12 Oct 2023

What is the Cost of Building a Messenger App Like Botim? Unveil!


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Botim, one of the famous messenger apps in the Middle East, has facilitated smooth communication among its users while letting them emerge into a more seamless and intuitive way to connect and stay in touch with their loved ones.

But there are many messenger solutions today, not only in the MENA region but worldwide, so did you ever think about what makes an app like Botim unique and special? And how has it been winning millions of hearts since its arrival?

Don’t be worried!

We will gain insights into every aspect to help you tackle every challenge that can disturb the development of your next-gen messenger app like Botim. So, let’s scrutinize the guide!

About Botim!

No wonder to the fact that Botim is a giant among so many popular messenger apps in UAE. It lets people connect with the world no matter where they are located. Although the app was launched in 2018 by US company Algento, it has today been acquired by Astra Tech, a Dubai-based company. 

While amalgamating some new, trendy, creative, and user-centric features, an app like Botim transforms the social networking industry. Also, it has incorporated instant messaging, voice, and video calls across the globe, even in regions where the network is restricted, and this results in a new fascination to use and invest in a messenger app like Botim. 

What else?

In nations where VoIP services like WhatsApp or Skype are not used, the Botim app comes as a savior. 

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How does a Messenger App like Botim Distinctive from Others?

Although running in places where government restrictions are imposed is a valid reason to emphasize the eccentricity of a messenger app like Botim, those are not the only factors. 

Here is a list of every crucial aspect that makes this messenger app like Botim unique. Such as: 

The dynamicity of Botim is renowned due to these features-


  • Users prefer it for secure voice and group video calls. 
  • It consists of a built-in emoji keyword to uplift the chat experience of people while they express themselves to their loved ones, family, and friends. 
  • Leveraging the built-in exceptionalities, we all can transfer funds, pay bills, validate our identity digitally, and play online games comfortably. 
  • Group chat capability allows us to chat with up to 500 people worldwide simultaneously. 
  • Botim consists of end-to-end encryption that makes chats safer, secure, and confidential no matter the internet speed at which you run the application. 

With so many tremendous capabilities, it is truly a wonder in the messenger app development industry. 

Valid Stats on Messenger Apps

Let’s jump on the bandwagon of the messenger app development industry while learning about these essential stats: 

  • As per the reports by Statista, messenger app users can reach 7 billion globally by the end of 2030. 
  • People with smartphones download one or more messaging apps.
  • Almost 80% of users use messenger apps to communicate beyond traditional calls. 
  • While 7.3 billion users of messaging apps were recorded in 2021, by 2025, the count can get closer to 8.1 billion.
  • Almost 67% of consumers use messenger apps for support, and 63% use websites for its live chat feature. 

These statistics are relevant enough to show us the importance of investing in messenger apps like Botim and capturing the world’s attention towards the most needed solution. 

If you have an app idea like Botim, just consult with our team at Techugo, a dynamic mobile app development company in Dubai, and get your digital solution developed by experts. 

Why Should You Build A Messenger App like Botim?

Now, let’s move into this part and learn why an app like Botim should be your pick for your business growth. 

As the reliance on digital communication apps

  • Instant Messaging Fever

Today, people rely on instant messaging more than ever instead of traditional phone and email conversations because they want to save time and enable back-and-forth communication without delays. 

With 80% of people prefer messaging apps worldwide and 63% use social media, the emphasis on developing such apps will only grow further. 

  • Growing User Base

You can easily tap into exceptional opportunities and take your business toward impeccable growth and success while making the most of significant opportunities with the demand for messaging apps. 

As the world cannot live without the messaging app, you must utilize the opportunity to flourish in revenue generation. 

  • Mobile Commerce Growth

Not just people but businesses also use messenger apps or chatbots to connect with their audience because of the seamless interaction these digital solutions ensure. You will grab a huge user base from retailers to consumers while building an app that holds the most significance.

So, without any further delay?

Get in touch with the best mobile app development company in UAE and start creating your app. 

What are the Exclusive Features You Must Add to Your Messenger App?

As the market of messenger apps is vast, more competition will come to your door. However, with proper feature integration, you can seamlessly fight a battle against all your rivals and reach the heights of success sooner. 

Wondering what features you must add? Just move into and explore:

Features integration defines exciting app development, and here are all those you must ensure for a

  • User-Friendly Interface

To make it more interactive, intuitive, and exciting for users, you must take care of the user interface of an app like Botim. The users will easily navigate through the app and get a seamless experience. Thus, helps you build a strong relationship with your end consumers.

  • Group Chat 

Creating a group to discuss an event, trip, team outing, and others can also be done faultlessly. Even an app like Botim allows users to form a group chat of 500 members and communicate with them regarding any topic. 

