22 Oct 2020

What All It Takes To Build An On-Demand Laundry App?

Laundry App

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We all live in a technology-driven environment, and the advancement in the tech-domain has taken our world to a whirl. Today you name it and there is an app for it, and getting the most ubiquitous household chores such as doing your laundry, can also be managed by app technology.

Laundry is now turning into a rapidly growing market, with the constant demands, now on-demand laundry apps are appearing on the stage.

Statista report has estimated that the market size of laundry facilities and dry cleaning services will reach $14.5 B by 2025.

Well, we just cannot simply ignore the contribution of a customized laundry mobile app in achieving this milestone.

So if you run a laundry facility or willing to establish a startup for laundry services, then this post is for you.

In this post, we’re going to discuss every aspect involved in the on-demand laundry app.

Let’s get started to see what all it takes to craft a mesmerizing laundry app solution.

Laundry app portals

  • Customer portal;
  • Laundryman portal;
  • Delivery man portal.

Features required to build an on-demand laundry app

Customer app features 

  • Sign up/ login- Though it is the most basic but most required feature, that lets the customers to sign up and login to the app. Here you need to give them the convenience of accessing the app through their social media credentials as well.
  • Service options- Here, customers get the choice to select the different types of materials to give extra care to some clothes. They can select the type of materials, clothes, detergent, and machine wash or hand wash preferences among many others.
  • Schedule pickup- It gives an option to the customers to select the pickup timing as per their convenience, here they can select time, date, and place.
  • Order status- On placing the order, customers can utilize the laundry service to track the order status. This keeps them informed and updated about the order information.
  • Cancel order- Due to any reason, if the customer prefers to cancel the order, this feature lets them do so. This intimates the laundryman and delivery person about the order cancellation.
  • Preferred laundryman- Based on the past services, customers can pick a preferred laundryman, to avail of his/her services.
  • Reviews- It is one of the most important parts of the laundry app, that helps customers to leave feedback for the laundry services attained. This lets other customers also see the reviews of a particular service provider before picking him/her for the next order.
  • My offers- It is an engaging feature, which lets customers view their earned loyalty points and other customized offers.
  • Notification- This feature allows customers to receive notifications as and when the status of their laundry changes.
  • Track driver- Customers get the option to track the drivers to know the exact status of delivery.
  • Estimated cost- Customers get the estimated cost for their laundry services, this helps them to plan payment.
  • Multiple payment options- To practice the social distancing amid the pandemic, it is highly crucial for the customers to get multiple payment options. They can make payments through debit/credit/ net banking/ eWallet.

Laundryman/ Admin app features

  • Sign up/ Login- Here the laundry man can sign up on the app using their mobile or social media details. They can later login using these details to access the app.
  • Dashboard- In this feature, the laundryman can access the customer data such as type of clothes, any special request, or booking date.
  • Analytics- From the dashboard, stats can be tracked on the basis of per week, month, bi-monthly, or yearly basis.
  • Calendar and reminders- This feature allow them to schedule their tasks and put a reminder for different deliveries or pick-ups or any other special request.
  • Order history- With this feature, they can dive into the order histories to track the users’ preferences, and to allure, them further can even give them offers too.

Delivery man app features 

  • Sign-up/ Login- In this feature, delivery men can access the app through their personal log-in details, they only have to sign-up using their mobile number or social media accounts.
  • Pickup and drop request- It enables them to get the pick-up and drop request, so they can plan their trips accordingly.
  • Map feature- As the name suggests it lets delivery men navigate through the customer’s place and pick up the laundry.
  • Track revenue- With this feature, delivery men can track their earnings for a particular trip and also can view detailed stats about overall earning.

Tech-stack to be used in laundry mobile app

  • For real-time analytics- Cisco, Hadoop
  • Push messages-Twilio
  • Navigation- Google Maps
  • Database- MongoDB, Postgress
  • Payments- PayPal, Stripe
  • Cloud- AWS

How much does it cost to build a laundry mobile app?

As we all know that app development is not just limited to coding only, but there are several other aspects as well, that are involved in the development of a mobile app. And these various stages determine the cost of an app, to be précised these stages include: platform selection, design standards, and infrastructure of admin panel and backend.

To get the accurate app development cost for the laundry app, you need to understand functionalities and features involved in the app.

Hence to get the exact numerical number as the development cost can only be suggested after assessing the app concept. For a rough estimation, laundry app cost can be anything from $30,000 to $60,000 or much beyond, depending on the features and functionalities.

In a nutshell

Gig-economy has led to convenience to be experienced in different service sectors. This has enabled customers to constantly look for technology to make their lives easier and quicker. Indeed, laundry apps are powerful and creative to save consumers from the arduous job of dealing with filthy washing and taking the time to do whatever they want.

You can pick this business idea to bring this service to a better, higher quality in your country. We can help you optimize business processes, implement a full cycle approach, provide a fast and comfortable app solution to scale your business.

Excited to start this journey?

Give us a call to get a competitive edge in the laundry sector!


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