5 Jul 2018
Updated on May 13th, 2022

Unleash The AI Enabled App Marketing Strategies


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App Marketing

The very concept of app marketing is the reason behind many of us to gain information about the concepts and the strategies which were never known before.

The wings of marketing have spread out to an unknown horizon, the more you would look into, the better you would gain the information.

But this is only possible when the keen interest is taken and mixed with the demand and the goal of the business to be met efficiently…but this very demand somehow turns into a stagnant approach faced by the businesses since the possible facets of marketing techniques are usually followed and taken into consideration by every business, which leads to a gap, which needs to be filled.

Most of the times this gap remains unrequited and gets larger with time to create a drain, from where every marketing effort made for your business are flushed off.

I know it sounds scary, but this is the fact you need to survive with, else the marketing techniques instead of getting absorbed and utilized by the businesses get leaked from the sales funnel, impacting no benefits to be experienced from your business.

Alas!!! But this majorly happens with a marketing channel of a business.

How good it would be if the latest technologies which make the app development experience a blessing indeed, could also be targeted into the marketing process as well.

Yes, this is possible…SERIOULSY…???

Yes truly and religiously seriously (a slight dose of healthy PUN!!!)J

Hmmm, so people just to update you that now you can integrate AI technology in your marketing practices, to help it penetrate the concrete wall of users’ expectations.

But how this has to be achieved, that I have scribbled down in my blog piece herewith, and for which I would suggest you to just read ahead…

  • Node- AI System For Lead Generation

How a business survives?

When there is enough number of positive leads, which are ready to turn into successful conversions.

The ultimate goal of a marketer is to find out the best ways to bring out the quality leads for the sales team, but the growing and the tightening trap of competition makes it tougher for the effective lead generation.

Thus, in such situation, AI blooms as the logical step to determine the lead generation strategy through the advanced AI system Node.

Node is indeed one of the greatest tools for lead generation, wherein its systematic mechanism discovers and recommends new potential customers fitting your business and suggests the best and the most effective strategy to close the deal to the marketers & sales team.

  • AI Enabled Advertising

Ever thought how the Good AdWords make a suggestion to you to buy the keyword ad space???

The complete process where the programmed advertising of buying and selling suggestion comes into existence, that is used with the Artificial Intelligence technologies.

It is with the AI technology only that you discover new and the significant advertising channels for your business.

With AI you get the platform to test out the numerous ad platforms to optimize your targeted audience reach.

Artificial Intelligence explores and learns from your users’ browsing history and click on products, order history to comprehend the type of products users would love to buy.

  • AI Takes A Lead With Chatbots

A successful business largely depends on the number of happy customers, which is only achievable when as a proficient marketer you get an insight into the customer’s mind

In this run, Chatbots is a proven strategy to pick set of leads in the marketing, since it offers the impeccable set of customer service, which lets the users interact with your product without a fail.

The integration of AI in the chatbots, lets you analyze the valuable details about your customers.

AI has the unique characteristic which collects the required information from the customers, and which helps in determining the patterns and general problems faced continually by them.

With chatbots, you can avail the data from your users to plan and strategize a better business model for your business needs.

  • Predictions Based On The Data-Driven

The worth of the numbers, data, and facts, can never be ignored since they strategically point out towards the market needs and the changes your business must go through in order to reach satisfactory stats.

But handling this data with a human interface includes the chances for the glitches to occur, but this issue is resolved with the AI integration, wherein the capability to handle a large volume of data gets a meaningful resource to handle its requirements and as a consequence the marketers receive the ability to make data-driven predictions and decisions effortlessly.

Worth to mention that AI creates a connection between the users, companies, and products to come up and meet their specific set of needs.

These are some of the AI integrated features which would help your marketing plan to come into existence and really help your mobile app to turn into a healthy portal for your business to carry out the business goals and revenue target with an ease.

But there is another factor for this succession plan also, which states that you must ensure that you have chosen the right mobile app development company in Australia to help your mobile app to win the game of marketing.


Because a leading mobile app development company would help your mobile app to get filled with the latest technology and the features/ functionalities based on the users’ requirements and fitting the business type, so the mobile app can excel in the field of app market, and can the blues of existing competition in its turf without a fail.

Once your app turns out to be a perfect piece for business needs, the very next step you need to take is to get it promoted through the app marketing ventures.

The marketing would also help your mobile app only when it will be complimenting the features and the functionalities of the mobile app, thus select a leading app development company in Australia and help your mobile app to reach the pinnacle of success with the AI enabled marketing strategies.


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