  • Convenient Payment Capabilities

With a messenger app like Botim, recording, and managing financial activity is hassle-free because of the integration of payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, or Braintree

What’s more?

Users can pay online and scan the code to transfer money domestically or internationally to other mobile accounts without hardships. 

  • Encryption 

A high level of security and privacy is ensured to keep the user’s chat and phone conversations safe against all threats and other cybercrimes. As it is a crucial feature for today’s generation, don’t forget to integrate it with the support of an Android/iPhone app development company. 

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

For entrepreneurs who want to run their apps on every platform, like iOS, Android, and the web, without any restriction, then cross-platform app development is the right choice that allows the same app to function on different platforms. 

  • Offers and Discounts

While collaborating with various retailers and businesses, you can send their messages about discounts, cashback offers, sales, etc., and thus bring your users closer to the tempting deals and your digital solution. 

  • Broad-Ranging Accessibility

A huge variety of networks from 2G, 3G, 4G to 5G, and wifi (excluding VPN) is ensured by an app like Botim that lets users connect even when internet speed is slow. Utilizing the AES 256 encryption algorithms, it also provides a stable connection. 

  • Sharing Multimedia

To share files, photos, videos, voice records, and others, this feature is essential. If we look at the giants in the messaging industry like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram Messenger, all have integrated the feature. 

  • Effective Communication 

For effective communication, you must incorporate instant messaging, HD quality video and audio calls, group chats, and others we have discussed above while considering meeting with a top-notch iPhone/Android app development company. It will ensure a stable base of your users. 

  • Customization

Let your users move with the personalization trend while allowing them to customize their app experience with the best pick from options like chat background, notification sounds, theme selection, etc. Users feel more connected with a brand when they are heard, seen, or valued, and with this tactic, you can touch their hearts. 

How to Develop a Messenger App like Botim?

Now, let’s dive deeper into the steps you should follow to build a messenger app like Botim. With the steps below, you will learn what it takes to develop such apps: 

Get a detailed insight on the steps to create an app like Botim

  • Define Objectives

What lays the foundation of your app and its success is your app objectives. Therefore, ensure to define it before proceeding further with any steps. Identify the unique selling points that stand you apart from competitors and start the journey towards exceptionalities. 

  •  Market Research

Conducting market research and analyzing messaging apps like Botim will let you learn about your user needs, competition, growth opportunities, etc., thus helping you refine your app’s performance, features, and other vital essentials. 

To deliver an exciting solution, work on the strengths and weaknesses of your app idea with the proper market research. 

  • Create a Development Plan

Yes, a well-constructed and focused plan will be required to make the most of robust code integration into your digital solution. While connecting with a top mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, you will have a precise analysis of platforms, frameworks, and technologies, from which you can choose the best option and thus meet all your business objectives and goals. 

  • Budget

Now, it’s time to start the app development procedure, and for that, you must have a feasible budget because the cost to develop an app depends on various factors, and as your requirements grow, the cost will automatically increase. While discussing with your potential technology partner, you will have a clear insight into the budget you need for that perfect and competitive digital solution. 

  • App Development

Proceed with the app development carefully with the robust technical team. You can create either an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) if your budget is low or a full-fledged app with all the desired features and functionalities. Each option is good, but it also depends on your goals. 

For instance, if you want to know if the idea will work, go ahead with the MVP because it allows you to integrate features and other essentials even after the development until you are satisfied and turn it into an app. However, no such improvements would be possible in an app instead of the updates & maintenance. 

  • Testing

Testing is an essential step you should not ignore, as it will make you aware of the bugs, issues, and problems of the app’s performance and any other critical aspects. The Quality and Assurance team of any app development company checks for the same and gives the approval only after they are satisfied with the results. 

  • Launch and Maintenance

Once the app is tested and everything runs seamlessly, it’s time to launch it to the preferred platform, Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Again, the technical team will help you upload your app to the device and, thereafter, provide updates & maintenance for a specific period. 

So, this is how you will upload your messenger app like Botim and deliver a unique customer experience.

How much does it cost to create a messenger app like Botim?

Several key factors are responsible for influencing the cost to develop a mobile app like Botim. For you to get a complete insight, here we come with a detailed section. 

Learn the cost to develop a messenger app like Botim

  • Development Team

The cost to hire an app development team varies based on the size, location, and hourly rate. For instance, if the company is bigger in size, located in a developed country, and charges more for hour-based work, then the cost will be high and vice versa. 

  • App Features

The more features you want to integrate into your app, the more you must prepare for the budget. Even the complexities in these features can lead to higher app development costs. However, an app with basic features can come under your budget. 

  • App Design

While a visually appealing user interface can increase engagement on the app, it can also impact the cost because of the customized and real-life touch you want to add to your messenger app like Botim. 

