17 Sep 2019
Updated on September 12th, 2022

Top Reasons Why You Won’t Be Able To Resist The Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

If you are a tech enthusiast just like me, then you too must be in a phase of super excitement, after witnessing the Apple’s Mega iPhone Event, held in Cupertino. From the Apple Arcade to the launch of Apple TV+, everything must be in a race to grab your attention.

But do you know which part caught my eye? Well, it is the launch of the latest version of Apple’s smartwatch, Apple Watch Series 5.

The moment when the heart-warming video of the clients’ testimonials came out, Tim Cook was not the only whose heart wanted to sing. It was hands down, an extremely emotional video. Users were sharing their personal experiences. From how the watch helped a pregnant lady in need of an emergency C-section to the alerts about the early signs of a heart attack. The Cupertino based tech giant also laid special focus on how it will achieve a huge landmark in the field of health research.

I must say that I was highly impressed. For a long time, I have had a different opinion about the Apple Watch. For me, it was a little too thick and a little too heavy. Here let’s add a list of things that I hated about it, like the over the top luxurious aspect of it, or the short battery life. Basically, for me, it was of no good use. Hence, I never had the urge to spend any of my dollar bills on it.

But, the things finally changed after the Apple Mega iPhone Event, that took place last Tuesday. Now, I seriously want one.

Are you thinking about my sudden shift?

Well, let me just start by saying that Apple has still not solved the ‘weight problem’, but still I am eagerly waiting for Apple Watch Series 5. Because now it has inculcated a lot of extra valuable decorations, that pushed me towards the direction of buying one for myself. Yes, some of the added features were also present in previous versions. But I am more excited about this all-in-one brand new box.

From a person who completely avoided any conversation regarding this fancy smartwatch, I became the one rooting for the same. Want to know what inspired this change?

Well, below mentioned are the major reasons why anyone won’t be able to resist it. So shall we begin the process of unveiling the features of this brand new smartwatch?

  1. Compass Function

The first thing that you will see in the Series 5 is the direction. And the complete credit goes to the new built-in compass app. And also the watch face complications. In addition to this, it also shows incline, longitude, latitude, and last but not the least, current elevation. On one hand, it saves you from pulling your phone out of your pocket, and on the other, it guides you in the right direction. Still I think that the company must have included this feature long ago. Well, better late than sorry!

  1. Life-Saving Benefits

I already have told you about the clients’ testimonial right? It indeed left a huge impact the people all over the globe. Its EGC feature or the fall detection feature known as 911 alerted them in their need of the hour. It was very moving. Since such emergencies pop up without any warning, it is great to have a watch that has an automatic warning system.

  1. Always On Display

It might seem minor, but it has its own benefits. It guides you to carry on with the normal functioning of your daily routine tasks.

  1. Activity Trends

It provides you an Activity Trend feature, that tells you if you are doing better, in terms of maintaining your physical health. It points you out if you are slacking off. Which I can definitely make the most of.

  1. GPS and Barometric Altimeter

It comes in handy, especially in ways like guiding you during your long bike rides. It also tells you about how much verticle ascent and descent has been covered.

  1. Noise Alerts 

So if you too live in an area where noise pollution is prominent all day long, then for you Apple Watch Series 5 definitely a great asset.


Now I am sure that these features must have tempted you to book one for yourself. Isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself, today!

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