4 Oct 2017

Top 8 Tips To Get Perfect Ui For Your Mobile App

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When I look at a mobile app, much before the app concept the aspect which catches my attention instantly is only the app look and feel, in the more technical form the app UI. You would be amazed to know that the app UI is one of the major reasons behind your apps’ success and failure. Your app UI works as a window, through which your targeted users peep-through the app usability and decide whether your app is a way to proceed with or not.

Expecting users to accept your app with open hands, can only be possible if your app also helps WOW to get released from your users’ lips. It is indeed not a tough job to acquire, but can be an easier journey only if you abide by certain tips. I have compiled together the top 8 tips to get a perfect UI for your mobile app, in this writing today, and would appreciate if you all can read it along with me, to make a phenomenal change in your app to help it gain further success…

  • Remain Constant With Your App Goal

A mobile app can be developed for any industry and services, but has one aim only to add the convenience factor further to your business, so users can access the services without facing any struggle. The app concept can have a larger number of features and functionalities as a part of it, but the app must not dictate the different flavors, it would only make the app concept unclear to your users.  Initiate with one goal and remain stick to it until the end.

  • Simplicity Is The Key

A mobile app is developed for the humans, so don’t let your over-creativity creating ambiguity amongst the users. If your mobile app serves 1 red button for rejection in one screen, so it must remain the red button till the end screen of the app for rejection, don’t confuse the users by integrating different colors, shapes, and fonts on every screen. You should know that users are never going to use the manual to access your mobile app, so shun the ambiguity in your app, by keeping it as simple as possible.

  • Be Easy Going

Many times when I access the mobile app, I select some undesirable action unintentionally, and later regret, as a result I try to keep avoiding the usage of that particular action or play extra careful, but I know this is not a helpful move if I would be in hurry someday. So don’t let your users suffer, you need to keep it in your mind that app UI must offer a flexible approach and must allow the users to reverse that action.

  • Pick Words and Fonts Carefully

Your mobile app has the relevant content to guide the users further for any action. The text of those directions plays a vital role in the mobile app and save the every possible confusion to occur at this stage. You have to understand that users prefer what, and what they are more comfortable with. Keep the familiar words ‘Home’ ‘Back’ and ‘Exit’ are some of the examples, which users are able to understand easily, so replacing them with some different words is not an ideal option for your mobile app.

Also, the font style you pick for your app marks a huge deal. A mobile app is developed for different devices, so your choice of the mobile app must be appropriate, which is easy to read and complements the style of your UI.

  • Navigation Matters

As I have mentioned above a mobile app is for the convenience of the users, so the user’s navigation through the mobile app must be fast and smooth, with the compete guiding buttons, so users can find what they are looking for with an ease.

  • Reusability Must Be There

There are many stages in your app, wherein your users have to feed certain details, ensure your mobile app supports a system wherein the details uploaded by the users, are saved, so if the users need to fill the details again, they need not type again. This step is very significant for your mobile app, and if your users need to fill the data, again and again, it irks them further.

  • Color Scheme

This is the aspect, which attracts the users when they first open the mobile app. Eventually, colors work on the psychology of your users and help them to get connected with your mobile app. In order to win over your customers, you need to pick the color scheme very smartly and it should not be a random decision, you need to pick the color scheme, depending on the users’ location, app concept, and the users’ preference as well. This would help you find the right mixture of colors to match your app’s style.

  • Pick Icons Carefully

App icons are the significant part of the mobile app, and they hold a significant relevance in developing the successful mobile app. The app icons create a great impact for the overall mobile app, there are different types of icons :

  • App Icons – for app representation
  • Clarifying Icons – for explaining certain tasks
  • Interactive Icons – for navigation purpose only
  • Decorative Icons – for alluring look

Indeed, these are some of the essentials to be included in your app UI to make it a perfect combination to get along with the app success. But obviously your creativity and innovative approach take a final thought here, and you must think out-of-the-box to allure a larger user base. and the name is Techugo- a Mobile App Development Company, which has a team of experts to handle your app requirement and has delivered some of the top ranking mobile apps across the globe.

You can get in touch with the Techugo team to discuss further your business requirement and get a better insight of your app requirement.

Until next time, I come with one more sizzling technology infused wrong….just keep reading and as always keep yourself tech-updated…

You can reach Techugo team at:

Skype: aks141
Skype: ankit.techugo

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