9 Mar 2023

What is the cost to build a mobile app in the UAE?


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Mobile apps are now the dominant form of digital communication thanks to technological advances. They are essential to the success of any business and can provide instant access to information and solutions.

Mobile apps are now one of the most popular marketing tools in the UAE. They allow organizations to improve productivity and target a more extensive user base, ensuring maximum ROI.

A recent report shows that app downloads rose by 23% between 2022 and 2023. UAE, second in the world economy, will see a 221.5 million mobile app market share by 2027. This provides exceptional opportunities for entrepreneurs to pivot and grow their businesses.

This article will cover all aspects of mobile app development costs in the UAE and the factors that impact the development budget. We will also discuss the different apps you can create for your business and how to make money with them.

How to decipher the app development costs in Dubai?

An innovative idea is a key to a successful mobile app. A clever idea, supported by market research, can help you determine how your target audience will interact. Unfortunately, many poorly planned ideas need a better budget and extended deadlines. This can increase the likelihood of failure. Knowing the average cost for a mobile app development company in the UAE before you start planning is essential.  The overall cost to build a mobile app for mobile devices is directly affected by factors such as the features of the app and the technologies used during development.

5 Mobile App Development Technologies Startups You Should Pay Attention To in 2023

Startups are increasingly relying on app development. Here are some apps startups should be considering in 2023.

#1 Python

Python is a popular programming language developers use worldwide to create various types of apps. It is an open-source dynamic language that is simple to learn. A beginner programmer can use the language to develop a Python mobile application. It’s portable and comes with built-in debuggers, making it easy to create apps. Therefore, python is recommended for building a feature-rich and scalable application quickly.

#2 Java

Java was first introduced in 1995. It is now the most used programming language to create mobile apps. Java is an object-oriented programming language that is simple and highly secure. Java is an essential tool for Android development. Java is an excellent language for developers. You have access to many open-source libraries and community support. There is also excellent documentation. This makes Java programming much more accessible. Java is a popular language in startups because all the resources are readily available.

#3 Flutter

Google’s Flutter is a popular tool for creating cross-platform apps. This software development kit (SDK) allows developers to create apps that work on iOS or Android platforms. Cross-platform  is growing in popularity as more startups choose Flutter. This saves you time and money. In addition, Flutter uses Dart programming language to create native interfaces. As a result, developers can develop apps for both platforms using a single code.

This SDK is a significant advantage over other cross-platform technology. For example, flutter apps are built mainly using widgets. This allows for compatibility between different operating systems to be reduced, something many cross-platform technologies often face.

#4 Kotlin

Kotlin can be used to create complex applications using a general-purpose language. The Java version of this cross-platform, statistically-typed programming language is still in its infancy. Kotlin stands out because of its unique features: safety, clarity, community support, and tool support. One of its greatest strengths is its close resemblance to the Java language. Kotlin’s popularity can also be attributed to its precision, security, and many support tools.

#5 Swift

 Swift can be used with Cocoa touch frameworks and Objective C codes designed explicitly for iOS app development. Swift is a safe programming platform with many unique features that simplify iOS application development. Swift is a popular programming language because it allows developers to create interactive and enjoyable code. In addition, Swift code is secure and can develop apps that run lightning-fast.

Why is it important to choose the right technology stack?

Let’s say you are building a house of your own. Can the foundation of your home be strong? You can modify the interior design of the house after it is created, but you cannot alter the foundation.

Similar to the previous, when considering creating a mobile app, you must choose the right technology for Android app development and iOS app development.

When developing an app, choosing the right combination of platform, framework, and tools is essential.

The foundation is the key to making the development process more manageable.

How to Make Money with your Mobile app: Understanding how to monetize your app?

With the help of a comprehensive feature set and the best technologies, you can get your app up and running. Now it’s time to learn how to make money with a mobile app specific to your business.

  • In-app purchases

Allowing users to make the in-app purchase is one of the best ways to increase your revenue stream. For example, if you have a gaming app, you might allow users to buy avatars and other gaming tools to help them move up the ranks and compete with their peers.

  • In-app advertising

Offering your app space to advertise is another effective way to guarantee a steady revenue stream. A report shows that more than $ 327 million is spent annually on in-app ads. Advertising allows you to charge users according to how many views, clicks, and downloads they receive.

  • Freemium model

Users who choose to purchase a premium model can use your app for free. This would allow them to access premium features like multiple payment options, discounts, referrals, and more.

  • Subscribe

This is the most popular monetization model in the Middle East. Users can subscribe to your app every month, quarterly, or annually and then avail of your services as they wish.

  • Only one-time fees

This monetization model will allow you to generate a steady revenue stream. Your app is available for purchase in the app store. You can then offer your services to the users who wish to use them. Your apps should offer something unique to users, making them want to use it daily.

Once you have a good idea of the average price for an app development company in Dubai,  it’s time to find the right company to develop your app. 

