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17 Jul 2017

Top Android App Development Challenges

The Android app development platform is a vast platform no doubt and has a lot more to offer, be it in device, functionality, and the platform itself. We all want a more stable and successful path for our respective business domains, but as there have been always a set of pros and cons existing for every business side, so an Android platform too has. For a client it sounds very easy to pick an Android app platform, and to get it fixed to run smoothly on the app stores and is just a matter of few weeks, but have you ever stopped and thought, that there could be a number of challenges to incorporate the successful android development strategies. Android altogether is a perfect blend of the best possible opportunities to explore the innovation and creativity further, but there are a number of challenges which somewhat are disturbing and slow down the progress of android app development. So today we have compiled the number of challenges faced in the Android app development by the Android app developers. So let’s read further to understand the pain every Android app developer goes through…stay hooked and get yourself an Android challenges treat…

Android App Development Benefits

It is worth to mention that Android apps come with a variety of options and fit the war of preferences from every angle. Various clients across the globe prefer to adopt the Android platform as their app platform, and the variety of benefits which Android has to offer, are tempting enough to catch the attention of Android lovers. If you are thinking what are those benefits, which make Android a perfect platform, so here is some information for you:

  • Low Investment
  • Easy to customize
  • Multi-network distribution

And many more, but yet there are numbers of challenges faced by the Android developers, which are not avoidable. So please read further to know the challenges of Android app development platform…

  • Uncommon User Interface

It is hard to believe, but Android does not let the developers follow a common UI process in the Android app development process, which makes the certain Android applications not to function well on the certain Android devices, so as an Android developer, you need to ensure that every Android mobile app is built with responsive layout.

  • Software Fragmentation Issue

It is not unknown to us that Android devices come with different Android operating systems, which make it tumultuous for the developers to keep a pace with different options available on the Android platform. Android app developers find it hard to focus on one particular Android version, consequently they pick the latest version, which does not suffice the need, since there is a chance that only a limited number of Android users have the new Android version, and as a result the mobile app may fail to reach the larger audience and make the mobile app popular as expected. Also, the device upgradation has a lot more to do with phone manufacturers, so users have really a less role to play in here.

  • Mobile Devices

When you go to market, to buy a new Smartphone, luckily there is a huge deal to pick from the available Android platform mobile devices, but this variety of mobile devices create a havoc of problems for the Android developers, because they have to deal with the different size and resolution, and they have to cross check their developed mobile app on different Android devices, so the app would not fail to perform well on major Smartphone and tablet available in the market.

  • Security Concerns

Being compared to iOS, the Android has a very lax attitude towards the guidelines for app development, which gives a boost to malware to affect Google Play effortlessly. Also, due to the variety of mobile devices available, make it difficult for the developers to deal with the malware on different devices at once, which leads to Android apps open to a myriad of security risks.

  • Android Features Patent

There can be numerous incidents, when your client approaches you with a mobile app concept with a so and so mobile app feature, which they also want to incorporate in their respective mobile apps. But actually, there lies a risk within incorporating the innovative features from other mobile apps because there can be a chance that the said feature is already patented and trying to grab it in your mobile app, would land you in the legal trouble.

  • Market Research Cost

It would be wrong to say that, it is way too easy for the Android mobile apps to get acknowledged on the Android platform, but actually it is not the easiest process, rather a difficult journey to get you mobile app get known on the Google Play store, due to the large number of pre-existing mobile apps on the Google store, makes the competition tougher for your mobile app to carve a niche. You need to do a thorough research on the user-behavior, market demand, acquisition rate, and many other required aspects to market your mobile app, so it can be a perfect blend of the user’s and the market’s need. Worth to mention this process is time and cost consuming, which would help your mobile app to be intuitive and visually appealing to catch the user’s attention.

I really hope the above-mentioned challenges in the Android platform, would not scare you, but would help you to get a better app development scope for your Android app development process, but you always need a top mobile app development company to address your Android app development requirements in an efficient way, which can absorb these challenges so well and give you a successful mobile app output, so concentrating on your Android app development requirements, I believe Techugo- a mobile app development company is the perfect answer for your app development requirements, since they have the required experience and exposure of catering the various successful mobile apps to different industry verticals across the globe.

If you want to get in touch with the Techugo team, then you don’t need to worry, we are merely a call away from you, you can simply get in touch with our team to know more about your app requirements. We assure the discussion would help you gain a better insight of your app requirements.

You can reach us at:
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