24 Jun 2021

What Is So Mind-Blowing About The AI-Enabled NEOM Megacity Of Saudi Arabia!!

What Is So Mind-Blowing About The AI-Enabled NEOM Megacity Of Saudi Arabia!!

What couldn’t be perceived beforehand is becoming a part of our daily lives – thanks to Artificial Intelligence! This technology has made us dream bigger, bolder, better.

One such wonder is under construction! For the stakeholders, it is a dream; for the people, it is like a sci-fi movie turning into reality – not virtual, mixed or augmented – but ACTUALITY! 

By incorporating as many elements of Artificial Intelligence as possible, Saudi Arabia will see ‘tech city’ become a part of it, in the form of NEOM megacity!

The most often heard statement about this city is that number of robots will exceed the human population living in Neom. Talk about fantasies coming to life, right?!

Don’t for a second think that it is the newest project. The construction for this started back in 2017 and it is still getting ready. The city is not open to the general populace yet. 

If you wish to know more about this place, realise the beautiful powers of AI – which will serve as a backbone to this city, you have come directly to the solution! 

Keep reading to know about the wonders this mega project holds for people, humanoids, the environment, technology, businesses and development!   

Bringing the city of dreams to life!

The way all possible technologies, tech advancements and tools have been roped in for this Saudi Arabian dream project, it will be the smartest, most advanced and modern place on the face of our planet! It is a 500 billion USD initiative for a reason! 

The city will feature intelligent spaces and the talked-about ‘invisible infrastructure’!

The location of this megacity is such that every important city/place on earth would be reachable from here, with a single flight. Thus, to be precise, NEOM is ideally situated at the crossroads of the world. 

Evidently, much thought has been given to the location as this will serve as the potential trade center in the coming future.

It will also have THE LINE – a fresh and more sustainable approach towards urbanisation. 

According to Joseph Bradley, Head of Technology and Digital Holding, Neom, “NEOM is not about building a smart city, it is about building the first cognitive city, where world-class technology is fuelled with data and intelligence to interact seamlessly with its population.”

The AI-backed megacity will transform the way urban set-ups are looked at. Let us get to know about the awe-inspiring details of this project!

Talking about the crossroads location

It is located at a place connecting four different ecologies – Coastal, Coastal Desert, Mountains, Upper Valley. 

AI-Enabled NEOM

THE LINE – What is the ado about?

It is the newest, never-before-seen approach towards urbanising a linear area that is 170 km long. It is an amalgam of hyper-connected communities, with walkable neighbourhoods and traversing the longest distance, too, wouldn’t take more than 20 minutes!

It is an awe-inspiring model for the 21st-century urban setup, that focuses on a design that ensures living in harmony with nature, today and beyond. 

According to their official website, “THE LINE will reshape the traditional concept of urban life, enabling NEOM to become an economic engine for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the region and the world!”

This 170 km long stretch will create more than 350,000 new jobs and allow economic diversification. This way it is being claimed that THE LINE will contribute 180 billion SAR to the GDP of Saudi Arabia by 2030!

Saudi Arabia

Walkability and liveability are the cornerstones of this region. The area would be powered by 100% renewable energy, with a digital framework including robotics and AI. The stakeholders claim that it will be built to serve human needs and create a sense of community – having nature, business, innovation, etc. at the heat of this stretch!

People will be able to live, work and enjoy life without the need to commute. This is the soul of the NEOM liveability model.

What would it be like to live there?

You must have heard a lot about ‘invisible infrastructure’ regarding this mega project. They are not referring to any superpower here, but an infra that will be underground – for a carefree and open urban space! 

This will involve all transports, utilities and networks beneath the surface with unprecedented sustainability and efficiency!

NEOM will be the next big thing – a hub of innovation, business, research and development. Commerce and industry will be integrated to build supply chains and ensure their efficient management and operations. 

One of the highlights is that the leaders behind the idea of this project lay emphasis on environmental responsibility, sustainable and cognitive development. Backed by such notions, NEOM will adopt principles mentioned before along with regenerative development strategies and practices.

Sustainability is the reason for developing an urban set-up powered by 100% renewable energy!

It will be built around people – with no cars, no streets – everything designed for walkability along with convenience. The pedestrian-first approach will allow all amenities to be available within a five-minute walk distance!

It will witness replacing outdated urban services with new services driven by AI. It will prove to be urban revolution in modern day living; where protecting earth and ensuring advanced deliverables, would take place simultaneously!  


How will the no-road, no-car formula work?

No one has ever heard of such a plan that involves no-roads and no streets. This will enable people and the nature to reclaim the space, otherwise occupied by cars and roads. This infrastructure will work in harmony with the environment, resulting in tranquillity. 

Communities residing in this region, will be powered by renewable energy, enabling an environment that is pollution-free. The pedestrian-first approach that is the central theme here, focuses on building communities around people and not cars. 

The aim is to design a space that has accessibility, walkability and convenience as the essential elements. That is why the plan is such, that essential services and amenities will be five-minutes’ walk away.

How due care has been taken regarding environment

Strict environmental controls have been in place to preserve NEOM’s natural environment. Moreover, no construction can take place unless it meets the strict international criteria of sustainability, which have been built around the standards expected for a Circular Carbon Economy!

To conclude

Here I won’t ask you to take up a project of this size and scale start working on it – projects like NEOM require a number of things to successfully culminate. But yes, I would request you to ponder upon the capacity and potential of AI! 

For now, if you can’t use this tech to develop a city, don’t forget you can use it to tweak your business operations. Don’t forget that if not an extremely large scale, at a smaller level, AI app development is a solution for you! This way you can incorporate the wondrous artificial intelligence to grow bigger and better.

So, don’t wait up and connect with the experts of this domain today! With the best technologies and specialists to your aid, you must utilise this opportunity to the fullest!

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