2 Dec 2020

Top Industry Sectors That Will Be Benefiting From The App Revolution In 2021!

App Revolution

Could you predict anything about 2020?

No, am not hinting at the ‘Contagion’ movie, having striking similarities to COVID-19 (pardon me for the sudden pun, it was unintended thoroughly.

Well, on a serious note, no one could have predicted where 2020 would take us.

Almost 10 months’ journey, which is likely to continue further, have produced more digital transformation than the last decade. And every transformation has paved a way for businesses to shift towards the digital curve and attain benefits out of it.

As every dark cloud has a silver lining, so with the pandemic it lied within the technology bucket, changing both the trajectory and the velocity of digital transformation. And it is likely to sweep into 2021 as well.

But hey wait, what does this mean?

Will technologies jolt the businesses for a promising tomorrow in 2021?

Well, the future is unpredictable largely, and time will tell which new technology would carry the baton in 2021. As of now, here are predictions made for top industry sectors that would emerge as a winner via digital twirl.

Let’s catch this read to see which industry sectors would gain momentum with ever-rising app technology…


During COVID-19 time, we all have witnessed how health trends have taken the front seat for everyone across the globe. Amid the chaos, where this nutty virus gripped the world, medical transformations accelerated the growth and acceptance of remote health monitoring and virtual care. In the coming year, the holistic digital transformation of the healthcare system, through the means of telemedicine, AI, or Cloud computing, tracing app, or data management software would peak exponentially.

Banking & Finance

Digital bank, is no more an alien term for any of us, as the pandemic hit has already led us to the digital passage, making digital banking mainstream. Be it blockchain, AI, eWallets, Big-data, among many others, there seems to be no doubt that fintech innovation will change the way we bank in the near future.

Grocery shopping

A report shared by Statista suggests; online grocery shopping in the U.S. will be reaching 59.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2023!

The pandemic impact was not limited to one sector, but every, and out of all, the grocery shopping faced the brunt of this vicious virus outbreak. Before we knew or could realize it, we were no more able to take excursions to the supermarket or wandered the aisles searching for obscure items to get the best deal. But for our rescue app technology came into the scene, and brought the flavorful digital ordering applications. It made buying groceries just a touch and click away. As we move into 2021, we can expect to see more consumers doing online grocery shopping with a more engaging voice tech trend. Just keep watching there is going to be A LOT then you ever imagined before.

Travel & Tourism

The post-pandemic world is likely to give a boost to travel and tourism, as people would be looking forward to healing from mental trauma. But you cannot deny that travel would not be similar as it used to be. To make the most out of the travel considering the safety guidelines, the app technology would bring a sigh of relief. The technologies like AR would give travelers a look and feel of the safety measures taken within the hotel and travel destinations. Further, with the app, tourists will get the choice to practice social distancing while handling everything with a digital presence.

Real Estate

Over the period, real estate has garnered distinctive attention, and credit goes to app technology. This led to every type of property queries, concerns, and virtual tours to take place from one single point. And this could only be made possible with the integration of technologies that bring an extra flavor of trends. In the post-pandemic world, this sector would take the maximum benefits out of the app technology, as it will create a bubble for the potential buyers and sellers to carry out their required actions. Be it AR/VR or any other technological advancement, there will be dedicated technologies elevating the customer experience to another level.


Mobile apps and the retail industry, this is one of the most beautiful combos, that cannot be beaten off. Since the COIVD-19 invasion, the online shopping concept is the new NORM, everyone around us is savoring. It has made it very clear that retail has transformed into highly internet-driven. The physical stores have embraced this digital era to be IN trend, and help their customers to continue shopping with them. In the coming years, this trend would grow strong than ever before. Bigger brands and SMEs would join the A-List to stay in the glow with this latest technology trend.

The year 2020 was full of disturbing elements, left most of us gaping in amazement. In such a tumultuous environment, it turns out to be strange to make predictions about 2021. But amid this chaos one thing is clear, technology has brought every business to an axis point, where they can cater to their targeted audience base in not time while easing down the road for them.

Food for thought

Well, tech trends may fluctuate, what is more, essential here is to give your customers a unique experience through the means of cutting-edge technology.

From healthcare to education to entertainment to manufacturing, app technology is stepping forward to mark a revolution in every possible sector. So if your startup or business willing to excel through a disruptive idea and get a flawless mobile app. Then you are at the right place.

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