15 Jun 2023

Voice Search Technology: Significant Impact on Mobile App Development!


Shivani Singh

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80% of smartphone users prefer voice search technology to locate relevant services, products, or information about anything. Instead of typing, they can comfortably speak their queries and receive relevant answers. 

Exciting, right?

Amazon, Microsoft, and various eCommerce apps have already integrated this technology to let us all enhance the ability to search in a streamlined manner. In this modern time, almost every app comes with this feature. The truth is, to beat the competition, you must enable this essential tech in your app. 

Want to learn more?

The post is all about voice search technology, so ensure to get a complete insight. 

Voice Search Technology is Vital Today!

No, denying that voice search technology has significantly transformed the digital ecosystem. Read these facts to know more: 

  • According to the forecast, the market size for voice search technology can reach 27.16 billion dollars by the end of 2026. 
  • More than 20% of searches on Google are done using voice search.
  • Voice search shopping is expected to reach $40 billion. 
  • The number of voice assistant users can grow to 125.2 million in 2023. 
  • Voice search results can load faster by 52% than the average search results. 
  • Among people worldwide, 68% use digital assistants to locate quick facts.
  • The 18-34 age group uses voice search the most. 

That’s not it!

Even Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are planning to introduce voice search to their apps for users to get an enhanced experience.  

Why Must Voice Search Technology Integration in Mobile Apps?

Several times, we switch from Spotify to our intelligent home speakers while listening to our favorite song via voice command. Isn’t it a dynamicity of the voice command? 

But wait!

Multiple reasons here will explain why voice search technology is a must-have. 

Unlock the Potential with Voice Search

  • AI Amalgamation

If we compare other technologies, voice search takes the most attention as it is improving every day with the amalgamation of AI. Today, businesses of all domains invest in this technology for enhanced mobile app utilization. 

  • Assistance

Not only adults for the convenience it provides but also disabled and aged people use it to search effortlessly. It is true that voice research technology turns out to be the best assistance for people of every group, gender, and age. 

  • Easy and Convenient 

Instead of putting a full stop to the ongoing work, users can do voice searches while they are cooking, driving, working, or involved in any other activities. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

People can access an easy and convenient technology that only saves them time and add more to their comfort. 

  • Modern Need

While searching things around via typing becomes conventional, voice search becomes a modern need. That’s why healthcare apps are also introducing voice-assistant chatbots to let patients connect with their doctors seamlessly and get the perfect medication. 

  • Multiple Languages

There is no limit to how many languages you want to add. You can add as many languages as possible and provide a multilingual format for users to find the data in their native languages. Entrepreneurs can reach consumers of all groups while integrating multiple languages in Votek technology with the help of a top app development company in UAE

Why do Users love to Use Voice Search?

After figuring out the robustness of Voice Search, let’s learn what compels users to make the most of this tech. So, let’s get started!

Voice recognition technology

  • Enhanced Security

Voice search technology has taken security to another level because it uses a person’s unique voiceprint to verify their identity, which is far more secure than other recognition and authentication methods. Unlike biometric security, there will be zero possibility of accessing your data by a third party using your voiceprint. 

Does it make sense?

You should connect with the top fintech app development company to witness the magic of voice search technology. 

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  • Fast Search

As people have busy schedules, no one wants to waste even a few seconds searching for the relevant thing by typing. 

So, what’s the best solution? None other than the voice search. We will have accurate results instantly, so what could be better than this? Even entertainment apps like Amazon Prime prefer voice search integration for users to binge-watch their favorite series, dramas, movies, etc. 

  • Ease of Access

Android and iOS have a compatible voice assistant that lets the user manage every task seamlessly with just commands. Whether about phone calls or booking tickets, voice recognition technology can ease everything. Consider React native app development to build a voice assistant app for Android and iOS. 

