6 Feb 2017
Updated on July 20th, 2019

Twitter Fabric Goes Google


Ankit Singh

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The year 2014, encountered a major breakthrough made by Twitter, since Twitter launched Twitter Fabric, for the developers to create enticing mobile apps, and the year 2017 has witnessed much bigger tech news; Google has acquired the Twitter fabric to join its Firebase team.  To explain it further, the Twitter Fabric will have the same products to function, such as ; Fabric, Crashlytics, Answers, and any other related products, the only difference it will mark in the year 2017, will be the name managing them, earlier it was Twitter, and from 2017 it will be Google.

Although, no information on the deal has been made yet, but one factor has been cleared by both of the companies, that the mission of this collaboration is to help the developers, build better apps and understand their users to expand the business opportunities. As far as the Twitter developers are concerned, they will come aboard with Google and during the transition period Twitter will manage and control the Twitter Fabric. You can read more about today’s announcement on Google’s blog.

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