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26 Feb 2020

What All You Need To Develop Sports Betting App Like William Hill?

The odds of gambling have always existed in the world!

Give a sneak peek into the past, and you would be surprised to know gambling holds a rich-history that is spread to ancient walls of Mesopotamia as well.

However, since the old times, now gambling has transformed into passionate sports practice and soras the passion to another level.

Here in this post, we are going to cover one of the hugely popular sports betting apps William Hill.

Grab a look and check what all it takes to build sports betting app.

A word about William Hill

William Hill is the ‘Uber’ of betting apps!

I am assured this statement reflects the right image of this very app portal. Just like Uber, William Hill has also cut down the competition and is growing stronger and bigger in the sports Betting app field.

William Hill is one of the biggest players on the online betting market, in the UK and the USA, only in Nevada and New Jersey.

With William Hill, the users get a wider choice to select their favorite game out of the vast sports’ list.

Further with the portal, you can watch online races without leaving the app. The app lets you place live sports betting and engage in match betting as the game progresses.

What are the features required for building a sports betting app?

Much before starting to develop the app, there is something that you must not forget, and that suggests…

You must not forget to check the legal issues dealing with the sports betting app in your targeted country!

On the other hand, to build an app like William Hill, some basic features must be considered. Let’s take a look ahead…

Sign in

It is the most basic and essential feature, that must be well-designed. So users don’t need to fall unnecessary for filling up long forms, rather it must be succinct enough, with an option for the users to sign up through social media credentials as well.

Sport selection

The selection feature allows the users to select the sports. You must not forget that this very feature must be well designed, so users don’t get confused and use the app without any hassle.

Betting tips

With this very feature, even the first-time bet can be made easy, as the tips are given, which will allow the users to get information about the betting prices and the sports.

Schedule of games

It allows the users to view and store the upcoming matches schedule, and further, it helps them to place the bets easily.

Result notifications

Notification feature, allows the users to see the clear process regarding the performance of the players who are being bet on and the conclusions of the bet.

Live scores

This feature is the core of the app, wherein users can check the scores and place their bets based on the bets.

Betting pattern

For the development of betting application like William Hill, there must be a selection of different batting patterns, such as:

  • Always checking the river
  • Check raising
  • Folding on the flop
  • Call, call and raise
  • Same bet size on the turn as the flop
  • Check/call, small bet on the term
  • Check flash call, check min-raise
  • Check / insta call, check / insta call… pause on river…bet
  • Preflop raise of 4 x + (from the user usually limps or raises)
  • 3 x preflop open lamp (from an aggressive player who always raises)
  • A player who always continues to bet the flop and now checks
Betting type selection

This feature lets the users select the type of betting and play in accordance with it. The types of betting can be:

  • Singles
  • Parlay
  • Handicaps
  • Patent
  • Head to head
  • Totals
  • Tricast
  • Yankee
  • Multiples
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Each way
  • The final standings
Admin Panel

Within the admin panel, there are different features, which must be considered. Read it ahead to know more about it…


Admin has the authority to register in the app with the help of self-created credentials, but this is not extended to social media login.


This feature allows the admin to manage different aspects of the app.

User management

It allows admin to add new users and view their details. Further admin can also activate or deactivate users, create new pools and edit existing ones.

Pricing for bookies

Here, the admin can set the prices as per the standards that are calculated by the bookies.

Managing content

Admin can update, edit or remove any content, this set of information may include FAQs, emails, forgot password, activation of emails, and many other aspects.

Recommended features of Sports betting app like William Hill

Live streaming

Live streaming is the latest fad that is admired by everyone around us. When you decide to include live streaming, you help the users to practice real-time bidding and witness the game progress.

Offline connection

There are many chances, that your users would face the low connectivity, hence it is advisable to help your users stay hooked to the app platform, you must offer the offline support system.

Multi-language support

Sports apps have the fan-base worldwide and keeping your app with multi-language support would only trigger the popularity level.

Bonus Tips

  • App quality- The app quality is one such aspect, which can break or make the chances of an app’s success plan. Hence other than technology, backend, and other aspects, you must also pay full attention to the app’s quality as well.
  • Security – You need to understand this fact, that security is the prime factor, that must be considered and given a serious thought within the app.
  • Podcast- Adding a podcast will help the users to stay engaged and get the information on the go.

Don’t forget to include some of the proven inbuilt payment transaction models and all the security concerns related to deposit and withdrawal must be taken into serious consideration.

Here the Million Dollar question comes!

How much does it cost to build a sports app like William Hill?

Well, this question has an interesting level of 100/100, but there is no specific answer to this.

Since an app development cost considers multiple factors, like a number of features, type of functionalities, technology or even the location along with some other factors.

Therefore, it is not an easy task to predict the cost, much before knowing about your app concept.

To get the accurate COST, just drop us a message today and our experts will help you take it further.


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