4 Jul 2017



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VR mobile apps, the word itself speaks a lot about itself, it dictates some technology, which would carry you to the next world of imagination with the interesting drops of technology interwoven perfectly. We all know mobile apps are here to stay forever and adding a VR touch to them would take the journey till the extent, where it would all be charming, engaging with spectacular tech inventions to come our way. With this blog, I today plan to pen down the VR technology and how are they going to change the mobile app industry.

Why VR Technology

It’s an undeniable fact that the world has gone smart and the users are smarter, we all want everything on our doorstep, without even walking to grab the stuff of our requirement…this is not surreal, but this is the reality and the fact of today’s users, who love technology and are not ashamed of using it openly, they want everything everywhere and are not ready to compromise anything with their tech starving requirements. In such scenario, where users want to access every single thing on their Smartphone and willing to relish the services from different business verticals, can easily access it with VR technology; with this technology, users can divulge the product details while sitting miles away from the actual destination, and it is not only beneficial for one or two verticals, but even the sensitive domains like healthcare also can take greater advantages from this. Yet if you think it is not convincing enough, then read ahead…

  • Experience Shopping From A Different Angle


When we do online shopping, the greatest concern, which bugs us down usually is that whether the size and color would be the same, as depicted on the mobile app screen, and some of us are not lucky enough to escape the horror and get caught in the horrible shopping experience. For the users, investing money into something, which does not fit their size and shape, is nothing less a nightmare, so VR technology turns out to be a blessing for mCommerce business, where users can virtually try the clothes and any other accessories of their choice, to check how well it does compliment their body type, before buying them. With the VR technology integration, the retail shops can increase their business revenue where users can try and test their products, before buying it.

  • Tour On Virtual Boat


Recently my friend decided to buy a piece of land in his hometown, but due to his prior engagements at work, he remained occupied and could not visit the said location, but sooner his Real-Estate agent came up with a brilliant and innovative idea of VR mobile app for the real estate requirements, where he showed my friend every bit of the land through VR platform, while sitting hundreds of miles away from his hometown, needless to say, after looking for 1-2 options the deal got finalized and my friend visited the land, and later found the every inch of it to be the same, as viewed in the VR platform. So the VR integration would help a ton to sell a property to a potential buyer without any hassle of traveling and visiting the property.

  • A Tutorial For Expensive Equipment


We all people go through the in-house training within our organizations, as and when it is required, due to launch of any new product or equipment, in such scenario, the VR technology turns out to be a blessing, where you can train employees about certain equipment and how it works much before actually having to use it, thus minimizing the chances of mishandling the equipment or product. The VR technology lets the employees to experience the challenging situations or to instruct them on how to use intricate and expensive machinery, without the risk of damage.

  • A Taste of Real Adventure


The best part about VR technology is that it allows the users to experience the real-time situations, and this can really be a true game changer for the travel & tourism industry, where they can give a VR experience of traveling destinations to lure the visitors to buy their travel package immediately.

  • Your 24/7 Engineer

For the profession of engineers, architects, scientist, and other professions, which involve the every detail structures, the VR come as a savior of time and money, which would not only make the designs more compelling, but the touch of technology can impress your clients.

  • Healthcare Expert

 Medical area is full of possibilities and imagination to offer a positive healthcare system to patients. Many times the most stressful fact is to try to know what happened in the operating room, what the docs and their team were upto, or in other terms, when you are lying all alone on the hospital bed, counting your days to get release from there, well these all are the situations we all can relate to, we know the hospital environment is more stressful and mentally burdening for all, and we all yearn for soothing and a comfortable place we call our home. The VR technology comes handy in such all situations, and makes the hospital a comfortable place to live and experience the medical inventions. The VR is used in many areas of healthcare, which range from diagnosis, treatment, e.g. surgery, rehab and counseling, eventually turning out to be a heaven for the patients and medical practitioners.

The VR technology is not only limited to the above-mentioned domains, but there are many other business domains, which are taking help of VR and earning the praises from their respective users. For instance; gaming, cosmetic, fashion and many more. You always need a top mobile app development company to integrate the VR technology successfully to your mobile app platform, and to find such top mobile app development company can go easier with one leading name in the mobile app industry, that is Techugo.

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