30 Mar 2020
Updated on April 28th, 2020

Top Predictions And Trends For The App Development In 2020!

App Development

The mobile app market will accelerate to 15.2 billion app downloads by 2023!

This statistical figure is quite promising. And it clearly hints at the opportunities, business leaders must focus on to make the most of this fast-growing segment.

We are living in the digital space, where accessing services on the fingertips, is no more a huge deal!

It is due to the rapid trends in the app development which forces businesses to remain updated to these changes.

Is it really that necessary?

For a successful business owner, the importance of updating and improvising with time is beyond imagination!

Regular updates help a business survive market demands!

Therefore, it is very much apparent for business owners to focus on the latest trends that are going to rise in the near future. And further embrace them to cater to the requirement of their respective audience base.

And trust me this is the only way to win the battle and come over the obstacles of competition.

Technical trends and their impact

Due to the new mobile application development trends, the businesses have been able to create a stunning online presence. This has brought a paradigm shift in its revenue goal cycle and introduced new profits in their online market

76% of the users have identified poor app performance as one of the most troubling reasons to uninstall the app.

Do you know how you can survive your business app?

This can only be mare possible, once there is the successful integration of the latest technological advancements and trends!

The trending technologies and trends, help your mobile app to improve the performance, and keep your users engaged!

However, there is not just one but multiple trends, that are hoping to make your online presence grow stronger.

Hmmm, any idea about technology trends?

Don’t whine about it peeps, with this post we’ve got it covered for you. Just take a plunge into the technical broth with us, and help your users stay GLUED forever.

Chatbots are here to rock!

Do you need an introduction to Chatbots?

A chatbot is the most picked technology in the current app development spectrum!

With the help of this very engaging technology, the application development has turned engaging and effective as well. The working mechanism of chatbots lets businesses to collect all the information. And this can be made possible without any human intervention.

Chatbots help in ensuring quality service and is a blessing for eCommerce apps, reducing cost and time greatly.

Also, it is an incredible tool to address the on-demand services, where users can order, pay, return, and do many other actions with just one click. It is suggested, that 2020, will be ruled by Chatbots, in every possible industry and business around us.

And with time, they would grow more capable of learning new things and providing much- engaged actions.

Beacon for all

Hmm, how can this post go without the mention of Beacon technology. It is not just one of the most emerging technologies but also has elevated the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals.

This very technology is gaining high popularity among different industries like healthcare, hospitality, museums, etc. And it has paved a way for the futuristic technology, revolutionizing different sectors.

Blockchain for smarter data storage

Blockchain is one of the most effective methods of collective data storage. There are so many computers in this world today, storing information in the largest possible pool.

However, the info stored is not in one place, but at different destinations, making data vulnerable to security theft.

This is where Blockchain comes into play, as it is the perfect amalgamation highly valued security measure. This helps the businesses to practice, a high level of security by having the transactions without any intermediaries.

All the transactions are verified, and they rely on the complex algorithm even with a large number of computers.

Eventually, many banks have started to use the Blockchain in their systems to increase security and protect their valuable data.

5G Wireless is the future

Yeah, as the heading suggests, this is the fact every mobile app and device is looking forward to. It is expected to make an entry into the world of mobile app devleopent and will elevate the performance to another level.

That roughly counts to be 100 times faster than the current 4G network!


Indeed it is the FUTURE!


Ever heard of Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)?

Well, these are the new kids on the block and are already rocking the world of enterprise mobile app development.

If you want to that how these help your app, then let me take you on a quick tour…

When an app faces the slow performance brunt ad snags. The APM tool helps in resolving and boosting the app’s performance chart.

For a QA checkmark, this tool is nothing but a blessing.

On the other hand, EMM works solely on the security structure of a mobile device, used by employees. It helps the smooth transition of data and application exchange over different mobile devices.


AR(Augmented Reality) & VR(Virtual Reality) are one of the most interactive, simple and fast application development trends. Many businesses have adopted these new trends, to stay atop of the competition and grow.

Did I mention, the immersive filters and features these two technologies have got to offer?

If you are yet to experience the AR/VR effect on your business, then you must integrate them further in our business app. Further, these two technologies help your marketers to reach their target audiences effectively.

To conclude, it can be stated that, these spectacular trends in mind while app development; you are surely going to pull away the clog button of the revenue funnel.

Are you finding it hard to get one efficient app builder?

Don’t worry, we have got it covered for you. Techugo is the most engaging application development companies, dedicated to offering tailored services according to your needs.

We are solving different tech solutions for all businesses across the globe. Reach us today to secure your FREE 30 min and help your business to flourish ahead.

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