6 Feb 2019
Updated on July 20th, 2019

Can Virtual Reality Affect Mobile App’s UI/UX?

Mobile Apps UIUX

On hearing the term trending technologies, something gets unlocked within our mind, and all the creative shots of Steven Spielberg’s movie flick started to gather.

I am sure many of you out there, must be getting a sudden adrenaline rush on reading the very first line of this post, which makes you travel to space, where you can experience the facial recognition or retina recognition, or the much advanced technological trends through an app.

I too got it

Well, on hopping back to my main topic, I would like to state that the fascination created by sci-fi movies got real, with the advent of technology, where the super advanced technology has grown extremely dominant and widespread, that not a single industry or the business is left untouched of latest trends in technology turf.

Surprisingly, today there is a strong impact on the smartphones in our day to day lives and we all are heavily dependent on mobile phones to a large extent. However, this very deep incorporation mobiles within our day-to-day lives have grown further rooted with the app technology, which today is carrying the baton of recognition and identity for every business.

The Advent Of Futuristic Technology

The very mention of futuristic, makes you believe the next-gen technology happily engulfing the business and the services around while promising an out of the world experience.

In this run, one futuristic technology, which is capturing the attention of the users and helping them to evolve with an incredible user-experience, and that is none other than Virtual Reality (VR).

What Is Virtual Reality?

Indeed, it is the best-out product of users’ requirements and helps the services to the users, with an experience of the fictional possibility of imaginations. It simply UPS the game of engaging computer-generated experience, while creating a simulated ambiance, which is going to be further enhanced with auditory, visual and several other characteristics.

Undeniably, the rise in the Virtual reality (VR) has turned massive due to the app technology, which has helped VR to reach every user and access the technology. The latest VR enabled gadgets, such as Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, and Samsung Gear to name a few, have helped the users to access the technology, though some of the most popular VR headsets.

This has helped many out there, to easily access the VR technology and increase the popularity of VR amongst the users.

The Connection Between VR And Mobile Devices

It is much evident, that Virtual reality (VR) relies on mobile devices and builds a strong relationship. The constantly evolving nature of mobile technology has created a platform for the VR  technology, which is letting a feasible environment to be created for the users, through which much seamless user experience is created.


It might sound odd to some of you, but actually, UI/UX, get largely affected by the VR technology, and if integrated well, can change the game of user-interaction completely.

Read further with this post…


Get Improved, Faster & Stronger Mobile Systems

The virtual reality (VR) has a much greater demand in the hardware, software, and the operating systems, this only helps to support and facilitate an optimal VR experience.

Hence due to this, it is very crucial to update the operating system (OS) and the device hardware, to ensure that hardware is powerful enough to support the VR.

Also, this further helps in retaining and maintaining the customers. Remember, if your app’s UI and UX are poor, your users would abandon the app and move to a better experience offered by a different app.

Improves Performance And Battery

Of course, the battery performance, needs to be considered, when the virtual reality feature becomes a part of your smartphone, as it consumes the battery.

On the other hand, this is also a factor which decides the performance of your app and creates an engaging, smooth and efficient user-experience.

Thus you need to ensure that the battery life of your mobile device should be improved, owing to the heavy performance demand of VR, which leads to massive battery consumption, so the battery life must be improved to get an efficient performance of the VR enabled mobile app.

Cross-Device Experience

The cross-device adaptation is not an option, but a necessity, letting the users to not just get sufficed to a single platform only, as the advent of technology in mobile, is leading to much greater options for the availability of more number of devices such as wearable gadgets, headsets, and other several things.

Therefore, to make a VR laden app work, the cross-device integration should be addressed during the development of an app.

Natural UI/UX Design

As you must have understood the VR relies largely on the creation of the visual world with which the user is familiar and the items that resemble are actually existing real life. Smart devices and VR are now becoming highly prevalent and the skeuomorphism is making a comeback. Thus, the addition of skeuomorphic elements will provide benefits and help in developing a more intuitive UI/UX which will be easy to navigate from one platform to another.

VR technology is here to stay, and will only get evolved with time, to offer the seamless experience to the users, while enjoying the trends of the latest technology trends. However, if you are really looking forward to getting a scalable app solution filled with VR technology, then you need to get yourself associated with a leading mobile app development company , and secure an app solution, which describes your services and the business in a much toned manner, fitting the requirements of the users.

If you are wondering that why am I emphasizing on the experienced app builder, then you must know that an experienced company has the better exposure to streamline your app requirements and make a pace with the latest trends and the technological advancements efficiently.

With this I would bid adieu to you all my lovely readers, just keep watching this space for more technology-filled information to come your way.

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