31 Dec 2020

What All You Need To Create A Food Delivery App In 2021?

Food Delivery App

Online food delivery is undeniably a billion-dollar business!

Yes, you heard it all correct and strong, the constant busy schedules dealt by people living in urban cities, has driven the online food delivery market growth. And the surge in demand has introduced new options such as Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery, Platform-to-Consumer Delivery among many others.

Today, to make the most out of the technological trends, the food delivery sector is gladly experimenting with innovative technologies to entice customers and serve their demands.

On the other hand, the vicious claws of the pandemic have given a boost to such apps that are helping users to order food online. As these apps follow strict social distancing rules and follow safety guidelines while delivering the food, the demand has increased exponentially across the globe.

This has certainly opened a floodgate of opportunities for the investors and entrepreneurs to soak their hands and feet in the on-demand food delivery app service and generate favorable revenue.

Excited to know more???

Get on this journey with us on this post. Here we have brought you certain essential steps you should know before developing a platform for your food-delivery business.

Let’s get on a tech-tour to unleash the facts to build your next big on-demand food delivery app…

Essential features to build a food delivery app

UI and UX must be simple but unique

For a user, the main motive to use an app is to get the convenience at its best. And with your app, you must address their expectation. You need to provide a sleek design that can help them navigate through the app effortlessly. You must ensure that you have provided accurate information about the address, timing, menu, cost, and everything that comes under the sun.

Payment gateway

The integrated payment model is an obvious feature you must consider in the app. However, you must ensure that there are multiple payment methods included which are safe and secured, so users can pay comfortably.

Push messages

The push notification is one of the most useful features for a food delivery app. You have regular offers, deals, and seasonal cuisines that can attract customers to order. And to catch their attention you only need to send them push messages, which pop-up on their mobile device, and instantly make them inclined towards the offer.

Such offers and deals help you grow your revenue funnel stronger and attract existing and potential customers to use your app. 

Delivery time estimation

Your app must showcase the delivery time estimation, so the customer can prepare for another task or stay aware of the expected food delivery parcel. Here, the inclusion of ML helps you, that allows customers to learn the arrival time on the basis of various factors, such as availability of delivery boys, traffic condition, and location of the restaurants.

Advanced features 

Live-chat feature 

There can be instances when your order is not received, or due to any abnormal signal issue, you fail to receive the exact location of the delivery. In such a dramatic situation, the direct chat option comes handy and helps customers to find out the feasible solution to such a problem.


Well, this is a very common part of an eCommerce app, but adding it you’re your food delivery app, can also be a game-changer. You only need to ask your customers to subscribe at a nominal fee and experience the free food delivery services. 

Ratings, reviews, and tips

It is very obvious to have tons of freelancing food service providers to earn some extra money, however, they aim to provide on-time deliveries. Considering this, your app must give the option to rate drivers and share reviews so a good service provider can consider the area of interest.

During COVID-19 time, many delivery drivers had to take extra effort to deliver the food, so adding a feature of the tip (this can be optional) really encourage them to work and continue their services.

Contactless delivery

The pandemic has triggered the term contactless delivery, and adding this into your app would certainly pave a smooth way. Here, the user gets the option to check the box, if he/she prefers the contactless delivery, accordingly the parcel is left on the door while remaining social distancing.

Food for thought

The food delivery sector is on a constant run to grab the best of the technology and transform its offered services. The transformation from telephone calls to drone deliveries has set our eyes to witness a revolutionary trend to mark a difference.

If you’re still wondering how to make a pace with technology trends to accelerate the growth of your food or restaurant business, then your search ends here.

At Techugo, we have crafted some of the most sizzling food delivery solutions for some of the top-notch service providers across the geographies.

Give us a call and get a digital curve on your food delivery business today!


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