1 Feb 2023
Updated on February 3rd, 2023

We are Now Swimming with the Sharks on Shark Tank India: Surprised? Confused?


Surbhi Bhatia

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the term ‘Sharks?’ 

We know we are on the same page this time! 

Well, guess what? We are now active swimmers on Shark Tank India. Honestly, you still look confused! But don’t worry; we are here to eliminate all your queries.

To begin with, Shark Tank is an incredible TV series with an underlying theme for investors and entrepreneurs who pitch their businesses to acquire funding and lock beneficial deals. 

Sure, investors come across countless pitches; however, they fund only a few startups based on certain criteria. 

But how a business is valued on Shark Tank? 

It is indeed one of the most asked questions by entrepreneurs or businesses preparing their pitch for the sharks. Therefore, we are going to spill the beans on the same and make a big revelation about how our technology-integrated products made to the show by the end of this article. 

So, stay tuned and continue reading!

How Do Sharks Evaluate a Business Pitch? 

As mentioned earlier, Shark Tank is a show where investors hear pitches from businesses looking forward to acquiring funding from them. Additionally, the funding is provided in exchange for a stake in the business, which amalgamates the profit share and a percentage of proprietorship. 

But on what basis do the sharks decide to fund or not fund? 

Here’s what you need to learn:

1. Valuation

If you are an active follower of the show, you must have noticed how the sharks accord with valuation. The contestants begin their pitch by asking for funding, offering a percentage of ownership in return. Thus, a proposed valuation is established. 

Notably, investors are highly interested in the relatability between valuation and business numbers, including sales, gross margin, etc. Thus, the sharks present their objection in case of high valuations  and might give out offers based on lower valuations. 

2. Defensibility

One of the most asked questions by the sharks on the show is, “What do you have that I can’t do myself?” It is called defensibility! 

The sharks are interested in a pitch that is least likely to be destroyed or harmed by its competitors in the future. 

In the absence of defensibility, the business pitch is not intriguing!

3. Market Size

Another primary criterion for sharks is the market size and product appeal to its customers. The team looks for interesting businesses with an exceptional growth scope, and not niches that can easily be replicated.

4. Scalability

The scalability criteria is easy to perceive when products and services are compared. For example, in the case of product selling, production can be increased based on demand and sales. On the other hand, service businesses incorporate adding payrolls and fixed costs, which is not scalable. 

Now Is the Time for the Big News! 

The massive revelation is that Techugo- a global mobile app development company, partnered with incredible businesses that appeared on the Shark Tank and acquired funding of more than 1.5 Cr. 

As one of the strongest technology companies that innovated businesses and transformed them for good, Techugo empowered some of the potential products via technical integration and enabled them to resonate with its audience. 

Along with being an active technology partner of Fortune 200s and Global 2000s, working with the Shark Tank contestant’s businesses’ has added another feather to the cap, and there’s no full stop to the accomplishments on our way. 

Additionally, we also helped these businesses prepare for their pitch, and they jaw-droppingly impressed the sharks with their vision and innovation. 

Indeed, it is a significant milestone for us and our partners, and we are thrilled to take our collaboration ahead. 

To Sum Up! 

Techugo is known for facilitating rich customer experience and believes in delivering quality-laden and frictionless solutions. 

We closely work with technologies, including artificial intelligence, AR/VR, blockchain, and more, to meet modern customer demands and offer exceptional value to businesses seeking digital integration. 

Do you want to be the next one to hold the potential of pitching to the sharks? 

We can help you! 

How? Where to get started? 

Don’t panic, as we have solutions to everything you want to know! So, what are you waiting for? 

Schedule your first consultation with us today, and acquire all the assistance you need. 

Happy innovation! 

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