8 Aug 2018
Updated on July 20th, 2019

Ways To Develop Apps Faster And Cheaper


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Did I read it right??? Do you really mean that apps can be developed faster and cheaper??? Pinch me if I am not dreaming…

Yes, this would and could be the reaction of anyone around us when something faster or cheaper can be developed for the mobility solution you are looking for your business needs.

Eventually, the app development process is always considered to be an expensive and time-taking process, which does not build out of the blue, but there are certain essentials have to follow to make the mobile app successful.

But there is a big fact which standby with the success dream of your mobile app, which suggests that an app can never be built in a jiffy, and there has to be an ample amount of time given to app development companies to help them build a successful mobile app.

Do you wonder why am I even repeating these points again and again???

Yes, I understand your point and believe me I don’t take any fancy in repeating these words, but the sole reason which has forced me to pen down this post today is that it is very much POSSIBLE to develop apps which are not just fast but cheap too and beware there is no compromise with the quality even.


I know you must be surprised but this is all the fact, and without making you wait any further, let me take you on a journey…let’s read ahead…

I would be foolish to recall the relevance app platform has in it for your business since it is in abundance, and an entire post can be dedicated to it, so I am going to stay focused on my main motive. 

Pick The Right Resource

You find it an obsolete point, then you need to check it again because the process of selecting a right resource might sound an easier task for you, but eventually, it bears a huge effect on the cost and speed of your app, and that what matters most.

The right resource has to be someone which posses the right set of skills and the exposure to handle your app needs, because an app which might sound a piece of coding to your inefficient app developer, actually has the worth to stop the people and buy your services, but only when it is taken beyond the compilation of codes.

The efficiency of your app developer would transform that mere concept into a reality, which will only be liked by the users further.

A wrong choice made here would only make you fall for the pool of mistakes, where not just your app would take ages to build due to the excessive dose of inability, but it would also hamper the process of making your revenue generation plan.

Hence you must get in touch with an efficient app builder to help your mobile app get built on time with the excellence as the main essence of your app. 

Feel Shy From Low Cost Quotes

Low quotes which are so good to be true always ruin your app in the longer run.

It is alluring and keeps you engaged to pick it, but you need to understand that an app developer offering the less cost, does not mean guarantee, but only speaks of one thing that ‘ I HAVE NOT UNDERSTOOD YOUR PROJECT’.

Yes, this is the basic concept behind getting the low-cost quotes, which only signals that either developer has not understood your app project or has no efficiency to analyze what your project is exactly.

So peeps once and for all, understand that if your mobile app cost offered is LESS than others, than simply walk away, since it is an indication something wrong is cooking somewhere.

Conduct Workshop

No, I don’t mean to say that you have to invest in building the proper set up of a workshop, but here the workshop means that you spend some time with your proposed app developer and the team to understand and explain the app project more.

It would be a verbal exchange of the ideas and the opinions to make the app wonderful.

With this practice, you surely going to ditch the game of the cost and speed and would come out as a winner.

Get Your App On React Native

I know many of the app developers would stand against in defending of this and they would create enough charge to support their statement since they would not promote the React Native, as they don’t have expertise into it.

Considering this loophole, you need to ensure that your chosen mobile app development company partner has the expertise and the required skills to develop your mobile app on React Native platform, because apart from building an efficient app, you get enormous benefits from React Native.


Let me tell you…

  • With React Native, mobile app developers can copy almost half the code with all the crucial logic to another platform.
  • It also protects the code from several additional bugs
  • It gives the native experience to users.
  • It is extremely useful and available for free.
  • App developers can revamp their code without rewriting entirely.
  • Mobile app developer can simply run the code everywhere by applying very low effort.
  • And the performance of the app is beyond the imagination even.

Cost Graph

This is the cost graph for your selected app, and a lot goes in chining this figure, such as your selected app technology, features, platforms, and functionalities.

  • A Basic App: An app with the basic functionalities are the easiest to build and is less expensive at around $6000- $8000 and suits best the needs of small businesses and their requirements.
  • An Enterprise App: An Enterprise App or Business app, would cost around $18,000- $35,000 and is little more complex and integrates the database management systems and content management as well.
  • An eCommerce App- This app (not the website) may cost around $6,000 – $10,000 and has various features to bring comfort to the users’ buying habits, like location-based services, payment gateway, push notifications and many other features.
  • A Game App- This app would cost around $15,000- $20,000, depending on the set of features selected for the app.

Indeed the app development does not happen at the cost of peanuts by following these factors, but it will clearly control the excessive wastage of money and time.

So with this hope that you would get what you are looking for in your app product, I sign-off for today…

Keep coming back this to space for more exciting tech-related information…

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