15 Jun 2017



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The term technology combined with innovation might be considered a little over-rated word in today’s scenario, where competition has engulfed the every possible industry and the business domains, but one company which seriously stay close to this statement and make every bit of it go true is none other than Apple. When you think of Apple all the futuristic technology aspects start to assemble in your brain, forcing you to think out of the box and feel the essence of creativity and innovation fusion on the platform of technology.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, the quotes stated by the brain child behind the Apple, Steve Jobs, always inspire the innovation seekers like me and make us expect more and more from the Apple WWDC announcements. The recent announcements made at the WWDC 2017, brought some of the unexpected versions of tech-filled news along with to do full justice to the tech demands of the future. Here are the excerpts from the WWDC announcement, let’s take a look:

Home Pod Speaker

The another exciting gadget which made an entry in the WWDC is Home Pod, which is not like any casual speaker, but comes with a unique feature to tune and fill the room with the best possible sound. The Musicologist feature lets the Apple music to play the music of your choice, which you ask from Sirs. It will be available in two colors; black or white. The Home Pod will make an entry in the Australia, US & UK market by year-end and the rest of the international countries will experience it later in 2018. The cost of  Home pod will be around $349.

watchOS 4

The newest version of watchOS, with some exciting features, has entered through WWDC 2017. With this new version, the new Sir-powered watch face will use machine learning to customize the content at any time of the day, which may include reminders, traffic information, upcoming meetings, news, smart home controls, etc. Also, it has got a new fitness feature, which controls the smarter workout. Now Apple Watch can connect efficiently with other hardware gadgets, like glucose monitors, via Bluetooth.

macOS High Sierra

Albeit a major macOS update, this year would not happen, but it has gone better than ever before. The better experience would include updates to Safari, including auto play video blocking and “intelligent tracking prevention” to cut back at ad trackers; better Photos editing and organization; a faster new behind-the-scenes file system; a stronger updated graphics engine that supports VR development; and support for the Unity and Unreal gaming engines. This interesting update would be available from fall, with a beta program starting soon.

iMac Pro

With WWDC 2017, Apple’s iMac has turned more massive and meticulous with its display, faster processors and graphics performance, which is suitable for VR content creation and more memory capacity and some new ports. The MacBook and MacBook Pro would receive faster chips and drives. On the other hand, the new, high-performance version of the iMac Pro, is indeed a bad ass as called by Tim, since it will be 27-inch, darker gray with up to 18 processor cores. It will be available from December 2017 and cost may start from $4,999.

AR Kit

The Augmented Reality has finally reached iPhone and iPad. The decision of the Apple team to bring the AR platform through iPad is the best decision; it will help the people to look at how AR works on different kinds of devices. AR would help Apple to expand its user base since it will serve the larger arena of industry verticals.

iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is 10.5-inch and is specially designed for professional users, with thinner borders around its edges and will support the full-width keyboard cover. The interesting feature it has got is Pro Motion, which updates its content up to 120 times per second and will have 64 gigabytes memory, making the user experience more smoother and more responsive. It will be available from next week at the cost of around $649.

Other Updates

  • Now Sirs can translate the queries into other languages, including French, Spanish and Chinese; and will support more third-party apps via the SiriKit developers
  • The camera will have defined algorithms, which may file the formats for photos and videos, consuming the less space than before.
  • The lock screen and Notifications window will merge down into one.
  • The Apple Maps app will have more detailed airport maps for selected airports.
  • A new Smart feature “do not disturb while driving” safety mode for driving, will silence the notifications and will show a blank screen on your phone and auto-reply with “I’m driving!” to help you focus majorly on driving.
  • Apple’s Home Kit service will support multi-room home speakers from several major manufacturers, and the new Airplay 2 feature will make it easier to play music and audio on other devices.
  • Now developers can embed Apple Music into other apps and services, making Apple Music go more social.
  • App Store is getting refurbished, and may look something like Apple Music, and may contain big promo art, a tab for games and more visibility into the in-app purchases.
  • The new ‘Phased Releases’ feature will help the app developers to launch major new updates easily.
  • iPad has received a new dock for apps, a new multi-app view for multitasking, drag-and-drop support and a new Files app. Now, users can easily mark up screenshots and documents with the Apple Pencil stylus.

With these all interesting details WWDC 2017, has really been worth this year, and AR entrance will help the larger sections of industries from real estate, hospital, education, fashion just to name a few…to grab the maximum attention of their users and meet their requirements effectively.

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