8 Feb 2019
Updated on May 8th, 2019

How To Transform Your Business Into A Brand?


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In this competitive marketing industry, an effective brand strategy gives you a major edge and takes your business toward success. But what exactly does the term “branding” mean?

Branding can be defined as the process which involves creating a unique name and image for the product in your customer’s mind through advertising campaigns.

Always remember, your brand is a commitment you show to your customers.

It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and how it is different from that of your competitors.

Now there are many questions marketers might ask about branding, but the major question to ask will be what Brand Identity is exactly?

So lemme explain…

A brand identity is a document that provides a profound guide for companies, agencies and brand partners of your business to show how your brand is presented across the different online platforms. It also provides them an example case as to show them how to apply these guidelines.

Moreover, it’s not just enough to create a strong brand identity; you also need to ensure that everyone in your company is clear on exactly how that identity is to be projected to the outside world. Brand identity is very important in branding.

Simply, the brand identity is the way you represent your product, service or business to the world and isn’t that the thing on which your whole business depends upon. The better is the projection of your brand in the market the more successful and stable is your business.

It includes all the parameters that make up your brand, it’s name, logo, images, web presence and tone of voice. The fact is that how your brand identity is perceived by others reflects your brand image.

There are various steps involved in creating a brand identity. Building a brand identity is not an easy task. You need to have a solid foundation, flexibility, and identity grounded in your roots. It is a very tedious process. It requires deep thinking and foresight, but the results are well worth it.

So my lovely readers, branding does not happen out of a fluke, but it is a process which needs to be accomplished by following Step-by-Step guide to create your brand identity, and the process involves many steps.

By creating the brand identity you have a better chance of being seen as a stable, reliable and trustworthy organization. So, now that you know what brand identity is precisely and why it’s important, you need to know how to create a brand identity that sets out exactly how your identity should be used and projected.

Indicate The Purpose of Writing

The first step in creating brand guidelines is to define what your business or brand is all about. The questions to be answered during this are:

  • How do you differ from the other competitors – in simple words, what’s your unique selling point (USP)?
  • What kind of image do you want to project?
  • What do you stand for (i.e. what are your core values)?
  • How do you want to be perceived by the customers?

Thus, by creating a concise paragraph or points in a list at the beginning of your guidelines, you can make sure that everyone in the organization sees ‘the bigger picture’.

Grab And Create A Vision Of How Your Branding Can Be Utilized

It’s obvious that every company invests a lot in its branding, designing and brand identity and so must have you.  Your brand guidelines provide you a chance to show exactly how you would like each element of your brand identity to be utilized. For example, you can note down detailed rules on acceptable adaptations to your brand’s name and logo.

The name and logo can be used in a wide variety of different contexts, such as:

  • Advertisements and marketing collateral
  • Your website and social media platforms
  • Business cards and emails
  • Other client communications

It generally is necessary to adapt the appearance and layout of the name and logo to suit these different requirements, so think about the acceptable alternative colors, positioning, sizes, and fonts. Also, you should think of the ways in which you don’t want your name and logo to be used and communicated.

Ensure Your Brand Guideline Cover All the Relevant Genres

Your brand identity is not just a business name and logo. While creating your guidelines, think about all the other elements that go into your brand identity. For example, you will also want to include editorial guidelines for all copy and images used on your website, social media posts, and marketing collateral.

Hence, think about how the tone of your branding voice can affect your overall branding. Is your brand more serious and authoritative? Or is it light-hearted and fun-loving? The tone of voice and images are the key to putting across your brand’s identity, so make sure that anyone who develops or edits promotional or marketing content understands exactly what you want to project.

Develop Your Brand Identity In Parallel With Your Business

It is not enough to just know how to create brand guidelines; you also need to make sure that they are reviewed and updated timely to identify any change in brand identity. If you have many brands under your company’s domain, you would also need to consider developing a brand guidelines template/example, so that you can easily replicate the format at the time of need.

Control How Your Brand Guidelines Are Distributed

Finally, while making your guidelines accessible to your employees and anyone else who represents the brand (such as freelancers and agencies), you should also take strong steps to ensure that they stay private and confidential. Make sure to have a password protected access or even a non-disclosure agreement. This is very important if your brand is still in progress and is yet to be launched to the public.

Hence, an effective branding gives you many benefits such as increased brand recognition, ability to retain customers and differentiating yourself from other competition. Thus, contact a leading top mobile app development company, which holds a strong brood of developers, designers and marketers, who are ready to transform your business into a sizzling brand.

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