How do you find the best app development company in UAE?

While many outsourcing companies are available, selecting the right one for your specific business needs is crucial. We will share some tips to help you find the right technology partner to assist you in high-end product development and maximize your ROI.

  • Choose the type of app you want to create

You must first determine your requirements to find the best app development company in the UAE for your project. Also, choose the app’s development budget, timeframe, and deadline. Once you have all the details in place, finding an outsourcing company that is right for your business will be easier.

  • For your project, choose a full-stack mobile app development company

A full-stack app development company with years of experience in the same area and a strong portfolio will help you optimize your resources while lowering costs. You will have all the resources you need at every stage of development, and you won’t have to coordinate multiple projects with multiple companies.

  • Have a look at the portfolio of the company

It is essential to look through the company’s portfolio to determine if they are qualified to handle your project. Then, choose an agency that has developed many apps for different platforms and several high-profile clients.

  • Interview the developers and designers thoroughly

After you have selected a few companies that can help you with product design, take the time to interview them and their app developers. Interviewing them according to your requirements will allow you to understand their expertise and help you determine if they’re a good fit for you.

Popular Mobile App Development Solutions and Their Prices

There are many types of mobile app development. Choose the most suitable for your business and generate the highest revenue and profit. These are some of the most popular mobile app development methods in Dubai:

1. iOS App Development

iOS is the most widely used mobile app development platform. But, of course, we all know Apple, the tech giant, and how many people use their products. As a result, IOS app development has become a popular choice for many people.

iOS apps are well-known for their security and quality. Over 3.6 million iOS apps are available in the app store. 93% of these apps are free. The iOS apps also make more money and perform better. Overall, iOS app development ranks as one of the most sought-after services on the market.

Costs for iOS app development can vary from $25,000 to $75,000

2. Android App Development

Android is the best platform for reaching as many people as possible. Therefore, another popular service in mobile app development is Android mobile app creation.

The Google Play Store has endless potential. An Android app development project can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000.

3. React Native App Development

React native application development is gaining popularity. This is the right solution for your business if you need an app that performs natively but retains all the benefits of a web app. In addition, react Native allows the development of progressive web apps.

You will enjoy many benefits from PWA. PWA is lightfast in loading, has native-like performance, and is easy to deploy and maintain. It also works on mobile and web platforms and can be economically developed.

The cost to build a mobile app is between $30,000 and $100,000

4. Hybrid App Development

Regarding Mobile Design Services, Hybrid App Development is the best choice. Hybrid app design is the best option for businesses who need help deciding between iOS or Android or want to launch their app on both platforms.

This option is beneficial for both the business and the user. This option is trendy and opens up a vast market. A hybrid app can be developed for as low as $40,000 or even up to $120,000.

This is a great option, as there are many opportunities. Hybrid mobile apps make up more than 70% of iOS applications. In addition, there are many other benefits associated with the same. These apps provide fantastic user experience and UI, are fast, and offer incredible performance, among other benefits.

How can you control the cost of app development in Dubai?

You can also find tips and tricks that will help you control the cost to build a mobile app development project. These tips can reduce your app-building expenses in Dubai, UAE, and other cities around the globe. These are the essential elements to help you control your app-building costs today.

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1. Third-Party Services

A newly founded company should not set up an app-building department in-house. This is a bad idea. Instead, a 3rd-party app development company can help you save money and fully understand the project. In addition, third-party app development companies have years of experience and can help you create a mobile app with minimal investment.

2. Approach Freelancers

Freelancers can work alone and offer the same services for a much lower price. For example, they may charge hourly or daily. They may also provide project completion services, but freelancing platforms allow them complete control over such projects.

3. Do your research

Before you decide on the cost to build a mobile app, there are many things you can do to research. First, it will be about finding Dubai’s most affordable mobile app developers. Use the internet, search engines, and local listings to find the top app development companies with the highest user rating.

4. Choose the right niche

Some business models can be cost-effective. Therefore, creating a mobile app for these businesses is more affordable. Apps such as mobile apps for kids’ education, low-end games, and online chatting don’t require significant client investments. These apps can also generate a substantial ROI for business investments. This context allows you to reduce the cost to build a mobile app.

5. Simple UI & UX Design

Choosing a simple UI/UX design can reduce development costs. After the app is deployed, you can start to build a market. When you begin earning well, your mobile app will have more style and uniqueness in the future.


These tips will help you choose an app development company in UAE that can help you realize your goals. In addition, this blog will provide the information you need about the cost of mobile app development in the UAE.

Techugo,a mobile app development company in UAE has over eight years of experience in the field. It has developed multiple mobile apps in various genres. Our team of experts can help you build a mobile app that is secure and reliable, tailored to your needs. 

Contact Techugo, an on demand app development company to create a custom app for your business and redefine your digital presence.

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