26 Jun 2017



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Thinking and dreaming are not wrong rather it helps to bring more productive results since imagination works as the major wheel to bring results. To make your dream happen, technology has come forward as the leading factor, where you can reach your targeted audience through a perfect and accessible marketing platform; mobile app. But at times the picked marketing strategy can go absolutely wrong if you don’t follow some specific rules. Willing to know more, just read ahead….

Application Design

The UI of a mobile app is the crucial part if you think how? Then take a look at those apps which never gain attention due to their appearance. Remember one factor in mobile app development is that if your app design is not soothing or pleasing enough, then no unique concept or high-end functionalities can save the future of your mobile app, so invest your time, innovation and creativity to create an easy to use app UI for your app platform.

App Performance

My 5year old niece is a big time game lover, like any other kid, and I usually end up downloading new game apps for her, but on one of her recent visits, I downloaded a doctor mobile app, which gave the pop-up message “xyz app is not responding”, the moment I saw, I knew it was the app bug, but my niece who was there as a user, refused to use that app anymore and asked me to uninstall it. Have you got anything from this incident? It clearly speaks that if your app does not perform well, then nothing can save it from destruction. Users are very picky about the inconsistent user experience, and if they get something unpleasant than they have the options available to them in the app stores, which they can opt for any moment, so ensure your mobile app is flawlessly working on performance meter.

Weak Marketing Strategy

In this era of technology and portability, can you think of any service or product which can survive in the market without the right set of promotion, look around you and you will be surprised to realize that every single thing served on your plate has crossed some stage of marketing to reach you. So a proper and well-defined marketing channel for your mobile app is a MUST. Don’t get confused that marketing for your app would bring the unnecessary cost to you, take it easy and accept this fact that your mobile app marketing strategies would not be an investment and will turn into the source of ROI. Being in the app development field, I have noticed many times, a good mobile app from every angle dies at the age of infancy, due to the lack or bad marketing strategies. I concur with you that marketing is a vast topic in its own and it cannot be summed up in this segment, but my advice if you will take seriously from this segment then can help you go bigger with your app project.

Avoiding Your Customer Feedback

The customer is everything, if they say something then pay attention, DO NOT avoid them, even if there is criticism, then accept it and work towards improving the services, don’t be pessimistic and avoid those negative feedback, this will only pick the heat up and your users would not trust your services anymore. Let me tell you a positive aspect of replying to your user’s grievances; you will get to know where your app is lacking depending on the user’s requirement and it will help you gain a trustworthy tag amongst your users. Actually, your users are a clear mirror, they speak for your app, so whether it is good or bad, it will only work in the favor of your mobile app health. Many app developers miss it thinking it will not make much difference, but actually, it does make a HUGE difference.

Don’t Play A RIGID Game

I generally call it a narcissist move, when app developers refuse to bring any change in the existing technology or features, since they feel their work is better than others, so they keep on hogging their own dog food, which makes them get highly complacent with their current project, and in this game they forget, that their users are not using their mobile app anymore. So please keep a tab on the latest tech and trends and keep your app updated, so your mobile would not lag behind in the race of successful mobile apps.

Consider Competition

It is useless to avoid the existing competition for your mobile app, I agree, your mobile app would have gained a considerable popularity in the first few days, but this is never going to be the case always, since there are numerous mobile apps are making entry in the app stores daily, which just increase the competition for your mobile app bit higher, so consider your competitors carefully and check which new functionality or feature/ design improvement they have brought in their mobile app. With this strategy, you will never lose the game.

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