3 May 2017

How To Trigger App Fizz Before App Launch


Ankit Singh

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App Launch

The mobile apps development is a process, not an event, which includes the sweat and blood of the app development team soaked in your expectations and investment to make your business go bigger with the help of app developed for your business vertical. Thinking of your mobile app not falling onto the success scale, make your stomach literally hurt and you break out in a cold sweat, but swearing on the number of a mobile apps already available in the app market, it gets little risky to get your app acknowledged, since users get enough variety to pick from the app market to satiate their thirst of better app features, functionalities, and technology, making it much harder for the app developers to put their dedicated step forward to craft a unique app for their clients.

App marketing is the sure-shot formula to get your app noticed, to know more about the app marketing take a look at APP MARKETING STRATEGIES

Here we have collected a number of tips, which can help you market the app, much before its launch. Sound exciting, isn’t it? To grab the deal, let’s not waste any other moment and proceed further…

A Splash Page

A splash page is the most significant page of the website, which user notices first before given the option to continue with the main content of the website. This page is created to promote a company, service or product to the users. So the first and the foremost is to create an engaging a splash page for your app, this would help you inculcate the public interest in your app. Many developers have a misconception that a splash page can never do justice with all types of products/services, but actually it is not the fact, regardless of your service’s genre, a splash page certainly draws attention of users to it and work as a road indicator for your app, telling your users to drive further to reach their destination. Albeit, there are a number of features required to be included on the splash page, like device image, basic information about the app’s functionality, what purpose it serves and how users can take help from it. Make sure to write the content very smart and crisp and does not need to brag about your company, but the content should rather give information to your users in a succinct manner with engaging words.

Keep The Users Updated

The best way to get a loyal customer base for your app is, by feeding your users with every single modification or changes occurring in your mobile app, if you think the changes or the modifications to be made are minuscule, yet keep your users updated, this would create an impression on your users that you are way too serious and passionate about your app, and want your users to be a part of your development journey. Simultaneously, participate in forums pertinent to app development and ask your visitors to contribute their ideas or opinions, this would create deeper interest in your app. Try to grab as much as exposure you can by indulging into the app development blogs, which would showcase your app from the initial stages of development. To spark up the excitement further, include a newsletter Sign up in the splash page, letting the visitors take the required information about your app. You would notice by opting for these steps, you would gain a loyal user base for your app much before its launch and the suggestions and the opinions were given would help you improve the user experience further.

App Trailer

I remember I was watching a movie on HBO when in between the break time, I saw the teaser of Conjuring 2 movie, and I searched the first thing on the internet was its releasing date. You wonder, why I have cited an off-the-track example here, so here is the answer: just to remind you something, an engaging teaser for your mobile app, featuring the functionalities it offers, would help you drive a massive user traffic to your app. You can take the help of a professional or if you are good at handling it your own, then give it a shot, but ensure that video quality should be good and must tell the viewers what your app is all about and what purpose it would serve.

You don’t have to fall into the step-by-step video of your entire app, but ensure that it would showcase the major functionalities, which users can relate to. Your video must be engaging enough to make your viewers post in the comment box, inquiring about the release date of the app, in order to achieve it, keep the narration limited with punch-lines and some dash of background music matching the flavor of your app, would suffice the requirement.

Beta Testers

A well-planned invitation to beta testers to test your app would help in many ways. First and the foremost, it would give the required feedback on your app and since the beta testers have a large community, so if they find your app worthy, chances are there, that it can be discussed within their community and would give your app WOMM (word of mouth marketing), much before the official release of your mobile app in the market. To add the further spark, you can offer the promo codes to friends who have significant resources available in the different media channels. The promo code tactic would provoke the users to review your app and get used to it before the launch of it. You can ask for their genuine feedback and you can work upon them.

Content Is the King

It’s not a simple adage, but justifies its existence to every bit of it. The above-mentioned techniques if followed religiously can gain an impressive count of the user base for your app, but if you fail to portray it with the accurate content, then no matter what ways of marketing you choose, but it would never succeed. So make sure that your content for every single technique mentioned above, is unique, short, shouting aloud the features, and most importantly ought to be original. The plagiarized content does not get the acknowledgment on Google analytics making it go down further on the ranking scale. You can hire a professional content writer for your app, but ensure that through your content your users can feel your app and would go exhilarated further to follow your app.

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