27 Jul 2017

Wearable App Development Challenges


Ankit Singh

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Wearable technology development

A report claims by the year 2018, the usage of the wearable app would shoot up to around 177 million.

 The term technology today is embroidered with new innovations and techniques, evolving the technology business every day. One of the trendiest sparks of the latest technology hub is wearable technology, as the name suggests, it is the tech gadgets which can easily be worn around or on our bodies. People across the globe love to don wearable gadgets, since it gives a glut of personalization, imbibed together in our lives, it can be in the form of clothing, glasses, helmets to watches, but in spite of so much in demand, wearable technology needs to overcome the number of challenges in the development phase to improve its efficiency further…

Cross Platform Capability

The wearable devices come in different flavors and work well across multiple devices, but it is very important for an app developer to ensure that the wearable apps work efficiently on multiple devices. When you develop an app, your main aim is to make your app popular and to achieve this milestone you need to reach out to a wider audience, which can only be accomplished if your app is not a specific platform based, but is easily accessible by various platforms. So make sure to get a wearable mobile app developed on cross-platform, which would help your mobile app to reach a wider audience and beat the competition.

Battery Friendly

When your users utilize the wearable mobile app, they look for a better battery usage consumption, so ensure your mobile app is able to optimize the performance and keep the battery consumption features at arm’s length, this would help your users to pick the mobile app since it would not affect the phone battery.

Design Complexity

Many app developers mistake the wearable device’s app similar to smartphone mobile apps, and they forget the screen resolution and the screen size of the wearable gadget, which does not go compatible with the wearable gadgets or devices.  As an app developer, you need to emphasize more on collecting data and the voice commands, which can streamline the user experience efficiently. Since wearable devices have compact screen space, so there is a lack of space for flash icons and detailed navigation, as an app developer, you must keep the navigation as easy and minimum as possible.

Market Demands

In the app technology, the new technologies make the entrance every passing moment, which marks a line for you to develop the app as quickly as possible, so the app can be launched in-time before any new technology goes round and round.

API & Protocols

The another challenge app developers find with wearable app development is in the coding standards. Every wearable device comes in the market with a huge set of changes in the coding standards, which make many applications fail to function fully on a particular device and as no coding standards and protocols are mentioned, the API needs to be developed differently for each device, so developers need to make a pace with the new API that brings compatibility with devices.

 Define A Purpose

Many app developers make the wearable app, for the sake of development only, but they forget that what purpose this app is going to serve, how is it going to be different from existing wearable apps? Ask yourself these questions and get into the development phase, since without finding a purpose behind the app development; you can never win the hearts of your users.

Although there are the challenges or you may call them the roadblock in the wearable app development, yet the wearable apps are much in demand and have a potential market to get benefit from. You just need to play careful and take care of the above-mentioned aspects to make a winning wearable app.

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