so getting the free themes do not lower the website’s credibility through any means.

Myth #4

WordPress Is Highly Vulnerable To Virus Attacks

Security is the prime concern for every business, and being concerned about it is not at all wrong. In this race, if there is a reeling misconception about the security of WordPress, then keep the air clean, is our duty.

Albeit, the statement, which suggests that WordPress is not secure, is not completely true because every website needs updating after a passage of time and if it is not done, then it can easily be attacked by the viruses.

Therefore, backing up the WordPress site and checking the regular updates are must to maintain the security. By following these strategies, you can simply save your website from viruses.

Myth # 5

WordPress Is Good For Beginners Only

People generally think that WordPress is only chosen by the beginners for the development of the website because it is very simple and easy to deal with.

But this is just a misconception, as even the experienced and the professional developers prefer to go ahead with WordPress, due to its flexibility and it offers plenty of options to the developers to enhance the website UX, looks and feels by customizing the code.

So, this all I have got today, to share from the WordPress developments myth basket and am ascertain that after reading this information today, you would be able to carve out a perfect web piece for your business via WordPress.

Indeed, WordPress is the good decision to proceed ahead with, you only need to reach a team of experienced web developer from a top mobile app development company , and help your business rank first on the page.


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