Flutter 1.0

13 Dec 2018

Top Announcements From Flutter 1.0

Google announced the open-source mobile app development SDK in May 2017, which aimed to create apps for both Android and iOS and undeniably it garnered the attention of massive audience base across the globe via its convenience and creative approach.

This led the tech-giant to not to sit down on its laurels and go step further with the Flutter 1.0.

Yes, in the recent Flutter live even, Google has made some of the most awaited and stable launches of Google’s UI toolkit, which would further help in building attractive native User Experiences for the cross-platform mobile apps by utilizing the single codebase.

We all know that before receiving this stable launch, Google had released six previews, to ensure that no chance of glitch to be experienced through its popular platform. It is expected that with Flutter 1.0, Google will resolve the issues pertaining to cross-platform app development.

What Is Flutter?

Although, it is highly impossible that no one knows about the Flutter, yet before initiating our journey to help you comprehend, let’s learn what is Flutter?

Eventually, Flutter has implemented the SDK for both iOS and Android platforms, and this very advantage has led many popular brands like Alibaba, Philips Hue, and many more to pick the Flutter technology.

Indeed, Flutter is the new way to develop scalable apps for Android, iOS and many other platforms as well, efficiently. The very spectrum offered by Flutter, lets you build the native apps. The language used for the development of Flutter is the Dart language, which is easy to learn and lets the different spectacular benefits to be associated with the Flutter platform.

One of the most striking features of Flutter is, that it allows the developers to create apps for Android and iOS with the same codebase and this very convenience has eliminated oodles of confusion and the pain of writing the code for both the platforms separately.

Further, it lets the developers utilize the Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, and IntelliJ to attain the optimal tools for the Flutter.

Indeed, these many features have already captured the attention of top mobile app development companies  and have created the environment for the developers to get eye-pleasing mobile apps while using the single code base with the help of Flutter technology.

Now let’s understand further that what more is there in Flutter 1.0 launch, with this post further…

Flutter 1.0: The Stable Launch

Google had already received a tremendous response from the worldwide developer community by announcing the first beta version of Flutter, nearly 10 months ago, and surprisingly since then, a huge number of successful apps on Apple and Google Play Store and many designers are taking this opportunity to make more interactive designs.

Square Brings In-App Payments

The Flutter has brought this time two new SDKs by Square- a most popular payment service, which aims to make the acceptance of payments as an easier aspect, for someone who is making or accepting the payment through the app portal.


Also, the 2-Dimensions have announced the instant availability of Flare, which is an incredible tool, helping the designers to make impressive vector animations. As a designer, you can insert the Flare into the Flutter directly and control the code. Also, now designers can create all designs in one app only and no need to build an animation in other. This very technology would ease down the designing process.

There are bigger advantages associated with the Flare technology, where designers can embed it in the existing Flutter app as a widget. Also, it helps the text with graphics and UI widgets. It further assists in sending the notifications directly to Slack for build status.

Codemagic Announced By Nevercode

Google has found a partner Nevercode, letting the regular integration and delivery tools for the mobile apps and further, it has announced the Codemagic, which is a specially designed tool for the Flutter, improving the automation, development, and packaging of Flutter apps for cross-platform development utilizing a single automation.

However, now Codemagic is available in the beta version and can be chosen from a GitHub repo. It lets other advantages to develop a build flow, which further helps to run the tests, and let the binary app bundles created to be uploaded on both the main app stores.

Dart 2.1 Version

Flutter is written on the Dart language and with the Flutter 1.0, the Dart 2.1 has also made an entry.

With this, all new Dart, the UX productivity of the app is surely going to surge, as it supports the new language features. As suggested by Google, there will be a new addition of a couple of new features for the preview version, before the next release in February 2019.

Google Maps And Webview For Flutter

Now with this new Flutter release, the Google Maps and WebView can be accessed, but one thing to remember is that it is still in the developer previews and are not stable as of yet.

Flutter For The Web And Beyond

We all know that Flutter has already talked about the Flutter for the Web, and with this release, it has turned out to be Hummingbird.

The very best aspect of this technology is this not just runs Flutter run on mobile (Android/iOS) devices, but will also run it on the desktop, embedded systems and now, the web.

Not only that, the entire Flutter slideshow at Flutter Live was displayed with a Flutter desktop application!

Future of Flutter

Congratulations! Now Flutter is much stable and now can give a number of opportunities to the users to experiment and make it bigger in the development domain.

Albeit, Google Team has committed to sharing more details related to Hummingbird in Google I/O 2019, which clearly means that in another five months we will have a much robust mechanism of Flutter on the web.

Also, it is expected that Flutter would unify the development thread for all and sooner Flutter would one day get a better tool than Android Studio or VSCode and attain its own IDE.

Don’t wait anymore, and simply get started with Flutter at flutter.io today!




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