20 Nov 2019
Updated on April 5th, 2023

What All You Require To Make A Successful Fitness App?

Gunjan Manral

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Fitness app

We always look for and are always up for something new and innovative to help us further to live a healthy life. But being not tech-literate, it is hard for us to hold discussions and theorize technology.

Do you wonder why am I talking about this?

The reason is the efficient development of the fitness app; which is the ubiquitous aspect of today’s time and cannot be given a miss.

But at times, certain fitness mobile apps are developed which fail to fit demands of the users and henceforth, despite having the potential, these apps only hold a space in our Smartphone, but serve no purpose.

This very concern is spreading vast in the world of the app, creating a bigger void in the usability and the app’s existence.

Hence, with this post, we are going to discuss some of the essentials which must be a part of your fitness app to help it succeed further. Let’s read ahead…


We all look for the ways to stay healthy and fit and to make our goals accomplish we tend to make certain goals and resolutions, but the busy and the demanding schedule of our daily live haunts us badly and stop us to achieve those goals.

Consequently, this very issue leads to diseases and the various other health complications to make their way on our health and we face the brunt.

Do you really think your fitness app is not really doing well in the market? Or are you planning to get a successful fitness mobile app for your niche audience, but unable to understand what can make your app grow successful? Don’t worry each of your queries is well-answered within this blog piece, just read it further…

With the mobile app technology, this very issue can be resolved efficiently, where the app and their features help the users to take care of diet, calories burned, steps walked today, keeping the users to stay motivated and beat the health complexities effortlessly. There are 4 different types of fitness apps.

Activity training app – These apps basically help in tracking the physical moments and record them, so afterward users can set their goals and remain healthy. These apps make records of the calories burned in a day, steps taken while cycling, walking, jogging. These all things are recorded due to the help of sensors built in the Smartphone, providing the accurate data about the physical movements.

Apps for exercise and workout – These apps are basically made to play the role of a gym trainer. These apps are very useful for those who don’t have time to go to the gym due to a busy schedule. Such apps give you all information about different exercises for a different purpose, which can be selected further fitting the demand.

Diet and nutrition app These apps play a role of a dietician. Taking proper diet regularly is as important as doing exercise regularly so that it gives the energy to do the exercise. Most of the people complain about their improper diet. So, these apps will perform all such activities for such users and help them in following a strict diet plan.

Yoga and meditation app – These apps help in demonstrating different types of asana and pranayama, which can be copied to stay fit and healthy.


Now let’s discuss some feature that must be used while crafting the health and fitness app.

Registration Process

This is a must feature; allowing the users to create an account by giving their name, gender, email id, phone number. This set of details help in sharing the health records to the users’ mail or phone regularly and keep them users motivated towards their workout and diet.

User Profile

With this feature users need to mention their data such as weight, height, age, body type or allergy, helping the app to suggest the best solution.

App Connect With Wearable Devices

As an app developer, you must understand that latest and the advanced technology like wearable device must not be skipped. This would help the users to access their health record on the go.

Tracking Workout And Diet

The fitness app must offer the feature, letting the users keep the record of the calories burnt in a day, steps walked, how much weight reduced and how much height is increased. Not only this, the app must give the flexibility to the users modify their schedule according to their convenience and needs.


It is indeed one of the most useful features for a fitness mobile app, as it helps the users largely to track their direction. It must allow the users to monitor the routes and direction they would be following during jogging, walking.

Push Notification Option

However push notification messages are annoying if done excessively, but you need to integrate them smartly within your fitness app, letting the user to be notified on time about any workout and training session.

Also, this very feature can further be utilized to keep the users stay aware of the in-app updates or any relevant offer.


The existence of the admin panel within the fitness apps is not an option; rather it is a very much part of the fitness app.

Let us give you a quick glance at the features to be added in the admin panel.

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Creating A Dashboard

The Dashboard contains the data of all users, letting the admin utilize it further for the further enhanced user experience, like sending the birthday wishes or sending the personalized push messages.

Loyalty Programs And Rewards

Awarding your users with the rewards is a step to help them grow closer and stay loyal to your app, undeniably this very feature is the best marketing strategy for your app.

Records of The Payments

Admin must have a feature to keep a record of the payments made by users towards the gym trainers for doing live sessions.

Undeniably, there can be a number of features fitting the specific demand of your fitness app, however, this is just a glimpse of and not the exhaustive list, but integrating these very basic features can help your fitness app turn into a massive success.

So if you have planned to give a shot to the fitness app, then don’t get confused any further, but let your mobile app handled by a leading app development company, which holds every required exposure and the technical expertise to handle your fitness mobile app impeccably.

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