  • Increased Productivity

As the hassle in daily activities gets reduced, users can take productivity to a new level. Notably, it aids users when they are left with no time or are too tired to switch on the TV or lock the door. IoT enabled voice-assistants have indeed left a positive impact on us. 

Ways to integrate voice search technology in mobile app development!

Let’s move to this part!

You must need third-party SDKs and deployment models to integrate voice search technology into your mobile app. Explore these two SDKs and development tools that will help you in voice search technology. 

SDKs and Development Tools

  • Cloud Model

Compared to the embedded model, the cloud model is easy to integrate. It only needs an internet connection for users to access and apply voice search features on their mobile devices. 

Another winning point of this model is that it decreases the data load when you fully optimize the features and functionalities of technology. 

  • Embedded Model

For specific regions where the internet connection is unstable, you can use an embedded model. It ensures that users can access the data without being connected to the internet. However, you need the assistance of a leading mobile app development company in Dubai to integrate this model because they will select an SDK from all options provided below: 

  • SAP Conversational AI

SAP features can let you indulge with your customers via messages. Also, it is available for multiple channels.

  • Rasa Open Source

If you want to create an end-to-end voice search solution, this Python-based framework can be a better help. 

  • Aimylogic

Developers can seamlessly create chatbots and voice assistants for natural language communication for businesses to communicate with customers. 

  • Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API

You will get 100+ voices from 120 languages for your app when you prefer this SDK and synthesis of natural-sounding speech in apps.

  • Aimybox

With minimal steps, you can integrate Aimybox and create a virtual voice assistant for your mobile app, robots, and smart devices. 


You can customize your needs with the kotlin based framework. Also, it comes with AI that doesn’t require much effort in voice search integration. To integrate any of these SDKs, you must have the helping hand of the best app development company, so don’t forget to connect with them. 

Revolutionization of Various Businesses with Voice Search Technology!

Voice search technology has revolutionized various businesses with its multiple benefits. Want to get a complete insight?

Unveil why businesses

  • Boost User Experience

As users receive quick and accurate results, they will have a better experience that automatically leads businesses to derive customer engagement within their mobile apps. 

  • Improved Engagement

Businesses can interact with customers more seamlessly as the users have an advanced way to search and locate their liked products and services. 

Also, when you have improved customer engagement, the conversion rate will automatically get higher. 

  • Enhanced Targeting Capabilities

Using the voice search technology, users can find their products or services tailored to their needs or requirements. Thus, businesses will get positive reviews from their end consumers.

  • Increased Visibility

While ensuring their visibility on search engine result pages or voice-enabled platforms like Amazon Alexa, businesses can create more opportunities for expansion and growth. 

  • Better Analytics 

Businesses can have better insight into customer behavior and preferences, thus making effective moves and strategies for their increased engagement. Even fintech organizations emphasize virtual reality apps while taking support from the top fintech app development company.

Connect with Techugo, a leading app development company!

To take the world by storm, all you need is a robust app integrating a voice search feature built by a top app development company. 

Looking for further insights?

Get in touch with the top-notch developers of Techugo who have all the expertise and experience that will help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Not only you will become a trendsetter with your app but also get a room full of opportunities and growth outcomes. So, you’d better go with the flow and see where an app can take you. 


  • How does voice search technology work? 

Voice search technology transmits voice signals into texts using an automatic speech recognition system (ASR). Thus, it helps users resolve their queries and locate preferred products, services, or others by giving their voice commands. 

  • How does voice-activated technology disrupt the industry?

Voice search technology is already used in various industries like healthcare, education, eCommerce, warehouse, banking, gaming, etc. If it’s about disruption, it will improve or extend the user’s experience of various industries and help businesses achieve the most gains. 

  • What are the future trends of voice recognition technology? 

Speech recognition can have rich standardized output objects and multilingual models while integrating AI, machine learning, and Natural language processing (NLP). Also, it will ensure a seamless connection between humans and machines to learn new words and speech organically. 

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