  • Multiple Platforms

Developing an app with specific programming languages for iOS, Android, and the web is a hard nut to crack, and it consists of a lot more investment. However, you can make a more worthy decision when choosing cross-platform app development that allows the same code for the app to run on different platforms without neglecting the look, feel, style, and touch. 

  • Backend Development

A robust infrastructure is required to build a great app, but if it consumes more complexities that the developers have to resolve while putting their entire energy and effort, then the cost will definitely go higher. 

  • Quality Assurance

Using various testing methods, the QA experts of a top app development company analyze the app’s performance. However, any issues with the quality checks can trigger more costs. 

  • App maintenance

The budget for the ongoing support and maintenance of the app remains the same but varies depending on the updates you require. 

So, these factors determine the cost to develop an app like Botim. To learn more, you can connect with our on-demand app development company, which will help you tailor the costs according to your business goals and project objectives.  

Use the Tech Stack to Craft a Mobile App like Botim

You have learned about everything but skipped the essential tech stack that you must use to create an impeccable and future-proof solution. 

So, are you ready to dive deep into the robust technologies you need to ensure a pleasant user experience, engaging user interface, and much more?

If yes, here is a variety of technologies that you must not ignore for a success-driven mobile app. 

  • Front-End Languages: Java, Swift, Kotlin
  • Back-End Languages: JavaScript, Scala, Java, PHP, Erlang
  • Database and Query Languages: GraphQL, SQL

What are the ways to earn money with an app like Botim?

The best strategies to implement to generate revenue and earn money from Botim and Facebook Messenger apps are: 

Use these monetization methods and turn your app into a door to treasures, revenues, and rewards

  • In-App Advertising: Targeted ads are displayed to users so they don’t find them boring or prevent interactions with the app. 
  • Freemium Model: This strategy allows users to pay for advanced features after completing their free app trial.
  • Subscription Model: After subscribing to the app, users can enjoy enhanced features, high-quality video calls, unlimited file storage, and many more benefits that are not possible in the free version. Apps like Netflix and Bujy’s also use this revenue generation tactic. 
  • Enterprise Solution: For enterprises, you can generate one more monetization strategy and allow them to communicate & collaborate with team members and clients after making the payments. 
  • In-App Purchases: To add some personalized effects to the app, users can buy emojis, themes, stickers, and virtual goods and enhance their chat experience. 

Any of these monetization strategies will help you to generate revenue. Choose the ones that meet with your business goals and take a step ahead of the curve. While meeting with some experts of a top mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, you will definitely get a complete insight into which one can help you grow beyond the skyline. 

Meet with Techugo, Your Leading Partner in Building an App Like Botim!

It’s not rocket science, but crafting a messenger app like Botim requires careful planning, tech expertise, and code knowledge. Therefore, an association with the best mobile app development company in Qatar is essential for everything from the features integration to backend and app deployment. 

The ride to your dreamed messenger solution will turn all adventurous and hurdles-free with a tech partner putting their entire energy and effort. So, collaborate with world-class & seasoned professionals like Techugo, who have the expertise and are committed to deriving terrific solutions for your business growth. 

Indeed, you will have incredible success after utilizing our cutting-edge technologies and resources. Get in touch with Techugo, a terrific mobile app development company in the Middle East, to learn more about our services and offerings. 


  • How much time does it take to create an app like Botim?

It requires multiple steps to develop an app like Botim; thus, the time fluctuates based on the same. For instance, if the complexities and features are more with an extended requirement for resources and tech stack, then the time to build will be more, and thus, the cost of developing an app like Botim will also extend. 

  • Is it really expensive to develop a digital solution like Botim?

The cost to build an app like Botim depends on multiple factors and your project requirements like app features, tech stack, UI/UX design, testing, backend/frontend development, etc., so we cannot say if creating a digital solution is expensive. However, we can give you a budget that you need to prepare after listening to your app idea. 

  • What should be the essential features of a messenger app like Botim?

To create a messenger app like Botim, you must ensure to add some relevant features such as: 

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Group Chat
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Sharing Multimedia
  • Effective Communication 
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Payment Capabilities
  • Customization
  • Are there any other ways through which I can monetize my messenger app and generate revenue?

Yes, not just one, but lots more ways you can use for app monetization purposes, such as in-app advertising, subscription, in-app purchases, freemium, etc. 

  • Why choose Techugo for the messenger app development?

Our top app development company in Canada is delivering exciting solutions to all industry verticals, whether it be elearning, food delivery, healthcare, social networking, or others, to help entrepreneurs move beyond their progressive milestones and achieve fruitful results like never before. 

While creating more than 750+ success-driven applications in just a span of 8+ years, we have learned the skill of turning challenges into opportunities and thus creating success for our clients. 

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