13 Feb 2021

Top 6 Valentine’s Apps To Celebrate The Festival Of Love This Year!

Valentine's Apps

The reason to celebrate love is here! 

We may be limited as to where we can go out this year, but there is not just one way to celebrate it. You can do much more with the decor, outfits, and food, choices are numerous.

2021 Valentine’s Day is meant to be celebrated from the confines of your bubble/home. But that shouldn’t bog us down. So are you ready to plan your festivities for the night?

Below, we’ve shared the top 6 Valentine’s apps for creating memorable moments this year.

1. TrueFan


Ever thought of gifting video bytes to your love from their favorite celebrity? Yeah, nothing can uplift the mood, when your love message is conveyed to your love interest from Bollywood biggies. TrueFan makes it possible, it is a celebrity-fan engagement platform, helping people to have those once-in-a-lifetime personalized interactions with their favorite stars and vice-versa, connect them with you, their true fans! You only have to play the ultimate fan quizzes, and become the winner by playing most quizzes and answering maximum questions correctly. The reward is a personalized one-on-one video call or a video message from your favorite superstar! So groove on your favorite celebrity bytes this valentine’s day.

Download the app

For Android– https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.truefan.user.live 

Also, you can access more information through https://truefan.life/ as well!

2. Heart Live Wallpaper

Heart Live Wallpaper

To indulge in the love vibes and to feel the warmth of the season is made possible with the Heart Live Wallpaper app. It is a much-required app on your smartphone this season. It has dark backgrounds with a customizable heart image that can be made to create spark in the usual look of the mobile phone.  The app also has a countdown timer to Valentine’s Day and the background can be customized to any colors you desire. 

Download the app

For Android- http://bit.ly/2LQscHK

3. iHeartRadio


Willing to woo your love with music on February 14th? You have your perfect muse, and to unravel a new side of your emotions, iHeartRadio comes to your rescue. It has everything within it, to give something upbeat and fun or something slow and romantic, you get everything under the sun to satiate your musical taste buds. It also supports a variety of devices such as Chromecast so music can be streamed to the TV for a better experience. To give a spark to your feelings, the app icon is even a big, giant heart, so you cannot nudge off the musical vibes to connect with your love. For valentine, this app is a perfect radio station to go to.

Download the app

For Android- http://bit.ly/375YlCA

For iOS- https://apps.apple.com/au/app/iheartradio-radio-podcasts/id290638154

4. OpenTable

OpenTable is indeed a perfect medley of fun and table booking. It lets the users to book tables at various restaurants and is a great opportunity to plan on taking your loved one out for a night. With this app users can find restaurants that are in the vicinity and further helps in booking reservations, so you can spend that quality moment with your loved ones. It helps you not to panic at the last moment to find out the tables and make reservations, but everything comes in a well-planned manner.

Download the app

For Android- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opentable&hl=en_AU&gl=US

For iOS- https://apps.apple.com/us/app/opentable/id296581815

5. Blixr- A new ERA of dating

Blixr is a trusted space with the aim of renewing real-world connections. It offers a seamless combination of dating and events app that gives a refreshing touch to the monotonous dating market. With the advent of technology, Blixr helps everyone connect for real via voice and the ethical algorithms, which are anti-superficial, non-addictive & non-invasive. It supports online dating and socializing, which lead to real connections. It focuses on matching people and getting them out to meet! 

6. AVA Byte

Though it is a little unconventional for the people to gift a plan on valentine’s day, but a perfect choice for those who care and love plants and are willing to harvest smart gardens. AVA Byte is an automated indoor smart garden. The IoT-enabled app hardware combo, allows users to grow herbs and small vegetables, with little to no fuss, right on their kitchen counter. Further, users can monitor and control the machine through an app on their mobile phones. So you can GO GREEN on this valentine’s day with an environment friendly approach.

Download the app

For Android- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avabyteapp.avabyte&hl=en_CA 

Love is in the AIR!!!

Valentine’s Day is the greatest excuse in the world to be unabashedly romantic. It gives an opportunity to work on the relations and re-invent them in some way. And this is THE time to think outside the box and give a DIGITAL curve to your romance.

Valentine’s Day is our reminder to stop the boring relationship routines and make special accommodation to make the ones we love a priority for a few hours.

The Bottom Line

Amid the pandemic, this day is possibly a more important holiday today than it was in previous years. The past year has been so hard on all of our hearts, and we all have suffered from too much fear and constant bad news. Hence, it would be great to make this year’s Valentine’s Day a day off from all the negativity.

Celebrate this Valentine’s day digitally this year and reconnect and be more socially involved with the people that matter most to you. 

Get in touch with us to give a DIGITAL twist to your love-life!

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