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26 Apr 2017


A successful mobile app takes a little extra from its basic requirements and needs, to fall beautifully into the marketing strategy basket. Marketing is not a one blog subject to be discussed and finished, it’s a very huge and vast subject stating clearly the demands of the market and its end users to give a boost to your existing product. For the genre of mobile app technology; great concept and seamless development are not sufficient to make your app successful, these attributes help you win only the half battle, but to win the complete battleground, here are a few suggestions for you to follow:

Let The World Hear About Your App

A worldwide fact, that maximum people on the planet earth use the internet to fulfill their personal or professional requirements. Research and analyze more about your potential app users. Use different ways to promote your mobile app to them, like social media, content marketing, app marketing and don’t leave any way to reach out to your users.

Describing Content

A channelized marketing channel initiates and ends with a robust description of the product, to allure the users to utilize the product fitting their requirements. For your mobile app, you need to commence with a complete description of what your app offers and how it is going to be beneficial for the users. As a content writer, you do not need to indulge into the Shakespeare’s period and choose the vocabulary from there, but in order to connect with your users use succinct, simple and easy words, which can be comprehended well by the users from all sectors. Ensure that the app’s introductory description is engaging and informs the user what your app does eventually in a way, which would force the reader to click on ‘Read More’ button passionately. In the read more section, include the app features in bullet points to make it easy for the readers to understand and get engaged with your app features instantly. If there is a new version/ new feature or any other functionality imbibed within the app, then get it talked about with your user, within the app description, to attract your users to download the app.

App Screenshots & App Videos

I remember when the entire world was going crazy for ‘candy Crush Saga’, I opted for ‘Farm Heroes Saga’ instead, since, during the download of candy crush saga game, I got the recommended game farm heroes saga, and after watching the videos and app screenshots on the app description, I downloaded it instantly, and till today when the vibe of candy crush has almost died across the globe, I still play farm heroes upgraded version. This experience made me learn one major fact about the app development that if your mobile app’s screenshots and videos are impressive and worthy enough then it can beat the competition race not completely but efficiently at least.

Screenshots work as an interactive infographic for your mobile app and give a promising solution to your users. Capture the app shots, which are worthy and translate the quality of the mobile app, while describing the particular feature or a stage in a sequential manner to attract the users.

Appropriate Keywords

The keywords act like a relevant tool for the marketing purpose of your mobile app, you need to include the right keywords in the app descriptions to attain the attention of your potential users. Select the right set of keywords for your app to direct the pool of potential users on your mobile app, with the right keywords users would be excited to download your mobile app. The question arises, how to select the right keywords for my mobile app? so, in order to select the right keywords, you have to do extensive research with the related people who deal with your mobile app in your team and search out the every single keyword possible for your mobile app. To play safe, do not include the name of the app or keywords of the mobile app development company in the description, since users can easily get them in the app market, also, do not use the popular keywords, because numerous apps would be using those popular keywords, which would only make you fall deeper into the competition lake. Use those keywords which are rarely used, you can search for those keywords at App store optimizer, Sensor Tower, Google AdWords, to help you get visible on the app store efficiently.

Let The Graphics And Color Spread The Magic

Something gets noticed first by the way it is presented, specifically this theory implies on the non-living objects, and for an app, this theory hits the bullet. If an app is visibly pleasant, then it can affect a larger chunk of users to download your mobile app. Ensure to integrate the captivating graphics and app designs, which push the energy further after being looked at. A vibrant color or subtle shades of earthy colors, choices are all yours, depending on the nature of your mobile app, pick the accurate color chart for your mobile app that accentuates the app theme and its requirements, for instance: for a fashion mobile app, all hues of different and warm color palette can do justice, but for a real-estate mobile app keep the color them on the lighter side, again it depends majorly on your user’s demands. Another factor which helps your mobile app attain the right position is graphics and images used in the app. Here the expertise of a professional graphic designer can be picked to choose the right color and image them for the app based on its business nature.

If you are looking for your concept to wear the reality, then you must get in touch with a top mobile app development company, which would not just get a perfect app developed for you, but will also work on the marketing strategies for you to make your app go highly visible on the app store. Such type of company is Techugo- a top mobile app development company with its presence in almost all over the globe. The team Techugo of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. They consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with the Techugo team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.


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