29 Sep 2020
Updated on December 28th, 2022

Grab a quick look at key features & cost estimation of Video Editing app


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Video Editing app

Video content is a rising star in current digital investment and enables businesses to enhance the traffic 79% more. Well, this all turns into a seamless journey, with the app development technology, enabling video editing a bed of roses for the users.

About 70% of businesses say that their sales figures increased by incorporating video content. And, with 85% of customers relying more on videos to make buying decisions, businesses now need to have a single focus on meeting their customers’ evolving demands as well as enhancing the brand image– Courtesy: HubSpot

Video content is a NEW trend, helping users to give a professional touch to their creative videos, without spending any extra penny. It enables them to capture moments and live views, and follow their passion in the niche of photo and video.

Have we raised your curiosity?

Now, when you are ready to strike the deal with the best video editing app crafted for your business, then reading this post further will bring you a closer look at features and cost estimation to bring your dream into a reality.

Features required to build a video editing app 

build a video editing app

Add Effects & Music

A video is a visual candy for the viewers, but at the same time, you cannot forget how engaging it turns out to be with a piece of music added to it. therefore, don’t miss to let your users add the music effects to make the interactive videos. Your app must give them an option to add music and their favorite soundtracks to enhance the flavor of their video. Further, giving them an option to include filters to transform the video will help them to stay inclined towards your app more.

Trim, Crop, and Control

If you have ever tried to utilize a video editing app, then you very well know the worth of further editing required in the video. By including trim and crop feature, users can enhance the video as per their preference. Give them an option to reorder, zoom, rotate photos, and add video clips. Further, ensure to offer an option to your users, where they can select from a number of themes, and design their videos as per their requirements, it can be occasion or moment-based, to give that personalized touch to the users. Also, letting users adjust fonts, filters, and graphics as what fits best into their style, really make them go weak on their knees. 

Save & share videos

The save and share feature is one of the most important features of video editing apps, as it allows the users to save their creativity and further share it with their loved ones. Although, these both features are quite obvious to be added in the video editing app, but what you can do here is giving them an option to save the video in different quality like SD or HD and save it with their friends and family member through different social channels.

Push messages

Push messages aim to notify users and motivate them to use any specific feature or functionality that comes as a new in the video editing app. This feature enables your users to get informed and stay connected with your services at large.

Mix videos

This feature is the trending most, letting two or more videos to be mixed and get the final output as per the need. This helps them to take their creativity to the next level, and they can make videos attractive and add as many as videos they want to increase the oomph factor in the video. 

Change video quality

This feature lets users utilize the HD quality, and get the best quality videos with an enriching experience. Give them an option to include SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition), your feature gives them an option to switch the mode of video qualities as per their convenience. To deliver the outstanding video experience, just allow them to watch in Ultra HD or 4K quality.

Create movies

With this feature, it becomes easy for the users to make tempting and realistic videos, as it allows users to select some pictures from the phone library and use them further within a video. It is a great tool for helping users to combine every valuable memory in one place and bring the best out of their gallery.

How much does it cost to make a video editing app?

 make a video editing app

Well, well, well, the cost has always been a matter of CONCERN, for a business owner, and that is quite logical as well. I am not gonna judge you on that question (pun intended)

However, to answer that question, actually needs a spine, as there is no PERFECT answer given to it unless the concept of the app is assessed and analyzed deeply.

The development process requires many different factors to come along and these factors can increase the app cost as well. It can be your choice of developers, technology, OS, features, functionalities, and a lot of many things, that create an abstract jumble to decide the cost. However, to offer you a precised version, that cost can vary from 40k to 70k USD, and can even go much beyond this as well.

Henceforth, if you want to get the ACCURATE numerical numbers, then you need to share your concept to get the hours and cost to be consumed in your project.

Final thoughts

To create a scalable video editing app that consists of robust features, requires a great deal of research, understanding, and analysis, to bring out a product that is different from its competitors. To help you create an awe-inspiring app with incredibly engaging features, we’re here to help you. If you have got a video editing app idea, then you can cross-verify it with us as we’re a leading mobile application development company.

If you have any queries about app development feel free to give us a call. We would love to answer everything under the sun related to app development.



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