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8 Aug 2020

What All It Takes To Craft A React Native App Solution?

React Native is a JavaScript framework, designed for building genuinely native apps for platforms like iOS and Android. This Facebook creation is based on a JavaScript library, which further empowers businesses to scale with an efficient digital identity.

However, when it comes to building a React native app, then several doubts start to rise. There you need to get the professional’s advice to build a solution that helps your business to flourish ahead.

Let’s find out more with this post and get the answer to your all queries.

USPs of React Native apps

  • React Native apps are lightning-fast, regardless of the operations you want to perform;
  • Provide a cross-platform development feature;
  • Improve app performance through native control and modules;
  • Can reuse the codes and pre-developed components;
  • Have a large community of developers;
  • Provide support for live and hot reloading;
  • Cost-effective solution.

Indeed, since its inception React Native framework has crossed leaps and bounds, and even today, this framework is continuously perfecting its position in the development field.

Now, the million-dollar question comes, that what all it takes to build a successful React-Native app solution? To get the answer, just scroll this post further…

Elements that are necessary to build a React Native app

Hmm, as we all know that building a mobile app is more a necessity than just a fad. Hence, brands are looking for smart ways to leverage one of the trending technologies like React native, to build their solution. Many factors are involved in crafting an app solution, and these are not limited to coding only. Apart from coding, certain essentials have to be considered closely.

App developers are looking for ways to simplify the presence on both platforms and various devices without the need to develop two parallel apps. As it consumes time and money both, and for a startup venture, this is not feasible to invest such a huge amount. This is where React native steps in and gives the answer to this challenge. It enables developers to use JavaScript to build apps that work on both platforms.  To create an app using this trending technology, certain steps have to be considered…below we have brought you a detailed approach of those required steps. Let’s read ahead.

Step #1

App complexity

Every app available on the stores reflects complexity from low to high, and the segmentation is based on multiple factors. Such as:

  • Admin panel development;
  • Deployment architecture model;
  • In-App Purchase;
  • Third-party integration;
  • Integration with legacy systems.

Step #2

User authorization

An app that comes up with the user authorization, has to deal with different steps. This can trigger the cost as well, hence as a developer, you need to pay attention to the different steps required in the authorization process.

Step #3


The integration of different user-centric approaches within the mobile app cannot be given a miss. You must ensure that the app has social media buttons and other required add-ons to help the app.

Step #4

Select app category

You need to ensure to have a specific category for your app, which can be decided further by its functionality, security considerations, and more.

Step #5

App design

Do you know what engages your users with the app? The app design; consisting of smooth transitions that enable users to move from one screen to another in a seamless manner. You need to take care of the screen designing and user experience and must ensure to bring the best out of your app.

Step #6

Developer experience

Here, your chosen app development company experience counts. They need to be extremely comfortable around the React Native technology, and the different other technological trends.

Step #7

App deployment

The distribution channel to deploy your app comes with certain pricing. For instance: an Android app publishing cost is $25, whereas the Apple app publication costs $99 per year.

Further, the apps require permissions from the host in the context of compliance of standards and security policies.

Step #8

App maintenance

A React Native app comes up with different advantages, and its maintenance is also easy compared to other frameworks. Different plans and strategies are being offered by the app developers, you need to find the most suitable option and select the one for your app, that consists of app updates, app bug fixes, and design changes.

Are you ready to turn your ideas into a DIGITAL reality?

Well, React Native app development indeed is the best choice to craft an app solution that fits your budget and meets the users’ expectations. It definitely gives your business a platform to get an edge over the competitors and brings a myriad of benefits to your business.

If you have an awesome app idea, just give us a call. We are the industry-leaders with vast experience in building affordable React Native apps.

Get in touch with us today to receive a no-obligation quote for your app concept.



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